December 2020
(yes, we made it)

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for people on a mission • by Tamara Sredojevic

Bonjour people!

Thank you for still being around - especially today as many of us are officially starting the holiday break. I really appreciate it!

I'm going to keep this email short because even people on a mission like you need a break. So please, take it. Your work matters and we need you in great shape for this.

Happy holiday season, stay safe and I'll speak to you all in 2021.


6 ways to apply mindful UX to your daily life 

My friend Clo wrote this article for better, mindful practices of your craft. Mindful UX protects users' mental health, privacy, and mental state. It's inclusive and accessible. It aims to prevent harm and to help recover from it.

Designing mindful experiences for users with anxiety

There’s a lot of things in life that make people anxious. Navigating the internet is one of them. So, sometimes, as designers, our responsibility to work ethically is greater than we could imagine.

Why the UX world needs occupational therapists

Your copy needs to be scannable. You know that. But do you know why? Not because people are lazy but because it's a matter of empathy. We look for information worth our time like animals look for food to survive. It's called the information scent effect.

UX tips

Stop using ableist language

We've all done it. Using words or phrases that have a negative connotation on or for people with disabilities. We don't necessarily mean anything bad, but the effect is there nonetheless. Make sure your copy is inclusive by staying away from such terms.

Add captions to your videos

If you make videos to explain what your product / charity / business is about, make sure to add captions. It doesn't just help people with hearing impairment, but also people whose first language isn't yours. Captions help people understand you better.

Don't autoplay videos

Speaking of videos, don't set up autoplay. It impacts the page performance, consumes data usage without the user's consent and it can be simply be annoying for users when they don't know where the sound is coming from.
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