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May 2021



Things to know

How to build your brand for a Twitch channel

My little sister has been evolving in video games for a few years, and she’s recently decided to launch a Twitch channel for more inclusion in the sector. I’ll be honest with you, I knew nothing about Twitch a few weeks ago. Or video games for that matter. Lucky for her, I know about branding. Here's how we did it.

Designing for visual impairment

With 4.5% of the global population experiencing color blindness, 4% suffering from low vision, and another 0.6% being blind, visual difficulties with using the web are more prevalent than you might appreciate. This comprehensive guide by Graeme Fulton covers everything you need to know about designing for visual impairment.

The web is obese

In 1994, there were 3,000 websites. In 2019, there were estimated to be 1.7 billion, almost one website for every three people on the planet. Not only has the number of websites exploded, but the weight of each page has also skyrocketed. Consider that if a typical webpage that weighs 4 MB is downloaded 600,000 times, one tree will need to be planted in order to deal with the resulting pollution.

Things to do

Reduce digital weight

Clean up your website. Before you add an image, make sure that it does something useful and it’s the most optimized image possible. Every time you add code, make sure it does something useful and it’s the leanest code possible. You can use Website Carbon to measure the impact of your website.

Scan your website for accessibility issues

Like UX, accessibility can be hard to navigate. To know where to start, try scanning your website with A11ygator and send me the report. We can chat about fixing those issues together.

Don't use carousels

On a carousel, only 1% of users click a feature. Of those, 89% were in the first position. So, no. No one's going to see all those wonderful options in a carousel. And if you don't believe me, you can always try this website to get more arguments.


I've got a spare ticket for the Group Think Festival 2021. It's happening on 3rd June on Zoom (where else?). You'll learn a lot of the fundamental strategy skills to craft in this ever-changing world. To win your free ticket, just send me a DM on Twitter or email me. It'll be first come, first served.

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