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Welcome to the first edition of Connect:COVID-19. This weekly digest will connect you with quality resources and fact-checked information designed to combat misinformation in the COVID-19 crisis.  

This bulletin is designed to support busy newsrooms, fact-checking organisations, and non-profits across South East Asia and beyond. We link you with the tools you need to provide your communities with accurate, timely and actionable information.  

Who are we? We are a group of four organisations who work to improve access to quality information in a crisis.  

Find out more about our organisations here:  

We’re funded by the H2H Network, a group of approximately 50 organisations worldwide. Its members provide specialist services to ensure crisis response is more efficient, effective and accountable. The H2H Network is supported by aid from the UK Government and hosted by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC). 

We make two promises. To be brief - we know many people are facing an information overload at this time. And to be practical – our support, content, and resources are free to use and can be adapted for context and language preferences. 

We are:

  • Helping you respond to misinformation with verified information from sources you can trust 

  • Translating quality COVID-19 resources into local languages  

  • Creating engaging content to respond to community information gaps 

If you have any questions, requests for resources, feedback or would like to let us know when our tools have been useful, you can email us at any time at COVID-19@internews.org     

This week's tools. 

People’s Perspectives - What are people saying about the virus?  

The World Health Organization (WHO) has responded to rumours that the virus cannot survive in hot and humid environments. This handy infographic explains why the weather doesn’t prevent the spread of the virus.  

Have you heard of the ‘breath test’? Thousands of social media users have been sharing a rumour that holding your breath for 10 seconds is an at-home alternative to laboratory testing for the virus. Fact-checking network AFP explains why that is false here.  

Resources – What info can I use to respond?  

TWB has worked with International SOS to translate the COVID-19 What you Need to know infographics and Powerpoint into 12 languages. Need another language? Email us, let’s talk.   

Evidence Aid has compiled a growing list of resources, Department of Health guidelines and journal articles on COVID-19 including WHO guidelines in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. 

WHO maps the outbreak of the virus worldwide here.  

We supported the Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) Working Group in the development of a guide on how to include vulnerable and marginalised groups in your activities.  

Content – What content is there already?  

BBC Media Action has produced six videos to ensure people in Indonesia have the right information to know what to do to avoid COVID-19. A handshake video uses comedy to show the different ways people can greet each other without shaking hands. This content is free and available for others to use. 

Bangladesh: A range of Public Service Announcements, short videos and longer audio materials designed for listening groups have been produced in Bangla, Chittagonian, and Rohingya and include key hygiene information. 

Other resources we’re using.  

The Sphere Standards have released released a specific COVID-19 brief for humanitarian organisations which is being translated in several languages.  

Sick of that plain old handwashing poster in your office? This site allows you generate handwashing infographics using the lyrics to your favourite song. 

Think of this bulletin as an extra content creator, fact-checker or researcher in your office. If you need a question answered, a fact verified or a rumour quashed – contact us, we’re here to help.  

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