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Dusk Network Update 14

Dear Dusketeers,

Key Takeaways:

  • First CryptoBenelux AMA was a success 

  • Binance DUSK Trading Competition is live

  • Dusk Network became a shareholder in Dutch NPEX stock exchange

  • Due to popular demand, Binance added DUSK to Savings again

  • Part III in our DeFi series on a digital EU securities market

“Our teams will keep pushing the boundaries in the field of zero-knowledge & distributed ledger technology, with a focus on providing a frictionless & attractive user experience for onboarding asset issuers, developers, traders & investors.”



Last month, the keen observer might have noticed a small change in point of view, or perspective; with more and more traditional institutions lashing onto the many benefits of blockchain, and its solutions. We shared the great news that Dusk Network has become a shareholder of the NPEX stock exchange. Jointly, Dusk & NPEX have been developing pilot projects aimed at launching innovative financial products. By improving processes, business models, and using the right technological applications, we see a lot of room to improve the issuance and trading of securities, and we’re keen to bring these projects to market.

To celebrate our recent share acquisition of Dutch Stock Exchange NPEX, Binance and Dusk Network have committed a total of $75,000 in DUSK tokens as prizes in a Trading Competition. In addition, Binance added DUSK to the list of supported assets on their Binance Savings platform for the second time. Users can sign-up and earn a 12% APY over the next two weeks.

We’re always looking to release fresh and informative content to the Dusk community, which is why our DeFi series of articles continues to expand. Part III takes a look at the digital Securities market in the European Union, diving into the opportunities and future role of blockchain technology in regulated markets. If you haven’t caught up yet, don’t worry. Part I: An Introduction To DeFi and Part II: Decentralizing Exchanges are readily available on the Dusk Network website.


Ask Me Anything CryptoBenelux
After the NPEX news hit in the Dutch media, we decided to host an Ask Me Anything session with Dutch platform CryptoBenelux. On December 9th, Emanuele Francioni (Tech Lead), Jelle Pol (Business Lead) and Mels Dees (Marketing Lead) answered questions from both CryptoBenelux and the community on topics ranging from business expectations to technological progress. In case you were not able to attend the event, a recap will become available on


These things caught the attention on the internet the past month:

Dusk Network is a topic of conversation again in the Security Token Show. The podcast talks about the impact of the latest news about us being a shareholder and commercial partner with NPEX. 


Deutsche Bank says central bank digital currencies will replace cash in the long run. According to the bank, the COVID-19 virus accelerates digital payment adoption. China and Sweden are seemingly ahead, the US and EU need to catch up, as they have been studying CBDCs, but do not appear in a rush to issue one.


The European Commission is seeking advice for a public-sector blockchain. The EC will issue a call for tenders for legal advice to help with its public sector blockchain project. The project is meant to run in 2021, and should lead to the EC running at least one node of the project. It is encouraging to see the EC acknowledging a need for public-sector blockchain initiatives.

Christine Lagarde, president of the ECB, shared some interesting quotes and a very important takeaway in this interview: “As the economy continues to evolve and new expectations about the nature of money emerge, the Eurosystem must be ready to respond and ensure that European payments adapt to changing consumer preferences and remain inclusive and efficient.”


“The Bank of Japan will soon be joined by a consortium of 30 companies in the research and development of a digital currency, as the nation looks to become less reliant upon cash.”



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Blockchain platform Dusk Network has taken a stake in a Dutch stock exchange for SMEs as part of the two firms' plans to tokenize company shares.
Via @sebsinclair1989

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FD Nieuws
Nieuwe aandeelhouders storten miljoenen in mkb-beurs NPEX

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Dusk Network
Ronald Kleverlaan @kleverlaan, chairman at @StMKBFin, calls Dusk Network’s acquisition of @NPEX shares, “the first concrete collaboration between a company with the knowledge & technology to tokenize shares on an international scale and a major SME financing [...] platform.”

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$DUSK @DuskFoundation Trading Competition - $75,000 in Rewards to be Won! 🏆


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