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Bonjour people!

Well... aren't these interesting times to be launching a newsletter that isn't offering homemade bread recipes or the top 10 memes about the confinement...

I Was Bored, Alright?

In other news and on top of collecting memes, I've done the thing I always do when I get a bit of extra time. I've changed my website. And I would lie if I said I didn't go slightly mental with the copy. We all cope as we can, alright?

Ask For Help

I didn't achieve the above on my own. Plenty of talented people to thank for. You know, the sort of people you end up calling at 2am because you messed up your code (again) and/or your brain is no longer capable of spotting typos or broken links. The lesson here is ask for help. Admitting what you don't know is the first step to fixing the problem. You'll learn how to avoid it next time. And bonus point, it makes you more humane in front of others. I'm available if you need a fresh pair of eyes for your projects.

Accept The Damn Compliments

That lesson came from Anne-Laure Le Cunff (ex-Googler and full-time genius). I used to not take compliments too seriously because there are so many people out there more talented than I am. But Anne-Laure pointed out something (effing) obvious. The people you may impress are not those who are better than you, obviously. These are people you can learn from, not people who will hire you. The ones you need to impress are prospects and paying customers. So accept the damn compliments.

UX Design Instagram Accounts To Follow

You may want to avoid social media to shelter yourself from the global hysteria and I get it. If you're not quite there yet, here are 3 accounts I recommend to work on your UX skills:
  • UX.Cagla explains the right and wrong versions of the same designs and gets to the point.
  • Dan Romero covers basic UX/UI rules and why they matter.
  • UXGoodies is full of tips, definitions, graphic & design trends.
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