July 2020
Bonjour people!

Lots of new joiners this month, so welcome to you all! I'll try to make this worthy of our time and keep it short.

1. Data Can Never Speak for Themselves

As I'm researching charities to support, I'm also discovering the best ways to make potential donors or clients run away. Your website is not a platform to shout statistics and hope it'll move people enough to make them donate money or hire your services. Data can never speak for themselves. Instead, you need to tell stories people can relate to. You need to explain why the figures matter.

2. Did You Know Google Can Give You $10k?

I was stunned to realise that very few people know about this grant offered by Google. Google supports charities by granting them up to $10k worth of advertising on Google Ads. This can apply to recruit volunteers, attract donations and share stories with potential donors all over the globe.

3. Why I Decided to Call My Ego Karen

Leading a creative life, whether your gig is gardening, launching rockets or designing websites, is all about sass. It's showing up where experts have already done a lot of amazing work and saying you want to enter the arena too. After reading "Big Magic" I came up with a lot of epiphanies on the creative process, including why I decided to call my ego Karen.

4. Doing Meaningful Work

Malala Yufaszai wrote "Education is education. Education is neither Eastern nor Western, it is human." It's one of the key causes I deeply care about. So, this year, I started donating money to charities supporting access to education. What else can I do though? I'm just a designer. But I believe great design can help people trust organizations to do the work that matters. So I'm now only taking clients on a mission. Spread the word for me, will you?

5. Looking for a Front-End Developer

My business partner and I are looking for a front-end developer to work with us on future freelance projects, particularly website designs. We work with small brands to help them have big conversations, a lot of them are very active in the women's health sector. If you know someone great, I'm taking recommendations.
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