Scott Peterson was at the party attended by both Paul Flores and Kristin Smart? Really?

In an incredible plot twist, the defense team for Paul Flores wants to call Scott Peterson (yes, that Scott Peterson) to testify at an upcoming preliminary hearing.

The purpose of this hearing is for the prosecution to prove probable cause. In other words, they don’t have to prove that Paul Flores killed Kristin Smart beyond a shadow of a doubt, but they need to show that they have enough evidence to suggest that 1) a crime was committed, and 2) that Paul Flores is the likely person who committed it.

While preliminary hearings typically, take two to three hours, the preliminary hearing for Paul Flores is expected to last two to three weeks. Experts say that this particular preliminary hearing will be almost like a mini trial without a jury.

The prosecution will present a lot of evidence and call all of their witnesses, witnesses that may or not be called at the actual trial. What a witness says at the preliminary trial can be entered into evidence at the actual trial without being called again, so the defense will most-likely cross-examine these witnesses at the preliminary hearing, in case they don’t get the chance later. This is part of the reason that this particular preliminary hearing will be lengthy.

Legal analysts close to this case say that the prosecution will present more evidence than usual, and while the defense typically doesn’t present much during one of these hearings, they will in the case of Paul Flores, including, apparently, attempting to call convicted murderer Scott Peterson to testify.

So… was Scott Peterson at the party the night Kristin Smart disappeared? The same party Paul Flores attended and later walked Kristin Smart home from? That’s what Flores is saying. He says that not only was Peterson at the party, he knew Kristin Smart.

Is it possible that all of the other people who were present that night at the small birthday party on Cal Poly’s campus failed to notice that Scott Peterson was also there?

Maybe Scott Peterson’s presence at the party wasn’t worth noting in 1996. But now? 25 years later? This could be the difference between life in prison for Paul Flores or a shadow of doubt.

But we’re supposed to believe that in the twenty-five years of analyzing this case, no one came forward with the bizarre coincidence that a now convicted killer was also present the night Kristin Smart disappeared? Apparently, this is what Paul Flores is claiming.

For the record, I’m not buying it! Because that’s hinky!

Listen to the Kristen Smart and Paul Flores episodes on Kentucky Fried Homicide.

I think this is just a Hail Mary by Paul Flores and the defense. I will, of course, watch to see what happens with this preliminary hearing and the actual trial, but I think Paul Flores has been lying and getting away with murder for YEARS, and this is just another big lie.

The big question, however, is this: Will Scott Peterson actually testify?

Let’s consider what this might suggest. It suggests that Scott Peterson is on his way to being labeled a serial killer. While a serial killer is someone who has killed three or more people, I would argue that if Scott Peterson did in fact kill Kristin with little to no reason (based on the fact that no one associated him with Kristin before), wouldn’t he likely have killed others? Is that a stretch? I don’t think so… if some of these things are true.

Also, why would Scott Peterson ever get on the stand, under oath, to answer questions that might suggest he killed another woman? He doesn't even admit to killing his wife, Laci Peterson.

Now… the judge is unlikely to allow Scott Peterson to testify if Scott plans to take the fifth amendment, and given the fact that “the defense has not presented any evidence [that] Peterson is connected to the case.”

'You cannot call a witness to the stand in a trial that is going to take the Fifth Amendment. A judge would prevent that because it would create an illusion that the person who's taking the fifth actually committed the crime. So they're not going to be allowed to testify,' Cardoza (legal analyst) further explained."

And, again, I have a hard time believing Scott Peterson had anything to do with the disappearance of Kristin Smart.

Another plot twist from the preliminary hearing… Podcaster Chris Lambert was subpoenaed by the defense

Apparently, Chris Lambert of the “Your Own Backyard” podcast was served a subpoena on Tuesday, August 10, 2021. Robert Sanger, one of Paul Flores’ two defense attorneys, on Tuesday said Lambert could be called as a witness in the evidentiary hearing for Paul and Ruben Flores because the podcaster interviewed several witnesses before they spoke to law enforcement.”

Interesting, right?

Chris could be called by the defense. So the question is… what does the defense hope to gain by questioning Chris? Are they looking to discredit all of the information and witnesses that Chris brought to light with his podcast?

I’ll definitely be watching this unfold. Chris has to be nervous about this, right? I know I would be.

But to break down the reasoning for calling Chris further… The defense argues that Chris interviewed several witnesses before they spoke to law enforcement. Um… Could that be because law enforcement took nearly 25 years to do their job?

Also, Timothy Davis testified in court this week

Remember Timothy (Tim) Davis from Kentucky Fried Homicide Episode #63 and #64, The Disappearance of Kristin Smart, Part 1 and The Disappearance of Kristin Smart, Part 2?

I mentioned Tim because he was one of the students who helped walk Kristin Smart home the night she disappeared. If you’ll remember, Tim was rather quiet after that night, going as far as to ignore a subpoena in the civil suit.

Tim took the stand last week and retold everything that we explained about him in the two-part episode on Kentucky Fried Homicide. The one new development was when the defense asked Tim why he was testifying. Ruben Flores’s attorney, Harold Mesick, accused Tim of showing great bias, going as far as to citing an interview Tim had with the district attorney’s office when he said, “I want to put this f****** guy away. I’m happy to do whatever I can.”

And I love this part… Tim confirmed to the court that he had, in fact, said that, but then reaffirmed that everything he said on the stand was the truth.

I believe I said something in the podcast episodes about Tim hiding from this case and refusing to speak to Kristin’s parents. I think that is still true, and I think his testimony is proof that he wants Paul Flores behind bars and this case put to bed forever.

Tell us what you think.

I will continue to follow this case, because it’s truly fascinating. For now, we would love to know what you think. Email Kris and me by hitting reply or join the Kentucky Fried Cousin Facebook Group and join in the conversation there.

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But for now… That’s all I have to say about that.


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