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Dusk Network Update 14

Dear Dusketeers,

  • The staking website is now live! Block Generator staking is coming on the 17th of August. Want to be the first to receive Staking Updates? Make sure to register here

  • Binance AMA is coming! Don’t miss out - Tomorrow (Friday) the 7th of August at 10:00 UTC

  • In our introductory article you can learn all about Dusk Network’s consensus, and when you’re ready to take it a step further, the in-depth article on Proof-of-Blind Bid will be just for you


“We reject: kings, presidents and voting. We believe in: rough consensus and running code” 

― David D. Clark  

Recently we’ve seen that DeFi contracts are gaining traction, slowly but surely blockchain is opening up new avenues of doing business. At the very heart of this decentralised movement stands the consensus mechanism. It is one of the most important pieces of blockchain technology. It contains the rules that all data needs to abide by. A strong consensus carries widespread support, which is why we have started to amass consensus participants. Who will become the future Block Generators and Provisioners of Dusk Network? Register your interest on

Tomorrow at 12:00 CEST Binance hosts an AMA with Emanuele Francioni (Tech Lead) and Jelle Pol (Business Lead). During the AMA the Dusk Network team will answer questions related to technology, partners, use cases, and the recently announced staking. You as part of our community can submit questions for the team as well. More information on Twitter.


As offline events are still reduced to its minimum, most of the events we participate in are online. From guest lectures to masterclasses, conferences and webinars, we are fully embracing the digital opportunities here. Although we definitely miss the afterwards networking beer(s).

Today we invited the community to attend our guest lecture at the Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences & Applications (BIMSA).The topics included: Zero-Knowledge Proofs, MPC, & more. We will share a recap for those who missed it later.

Coming up, on the 14th of August, we will guest lecture at the Singapore Management University hosted by Dan Liebau. During the masterclass all the basic information on digital assets and cryptocurrencies will be shared, as well as the use cases of Dusk Network and how our technology innovates digital assets. It is possible to join the masterclass online for a friendly student rate. More information can be found here.

The team has been focussed on the encryption of data and new encryption methods. We implemented the PLONK gadgets for the asymmetric encryption scheme called ElGamal, which enables us to provably encrypt data asymmetrically to the relevant public key. You can read all about what that means in the update.

 👉[Read the Dev Update here]

In addition, the second version of the Dusk Network Economic Paper came back from review. As a result the staking thresholds will enable an even wider range of stakeholders to join the consensus, and much more.

And last, but definitely not least! The team has continued their work on Dusk Labs and Staking, which are both approaching rapidly.



Podcast: Scott Melker aka The Wolf of All Streets launched a podcast in March and discusses topics related to finance, investments and trading too. Melker is a renowned name in the industry. In his latest podcast he discusses ‘The Death of Paper Money’, an even bolder statement than the war on cash that started years ago. 

DeFi is the new hype term (yes, we are guilty of using it too) in finance, which makes the second report of DGen even more interesting and accurate.

An interesting opinion piece on money reimagined and call for privacy scolds  

Talking DeFi, the ethereum defi-space is exploding according to these 4 metrics 

Our partner 2Tokens interviewed Ron Resnich, president of the InterworkAlliance (IWA), about his role and the function of IWA. Watch the full interview on video.

Is 2020 Becoming the Year of Staking, and thereby the year of Proof-of-Stake? This is exactly the field we’re innovating at Dusk Network, and we’re innovating BIG. Segregated Byzantine Agreement (SBA) will make the unique combination of privacy and settlement finality a public and permission-less reality.


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Join us tomorrow (August 7th) at 10:00 AM UTC for an AMA in the #binance English Telegram group with the @DuskFoundation team!

There will be $5,000 of $DUSK tokens to be won so don't miss out!

Prepare your questions and join the group!

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