Dusk Network Update 15

Dear Dusketeer,

Who would have thought that it’d not be technology, but a virus that disrupts the way the world works? It was only recently that we moved the Dusk Network HQ to a more spacious Amsterdam office. And now several weeks later, we work entirely remote. For the upcoming months Corona will certainly change how we conduct our business, although we thankfully operate in a line of work that is very well suited for working-from-home, and our work continues unabated. Aside from our daily standups, regular calls and meetings, we have discovered Houseparty, an app we happily recommend to anyone for remote team fun. A good sense of humour keeps you sane. It makes us think about our office warming; should we consider a virtual Dusk Network Office party?

This situation demands a lot from business owners, especially in the event, health and hospitality industry and it is amazing to see how much flexibility and creativity people come up with to hack this crisis. Many initiatives - both national and international - are making a difference albeit to support local companies, taking care of your family and stay connected although in a whole different way, never seemed so important. Challenging, yes, but it also proves the need for new approaches. 

Our collaboration with Firm24 and LTO is a great example of automation of shareholder registries, with the potential down the line of opening up access to alternative finance for businesses in need. By the way, Firm24 is the only incorporation platform in the Netherlands with a 100% online incorporation process for new businesses. This is what drives us at Dusk Network and we invite you to read on and see what we have been working on in the past weeks. From marketing team expansion to explaining our technical framework and even our homepage and other pages have undergone changes, helping us to convey more clearly what we are all about at Dusk Network.

Stay safe, try to enjoy the change of work scenery, be kind and keep the faith! 
“Dawn comes slowly, but Dusk is rapid”

― Alice B Toklas
Normally, events are a major part of our corporate agenda activities. Two weeks ago for example, we were invited over at ABN Amro Amsterdam to share our Tokenization expertise with their blockchain innovation tribe. Soon afterwards, gatherings were cancelled, all for the sake of stopping the virus of course. (Re)presenting Dusk Network, attending or even co-organizing events, that's all on hold. Isn't it? Well, not completely. ZKProof transitioned into an online event early April, and Jeske - our chief partners & relations is busy behind the scenes organizing Rust Fest, which will now be held later this year, as well as our involvement at the future edition of Odyssey, the next 2Tokens workshop and upcoming (online) BCNL events. Also we are working on our own video library and demo content. 
The past month the developers have been working on building the most powerful privacy-enabling blockchain in the world. How exactly, is what we explain in our technical framework - by implementing Zero-knowledge everywhere! If you want to keep track of what 2020 deliverables lay ahead of us, we invite you to stay informed via our dynamic roadmap. A lot might be unsure these days, the future of Dusk Network developments still shines bright.
At Dusk Network we always see rays of light, no matter how dark times seem to be. Even when your timeline seems to be full with only Corona related updates, we managed to find updates worth sharing. A curated list of content, industry related, or simply the one message that makes you smile today. Here we go!

Ok, we start a little biased and with a reference to a Dutch update: Firm24 offering all their clients digital access due to COVID-19. Hey, practice what you preach!

Blockdata dived deeper into the Forbes Blockchain 50 and wrote an interesting analysis of the list. To be included, a company must have a valuation above $ billion, may you be wondering why Dusk Network isn’t mentioned (yet). 

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) listed blockchain managers in food and agricultural distribution as ‘critical infrastructure workers’. Finally some recognition to the credibility of blockchain technology.

The pandemic showcased the lack of efficient supply chain, something where blockchain technology could easily connect some dots. How helpful would it be to see real time supply of your local supper market? McKinsey wrote an interesting article on how this could recover after the crisis. 

One of the learnings from this crisis thus far: it makes people and businesses inventive, innovative and creative. OpenAI for example helps fund startups working on COVID-19 solutions. 

The New York stock exchange is closing trading floors and moves to electronic-only trading mode. What opportunities do you see here…

Scan the efficiency of your team working remote for free. This might come in handy in the following weeks. 

How to communicate in times of Corona and leave a positive note. Maybe it’s optimistic, but we like to see the glass always is half full. 

An overview of the impact of COVID-19 on startups and tech companies, which also showcases current business models are not resilient enough to deal with a virus. Many companies rely on supply, ad services and are not fully in control of their own business streams. At Dusk Network, we do!

Time to learn something new? Here are 380 Ivy League courses to take online. Now is the time to learn how to code! 

To close off, these updates definitely made our day more bearable: 

Add to your calendar: a cultural break with a virtual tour in one out of 250 iconic museums. Did we already mention we love technology? 
Companies getting creative, pivoting their production into medical resources, you might want to cheers to this next time you drink a Jagermeister! And luxury group LVMH also converted its perfume factories for the greater good. Keep up the good work in fighting this pandemic!
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