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An initiative led by ASAPbio to encourage peer reviewers to publish their reviews alongside the preprint of an article.

Why Publish Your Reviews?

  • it provides context,
  • enables reuse of reviews,
  • allows others to enrich the conversation,
  • promotes recognition, 
  • catalyzes a culture of commenting

How can you Publish Your Reviews?

View best practices and a detailed how-to guide on the ASAPbio website. 

Sign the Publish Your Reviews pledge

We invite all researchers interested in promoting more open dialog around preprints to sign the following pledge:

When a journal invites me to review an article that is available as a preprint, I will publish my review alongside the preprint. I will make sure that the published version of my review does not include the journal name, a recommendation for publication, or other confidential information.

Sign the pledge

Publish Your Reviews online event

Join ASAPbio and our speakers: Ashley Farley, Gates Foundation; Ludo Waltman, CWTS, Leiden University, and Prachee Avasthi, ASAPbio & Arcadia, to discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with publishing reviews at a Zoom event organized by ASAPbio Fellows on July 19 at 9am PDT | 12pm EDT | 5pm UK | 6pm CEST | 9:30pm IST. Please register to attend the event.
Join "Why publish your reviews?" event on July 19

Meet the 2022 ASAPbio Fellows
The ASAPbio Fellows program provides participants with tools and skills to drive discussions about the productive use of preprints, and to become ASAPbio representatives for their communities. Each month, we'll feature a few of the 2022 Fellows so you can get to know them. Read more about them here.

Saeed Shafiei Sabet
I am a research fellow at the University of Guilan, Iran, and looking for new international scientific collaborations. I did my PhD at Leiden University, the Netherlands and I am interested in how anthropogenic sound affects the behaviour of fishes and crustaceans. I believe it is necessary to communicate with other scientists in the same field of research and even further interfield research and also provide access for early career researchers to research all around the world in effective ways.

Sonti Roy
I am a doctoral candidate at the National Institute of Animal Biotechnology, Hyderabad, India. My research interests are host-pathogen Interactions, population genetics, and transcriptional regulation.

Surbhi Sood
I am a PhD candidate in the Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology (MCMP) Department at Purdue University, Indiana, USA. In my current doctoral thesis work, I focus on understanding how epigenetic regulators facilitate neuroendocrine differentiation in prostate cancer. I am excited about science communication as I am eager to learn how to communicate lab research to a broader audience. I firmly believe in today’s time of well-connected cross-continent collaborations it is necessary to promote the benefits of open transparent scientific review and timely communication of scientific findings.

Raj Rajeshwar Malinda
I am trained as a cell and developmental biologist and worked on cellular mechanisms regulating the ciliary disassembly and thereafter early developmental regulatory mechanisms of collective cell migration in vertebrates. I am also involved in advocating science communication, preprints, and open access for scientific research. I believe that communicating science is like interacting with different ideas and thoughts which further leads to open and transparent science to the broader audience in society.

News roundup

Review Commons, the preprint peer-review platform created by ASAPbio and EMBO, is a finalist for the ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing 2022. "The ALPSP Awards recognise and celebrate the best innovators in our industry at a time when scholarly publishing is changing rapidly."

'New Initiatives and Innovations in Preprints' In this article, Godwyns Onwuchekwa, Community and Outreach Manager in Sciety, outlines the history of preprints, current views, and new initiatives. 

'2022 eLife Community Ambassadors: First months of activity' introduces the new cohort of the eLife Ambassadors program and the Open Science initiatives they are involved in.

Peer Review Week (September 19-23, 2022) has announced this year’s theme: “Research Integrity: Creating and supporting trust in research.”

Plan S has issued a statement recognizing journal-independent peer review.



ASAPbio will participate in

Iratxe and the ASAPbio Fellow Sumeet Pal Singh will participate in the webinar 'Preprint publishing and evolving the peer-review process' hosted by Helmholtz Munich on July 14.

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