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Join our crowd preprint review activities

We are thrilled to have started our crowd preprint review activities! This year we are coordinating reviews for preprints in three groups:

  • Cell biology preprints from bioRxiv (English)
  • Biochemistry preprints from bioRxiv (English)
  • Infectious diseases preprints from SciELO Preprints (Portuguese)

For each discipline, we coordinate a group of researchers interested in contributing feedback (‘the crowd’) and send them a preprint weekly, inviting comments over the following 14 days. Crowd members collaboratively review the paper via a Google doc, they can comment on the full paper or on parts of the study. We'll post the synthesized review from those comments publicly on the preprint and on Sciety. Read more about our crowd preprint review activities and sign up as a reviewer at

Sign up as a crowd preprint reviewer

Webinar in Spanish: Open review as a tool toward a more transparent and responsible feedback culture

June 23, 10:30am Quito | 17:30pm Madrid | 16:30pm London | 15:30pm UTC

ASAPbio and the Red de Investigación de Conocimiento Libre and Openlab Ecuador are collaborating to host events in Spanish discussing preprints and open science. On June 23 we will host a discussion around open review, where we will explore the culture of feedback, preprint review and open peer review at journals. The panel will involve the ASAPbio Fellow Sandra Franco Iborra, the editor Sara Fuentes Perez and Iratxe Puebla, and the discussion will be moderated by the ASAPbio Fellow Pablo Ranea-Robles.

On July, Iratxe will also participate in the panel discussion 'Investigación ética y responsable: explorando el rol fundamental de las prácticas en abierto'that will explore the role of open science within ethical and responsible research practices.

You can register for the events at

Meet the 2022 ASAPbio Fellows
The ASAPbio Fellows program provides participants with tools and skills to drive discussions about the productive use of preprints, and to become ASAPbio representatives for their communities. Each month, we'll feature a few of the 2022 Fellows so you can get to know them. Read more about them here.

Vasanthanarayan Murugesan
I am final year PhD student at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden. I have a background in bioengineering and my overarching interest is in understanding how phase separation can drive nuclear organization. During my career, I have seen how essential it is to communicate novel scientific findings in a clear and succinct manner. I am interested in getting better at science communication to help shape the public discourse about global challenges including climate change and sustainability.

Ruchika Bajaj
With an early education in India, I pursued my PhD at Purdue and postdoctoral training at UCSF. I am trained as a membrane protein biologist with a focus on ABC transporters and specialized skills in protein sciences. I am new to the preprint community, so I am looking forward to learning about how preprints work.

Helge Ewers
I am a cell biologist with a strong interest in light microscopy, especially single molecule and superresolution techniques. I am convinced that the current situation in academia is wasteful with authors and reviewers’ time, much of the talent we have and resources we must allocate on unneeded experiments. That is bad for society and the planet. I think preprint publishing is an important means to ameliorate the situation and would like to advocate for it.

Laura Celotto
I am currently finishing my PhD in Regenerative Biology at the Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden, in Germany. I like the creative part of communicating science. I am a scientist with an artistic soul, so I always try to exploit my sense of beauty to tell people about science. I think it is important to pay back the efforts of the society, which ultimately funds our research.

News roundup

'Prachee Avasthi on ASAPbio, Arcadia Science and the open science mission on our one year birthday' The Preprints in Motion podcast celebrates with an interview with ASAPbio President, Associate Professor at Dartmouth, and CSO & co-founder of Arcadia Science Prachee Avasthi. 

'The Preprint Peer Reviewer's Toolkit: How to post a peer review of a preprint' Gary S. McDowell wrote a handbook to guide researchers on how to post preprint reviews. 

'Building Stronger Chains Together: Keeping Preprints Connected to the Scholarly Record' “What happens to a preprint when its published version gets retracted?” Learn more about this issue from this Guest Post in the Scholarly Kitchen by Michele Avissar-Whiting, the Editor in Chief at Research Square, or read the original article in PLOS ONE.

'Pandemic brings preprints into the spotlight' This article, by Siân Harris, talks about the importance of rapid sharing of information through preprints during the times of emergency like the COVID-19 pandemic. The author highlights the enthusiasm many researchers and funders show about the preprints but also brings up the challenges that are associated with preprints and ways to address those.

'Japan launches preprint server — but will scientists use it?' In this Nature article, Dalmeet Singh Chawla talks about Jxiv - the preprint repository launched by the government-run Japan Science and Technology Agency. The article discusses the benefits of Jxiv to researchers and possible cultural reasons for its slow start while noting that its support from the government may bring more researchers to warm to it over time.


ASAPbio will participate in

Iratxe will give a presentation about preprints on July 4 as part of Northumbria University’s Open Research Week 2022.

Iratxe and the ASAPbio Fellow Sumeet Pal Singh will participate in an event about preprints hosted by Helmholtz Munich on July 14.

Other events

Europe PMC is hosting the 'Checking for preprint and article updates' demo on June 16, where attendees can learn about the Article Status Monitor as well as the Europe PMC RESTful API to retrieve status updates for publications.

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