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Dusk Network Update 13
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Dear Dusk Community,

We ended 2019 with a blast! We announced Sandbox Mainnet and the release of our novel technology named Kelvin, while we also took the time to look back at some of our most notable achievements of 2019 and provided a first glance at what 2020 has in store.

Starting 2020 we are proud to say that we are preparing to take Dusk Network outward. It is with great excitement we see more and more pieces fall into place as we keep on working to bring confidential and GDPR compliant transactions on a public and open-source ledger.

Enjoy the read on our progress below and don't miss out on taking our easy-to-use CLI Wallet for a testrun.
Announcement Icon Dusk Network Economic Model, Part IV:  Securing the Protocol
Part IV in a new series discussing the challenges and design choices that represent the backbone of the Dusk Network protocol.

The game-theoretic security of a protocol is paramount in a public and permission-less environment. This article follows in the footsteps of the previous three parts introducing the reader to the moving parts that are put together to create a secure protocol.

Part I of the series discussed the basics of applied economics in distributed systems as well as outlining the game-theoretic principles indispensable to the Bitcoin protocol.

Part II of the series discussed the existing auction models and how they could be adapted to the needs of the Dusk Network protocol.

Part III of the series discussed the on-chain computation framework.
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Dev Icon Monthly Development Update

December has been a monumental month for Dusk Network, as we have begun the release of the Sandboxed Mainnet, as well as presented some of the novel technologies that are being developed in the background. For those who missed our updates, below you can find a brief summary on our progress in the past month.
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Dev Icon Sandbox Mainnet | Start Partner Integration & 2020 Goals
Using this post we want to share our excitement for Sandbox Mainnet!

We look back on our most notable achievements of 2019 and provide a glance at what 2020 has in store.
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Dev Icon Phoenix: an industry-first to enable confidential spending of public outputs, and Zedger: providing UTXO’s with account-based capabilities that enable the functionality required for XSC.
Today we are proud to share two of our breakthrough transaction models that we’ve created to power Dusk Network.

As an industry-first to enable confidential spending of public outputs, Phoenix will replace the old UTXO/RingCT transaction model within Dusk Network. Phoenix is unique because it guarantees transaction confidentiality even when users spend public outputs such as blind-bid rewards for staking or gas change (when too much is paid).

Zedger is the cornerstone of Dusk Network’s core technology for XSC. Zedger complements Phoenix by providing UTXO’s with account-based capabilities that enable the functionality required for Dusk Networks’ Confidential Security Contracts (XSC).
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Announcement Icon Release of Kelvin 
Dusk Network’s Merkle-Tree toolkit, Library and Backend
Kelvin is created by Dusk Network, and has been an indispensable tool for modeling truly blockchain-optimized data-structures that are used by the transaction model and the smart contract engine.

Furthermore, Kelvin reduces the overhead caused by database structures that are designed for mutable data (as opposed to the immutable data / append-only data we need for the blockchain use case).
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Announcement Icon Running the CLI Wallet in our Staging Environment
In this article we provide information on our CLI wallet, what it is used for, and recent upgrades.

The Dusk CLI Wallet operates like a full node in our staging environment and can be used to join consensus as a block generator and provisioner, to receive test tokens from the faucet, and send test tokens to any wallet created by other testers, or stake them in the blind-bid.

Check it out now!
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