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by Tamara Sredojevic

September 2021



Things to know

Web accessibility lawsuits are increasing

Sometimes people don't seem convinced we need accessibility. As if it was "just for the edge cases", probably hoping someone else will take care of them. But actually, accessibility is catching up with all of us. In 2020, web, app and video accessibility cases are up almost 25% year-on-year. December saw an almost 100% rise over January. Total digital accessibility lawsuits in 2020 exceeds 3,500. Here's more facts for you (and those you're trying to convince).

How empathy works in UX

Empathy is the vital ability to understand others feelings. It’s about being aware of other people’s needs, emotions and motivations. As a UX Designer working in the field of mental health and psychology, Jenny has learned to reflect on the key role that empathy plays in UX design

Good design can be taught. Ethical design must be chosen.

Primum non nocere or “Do no harm” is a phrase most people recognize as the physician’s creed. It is an ethical baseline in medicine, a field where practitioners have the power of life and death in their hands regularly, if not every day. In fields like design and technology, the relationship between actions and impact is not as direct or clear, although it is certainly coming into focus.

Things to do

Diversify your imagery

Somebody on Twitter was asking for stock photography websites featuring Black and Brown people the other day. Of course diversity & inclusion go far beyond pictures of people of colour, but in case you need them, here's a selection:

More info and resources in this article by Kaya Marriot.

Don't use intrusive CTAs

We've all been on a website where an ad or full-page CTA blocked the content we wanted to see. Sometimes, this gets so annoying, it causes us to leave websites entirely. When we bounce off a website with too many pop-ups or design glitches, the site not only loses visitors and credibility, but it also loses SEO strength. Instead, you can use unintrusive CTAs at the bottom of the page, as well as a slide-in CTA that appears when the reader has scrolled passed a certain point in the post.

Don't overload your pages

One way you can accidentally exclude people out of technology is by designing apps to be data-intensive. For example, if we’re using a lot of images or a lot of complex interactions that take a lot of your data. If we’re not careful, we can really start to exclude people who are data limited. This can be people in the Midwest, people in developing countries—people who will probably be coming online in low-data situations. Take a page out of Twitter and Facebook’s books and put out a low-data version of your product.

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