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Dusk Network Update 14

Dear Dusketeers,

  • The launch of the world’s first zero knowledge utility token TWO marks our second groundbreaking collaboration with partners making a difference in the fintech industry. At Dusk Network we thrive on working together with changemakers, either in technology or a more societal aspect. 

  • Discovering the benefits of Kadcast is what kept our dev team busy and our demo should also convince you of its performance compared to the more known and popular Gossip protocol.

  • A new use case in collaboration with 2Tokens, Dutch Blockchain Coalition and DNB was announced and confirms our vision: bringing knowledge, experience and innovation together, we can create the best results together.


"Teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability." 

― Patrick Lencioni  


The month of June consisted of a lot of news regarding our collaboration with 2Tokens, the launch of TWO token and the first digital Dutch Blockchain Coalition conference. A short recap: we joined the 2Tokens organization at the end of 2019 to fuel adoption of tokenization in The Netherlands. From round tables to concrete projects, the Dusk Network technology was used for the first privacy utility token TWO. By buying the token, you can support the educational projects of 2Tokens. The realisation of the TWO utility token is a joint effort between CMS, 2Tokens, Dusk Network, Rabobank, WatsonLaw, DataFloq and YesDelft!

A lot of firsts, but for us at Dusk Network it marks the importance of education and collaboration. 

In line with the TWO project is the new use case and announcement of Jelle joining the CBDC board, a collaboration with 2Tokens, Dutch Blockchain Coalition and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB, Dutch Central Bank). There we have an advising role regarding the central bank digital currency. 


Jelle Pol, “It is exciting to be working with DBC en 2Tokens to further the application of tokenization. We expect that token technology can have a real impact on financial markets, and a myriad of processes where value is exchanged between parties”.


Another thing we value is engagement with our community. Therefore we are exploring the options of an independent forum for technical discussions. Don’t start F5ing right away, it will take a few months before we will be able to include this on our website. Should you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out!


With summer beckoning around the corner, we won’t sit back and relax. Stay tuned via our official social media channels, Twitter, LinkedIn and Telegram



Normally we share a link to an extensive article sharing what our development team has been working on. In this case we ask you for a couple of days patience, as our development team is very busy developing. A hard time waiting for it? We suggest to go through all our developer demos or read on for a preview of the upcoming demo.

Sneak peek - Proof of Blind Bid demo
The Dusk Network protocol is a truly privacy compliant blockchain: by obfuscating the stakes of block generators, we make it impossible to predict their identities. To achieve this added layer of privacy, we utilize the Blind Bid contract. This contract is one of the Dusk Network Genesis Contracts and a key step towards implementing PLONK in our mainnet.

“If you try to cheat on the Preimage check, the Opening Proof will fail as a result. And if you try to cheat on the Opening Proof, the preimage would be impossible to compute because there are 2^256 different possibilities. Even with all the time in the universe, you would not be able to check all of them.”


One of the reasons a new monetary, decentralized system is required is the current situation in Zimbabwe, where millions of people can’t access their money due to governmental intervention [Dutch]

Our partner Holland Fintech featured our guest blog on the creation of the TWO token and 2tokens educational platform

A to-the-point roadmap towards a digital programmable Euro that addresses both short- and long-term needs. We publicly signed to show our support. Together we build towards a digital monetary system.

We’ve started a series on zero-knowledge proofs and PLONK technology on Hackernoon, our first feature can be found here: 

There is quite some discussion about monetary systems and (self-proclaimed) crypto- and economy expert Madelon Vos shares her vision on the topic [also Dutch]

Podcast inspiration for your daily dose of crypto/DeFi/fintech on the go:

Unchained is your no-hype resource for all things crypto

The Missing Cryptoqueen is one of many crypto mysteries perfectly captured by the BBC

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Hacker Noon
"On Zero-Knowledge Proofs And Why They Matter" by @duskfoundation #zeroknowledgeproofs #dusknetwork

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Florian Tschorsch
Nice to see our broadcast protocol Kadcast being implemented; most importantly, the first experiments confirm our general results of improving the information dissemination in blockchain networks

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