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The Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm–
Home of Herb and Julie Baumeister

After our first episode of Kentucky Fried Homicide, Kris did more digging about the paranormal aspect of Herb and Julie Baumeister’s farm outside of Indianapolis in Carmel, Indiana and boy did she hit the mother load of information.
The farm was purchased first from Julie by an investor. Buying Fox Hollow sight unseen, the investor tried to resell, but the property sat empty until 2006 when Rob and Vicki Graves, along with their two teenage sons, purchased Fox Hollow. The purchase price was for the cost of the land only—as if the 11,000 square foot home was non-existent. Apparently, that was in case whomever bought the place wanted to raze the house and start all over again. 
They did not start all over again.
Over the course of the past fourteen years, the Graves’ have allowed all kinds of paranormal investigators onto the property, and have even been the subject of films and the SYFY channel’s Paranormal Witness.
One of the paranormal events that has happened to more than one person at Fox Hollow, is the appearance of the man in the red shirt. He’s been seen by Vicki, her husband Rob and the friend who rented the apartment above the stables at Fox Hollow, Joe LeBlanc. The man in the red shirt seems to watch the activity at the house from the woods, then turns and walks away, his legs disappearing before the rest of him.
Joe has experienced tremendous paranormal activity, including: 

  1. Being choked in the pool while swimming with friends. Remember the pool is where police think Herb killed most of his victims. This is based on the anonymous man who escaped after a night with Herb, only to see him again at a gay bar where he had a friend jot down his car plates so the police could follow up.
  1. Having vivid dreams of being chased to the point of when he wakes, he runs into walls, smashing glass and cutting himself.
  1. The overwhelming sense of being watched and the sensation to leave the apartment above the stables.
  1. Incessant knocking at the door in the middle of the night. When Joe answers, no one is there. When he closes the door again, the knocking continues until the locked door flies off its hinges.
  1. Joe’s dog, Fred has bouts of growling at nothing in the room.
  1. Joe sees a man at his door. The man has a look of complete terror, he runs away as if he’s trying to get away from someone. When Joe does some investigating, he’s able to identify one of Herb’s victims from a police photograph as the ghost he’s seen.
  1. Joe and Fred find a large bone in the yard—mind you this is years after the police have excavated all the property looking for human remains. The bone doesn’t match any of the men known to be missing. This is a victim they’ve never identified.
  1. All the knives have been taken from the butcher block on the kitchen counter in Joe’s apartment and placed in the sink.
  1. Joe does his own EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), turning off all electronics in the apartment including unplugging the fridge. When he asks in the kitchen, “Is anyone here? Who keeps walking in the kitchen?” He hears nothing, but when he plays back the EVP, a voice clearly states, “The married one.” There is no record of any of Herb’s victims being married. Is this Herb? 

Plenty of paranormal experts have toured Fox Hollow. Many have seen the man in the red shirt. One had a feeling of being drugged when by the pool and stated she believed there were at least two spirits still “stuck” in the pool house.
Another has captured images of ripples in the water of the pool house. Because water conducts energy, and spirits are energy, a photo has been taken of what the psychic calls a “death mask.”
One of the psychic mediums was able to tell owner, Rob Graves that bleach, rope and Vick’s Vapor Rub were found on the property by the police. When Rob confirmed this untold fact, she explained there was more left on the property that was undiscovered.
More than one psychic medium told the Graves’ that one of Herb’s victims took a long time to die in the woods.
If you’re interested, the Travel Channel (TRVL) Season 8, Episode 9, Fox Hollow Farm, will air May, 14 2020 at 8 am EST. There’s even mention of one of Herb’s victims, Alan Livingston crying for help in an EVP conducted by the investigators.
Also, if you’re interested, here are some EVPs from a ghost hunting crew out of Chicago. Warning: Explicit language.

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