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Key Takeaways:

"It is not inevitable that the internet will evolve in a manner compatible with democracy."


The world is evolving faster than ever, and so is the internet. New perspectives and visions of what Web3 should look like continue to present themselves. It’s become especially pleasing to see the need for privacy-by-design incorporation in projects. Privacy advocates have been proclaiming the importance of data confidentiality and control for years years, and with the growing importance of QR, end-users are beginning to understand the ramifications technological advancements have on their freedom.

Privacy is no longer about ‘hiding’, but about what you are sharing and allowing to be shared. This realization, now burgeoning in the public space, is what set us on our mission. With our head start, we’ve been able to focus on creating the infrastructure needed to assure privacy and compliance, and thereby evolving the financial space.

This month has been an exciting time for the team, our grant program, and our commitment to transparency. The addition of multiple new hires to the team has allowed us to begin a significant overhaul in both our marketing approach and our business approach. Helios, the Dusk Network Grants Program, has allocated funds to HOPR, the privacy Web3 protocol; an expansion of a joint effort with other prominent Web3 projects such as Ankr and Harmony, who have already been strategic partners to Dusk Network.

Our Release Cycle Updates have become more transparent and comprehensive, to positive reception by the community. The updates detail a majority of technological developments that have occurred over the past 3 weeks.

And, of course, the DUSK token was put in the spotlight with a listing on KuCoin, one of the leading crypto currency exchanges.

Testnet DayBreak

Just as our State of Testnet series of articles kept you up-to-date on the latest bug fixes and issue resolutions prior to the launch of DayBreak, so too will we continue to document the network’s progress post-launch.

This month we’ve seen the publication of two new Release Cycle Updates. These two articles (#2 & #3) combined give the community a nearly comprehensive overview of technological developments over the past 6 weeks.

An overview of the what we have published so far: 

📖 Release Cycle: Explained
1️⃣ Release Cycle Update 
2️⃣ Release Cycle Update
3️⃣ Release Cycle Update

Dusk External

On May 16th, tech lead Emanuele Francioni held a 45-minute audio Q&A session on the official Dusk Network Discord. The community came together to pose their most pressing questions. 

You can now listen to the session in full on YouTube ➡

Emanuele was also interviewed by Sebastian Buergel from HOPR this month to explain how Dusk Network utilizes on-chain privacy to enable compliance.

The full interview can be found on YouTube ➡

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