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I've realised I don't read long-form newsletters. My goldfish 5-second focus capacity doesn't allow it. So I'm adapting my format into 10 quick points to improve your branding & UX. You can argue about those with me on Twitter or in the Women Make Telegram group.

1. I Can't Stand Incorrect Usage of Capitalization

When I audit websites, I often spot incorrect usage of capitalization. It annoys me as much as breadcrumbs in bed and inconsistent line-height. I can't help but think it's not serious work. Capitalize My Title is a great tool to help you make sure everything's correct.

2. Ask Me Anything About Personal Brand & Portfolios

A lot of my friends are freaking out as they're trying to find a job, so I've been helping them with personal brand & portfolios. If you have questions too, you can send them to me and I'll share my responses in a Twitter AMA session on Saturday 20 June - 3pm Paris time.

3. An End to Working With Faux-Twins

Human rights and ethics aside, do you know why we need to make space for diversity? Because we learn from people who are different from us. They think of solutions we cannot possibly come up with. I'm a patron of Frauvis, a community elevating black women in tech, led by Naya Moss. Tell your friends about them or consider supporting them on Patreon. And not just while #BlackLivesMatter is trending.

4. How to Get More Instagram Followers

Sometimes we need the credibility inspired by a big number of followers to impress people and spread ideas worth defending. To grow your followers, like the most recent pictures posted with hashtags relevant to what you curate. 30 minutes of intense scrolling/liking = 10 new followers a day. NB: avoid liking too many selfies of dudes. They tend to harass you in DMs.

5. Readymag: Another Designer's Toy

Love design, hate code? Readymag is the new toy I'm playing with and it's very promising. First of all, it allows you to break the grid. You can design whatever you want, in whatever shape you want and play with motion. At this point, I'm only missing the blur effect.

6. A Way Towards Ethical Design

My friend Clo relaunched her site This Too Shall Grow. She's all about UX that protects users’ mental health and privacy, pushing for transparency, and staying away from dark patterns. Someone bet she couldn't get to 1000 followers on Twitter, so please, prove them wrong.

7. Are You Ready to Launch?

We've all been there... that moment where you want to launch, but you're not sure it's going to serve the purpose you need. Here's great infographics by Wabisabi Learning including all the questions you need to be able to answer.

8. Automate Your Emails

Few tasks in digital will be worthier of your time than automating emails. I spent a good few years perfecting automation for several companies. Last month, I wrote a case study including tips on building an automated email system.

9. Don't Look Desperate

On your website, don't make your newsletter pop-up form show up too quickly. Users need to be given a chance to understand what you have to offer first, and then decide if they like your brand. I wrote a case study that mentions this too.

10. Listen to Your Own Advice

You know these things you constantly advise people on? Listen to your own advice. I realised, almost by accident, that my consulting booking process was clunky. Whilst advising a client about his own process. You can now select the time slot you want before paying for a consulting session with me. Duh.
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