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January Community Call, #PreprintsinthePublicEye, preprint infographics 

ASAPbio January Community Call on January 26

Our first Community Call of 2021 will take place next week, on January 26, 5pm UTC/noon EST/9am PST. At the Community Call, ASAPbio President Prachee Avasthi will share her vision for the organization and life sciences communication, and Jessica and Iratxe will provide an overview of ASAPbio’s strategic goals and some of our planned initiatives for 2021. The Community Call will be an opportunity to feedback on our plans, and to learn more about how you can get involved in support of preprints. Join our Community Call and share your views!

You can find more information about our agenda for next week and the ASAPbio Community Calls on our website.

Register for the January Community Call

#PreprintsInThePublicEye: Challenges and Solutions in an Age of Misinformation

On January 14 ASAPbio hosted the online event #PreprintsInThePublicEye: Challenges and Solutions in an Age of Misinformation. We heard perspectives from researchers, preprint server and journal representatives, and journalists about the challenges that media coverage of preprints poses, and about steps that different organizations are taking to support accurate reporting and representation of research posted as preprints.

Missed the event? Check out our summary blog which includes links to the speaker slides and the recording of the talks.

In advance of the event, we ran several Twitter polls to gather feedback on the outcomes of the Preprints in the Public Eye project. The polls showed agreement with most of the guiding principles but views were split about whether institutions should avoid promoting research that has not undergone peer review in the media.

You can still feedback on the output from the project 'Guiding principles and resources to aid responsible media reporting of research posted as preprints' at

Introducing our preprint infographics

As part of the ASAPbio Fellows program, Fellows Mafalda Pimentel, Ana Dorrego-Rivas and Carrie Iwema set out to develop preprint-related infographics. The project has resulted in five wonderful infographics which are now available on the ASAPbio website (with several translations coming soon).

Read more about the project in Mafalda’s blog post, and of course, please share the infographics with your colleagues!

News roundup

'Watching preprints evolve' - Following on their collaboration with the Sinai Immunology Review Project to publish short ‘In Brief’ summaries of COVID-19-related preprints, Nature Reviews Immunology is now launching ‘Preprint Watch’ articles which will also include non-COVID-19 immunology preprints.

'In the rush for coronavirus information, unreviewed scientific papers are being publicized' - In The Conversation, Alice Fleerackers and Juan Pablo Alperin discuss media coverage of preprints in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, and their study looking at how preprints have been portrayed in media stories.

'Can Publishers Maintain Control of the Scholarly Record?' - Danielle Cooper, Oya Y. Rieger and Roger C. Schonfeld discuss the shift in views around the scholarly record as interest increases in research outputs such as preregistration, data and preprints, and the opportunities and challenges this presents for publishers.


ASAPbio will participate in

Iratxe will co-facilitate the workshop ‘The Many Shapes of Peer Review: How can we maximise value and visibility of peer review beyond the journal?’ during the Researcher to Reader conference, February 23-24. A free session about the theme and workshop will be hosted on February 1, 4pm UTC/5pm CET/11am EST/8am PST.

Other events

NISO Plus 2021 will be taking place on February 22-25, the program includes a couple of sessions about preprints.

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