August 2020
Bonjour people!

I'd like to pretend I don't know why you're reading this newsletter in the middle of August. You'd be better off on a beach somewhere... but... Anyway. Here we are together. I hope this new edition will be useful as I am shaking things up. From now on, you'll find:
  • Articles about access to education & women's rights
  • UX tips designed for charities & indie makers
  • Case studies about excellent charity websites you can gain inspiration from
  • Industry news about Design & the humanitarian sector


6 Arguments to Stand for Women From the Humanitarian Sector

I recently got stuck in the hospital for 10 days (I’m fine now, thanks for asking), so I got valuable time to collect intel about the humanitarian sector. I found 6 arguments to know about women from the humanitarian sector including why contraception is key to diminish poverty.

Applying "Seva" for Effective Humanitarian UX Work

I found this great article by UX researcher Alexander Muir on the psychology of Seva applied to humanitarian UX work. I don't mean to shoot myself in the foot but he reminds us that when working with vulnerable communities, most of the social and bureaucratic infrastructure is broken. So adding technology can easily make problems worse.

UX Design Meets Psychology

This article by UX Designer Shane Ketterman tells you everything you need to know about what users expect from your website. Including why you shouldn't treat it as an encyclopedia because users can only look at so much information on a screen without losing interest.

UX Tips

Don't Put Testimonials on a Separate Page

In a recent consulting session, I noticed my client was keeping his testimonials on a separate page. Testimonials support your credibility. So the best place for them should be on your services page. No one (apart from the quoted person) will go and check a separate testimonials page. Don't just trust my words though, check your analytics.

Kill Your Inactive Social Media Accounts

If you have inactive social media pages, and by that, I mean a Twitter account with 2 followers including your mother, please delete it. Or if you want to keep the handle safe for when you'll have time and/or resources to manage it properly, don't link to it from your website. People might question your legitimacy or worse, if you're still in business at all.

Optimising Your Website Without Disruption

Talking about redesign can sound scary. Many people (you included probably) depend on their site to be live 24/7. So the point is not to set the house on fire and tell you not to worry as I'm looking at how to redecorate the room. Even though I can take over full redesign projects, I also help charities and indie makers optimise their existing websites so we can bridge the gaps together. Check my website to see what a mindful optimisation package includes.

Industry News

The 2020 Charity Digital Skills Report Is Out

51% of charities don’t have a strategy for digital and yet 2/3 are delivering all their work remotely. The report by Zoe Amar & The Skills Platform also states that 1/5 charity admits to having poor basic digital skills. But fear not, it is entirely possible to optimise a website without disrupting your processes.
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