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In last month’s newsletter we shared the importance of the Value Proposition - that important component that helps you recognize what value you bring to your customers and why a customer should purchase from you.

So this month, let’s take that value proposition and discuss how you can deliver that message to your customers. But first, don’t forget to register for our next StartUp MeetUp (Tuesday June 8th at 5pm). Register today to save your spot to meet up with other local entrepreneurs to share your wins, your challenges, and your perspectives. It’s a great opportunity to meet, and get to know other entrepreneurs in town and hear about their experiences.

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Layering Your Message - Social Media

Successful Marketing is like a really delicious layer cake. It’s not just one flavour, but rather different fillings, different tastes, all layered on top of each other. A good Marketing plan isn’t about you doing just one thing. The more marketing layers you have that communicate your value proposition, the more chances your customers have to recognize how you have what they need.

Because it’s on top of everyone’s list - let’s talk SOCIAL MEDIA first.

Although we often lump everything together, social media is actually 4 networks combined, and understanding each of these is important to know as this will help you to use each of them to your advantage.

  1. Social Networks - this includes your Facebook, your Twitter, Instagram or your Website too.

  2. Media Networks - YouTube and TikTok would fall under this heading.

  3. Discussion Networks - Blogs, Reddit, Slack, or any other network you use to engage and discuss with your customers.

  4. Review Networks - Trip Advisor, Yelp, or other networks that your customers use to review and provide feedback on your service and your products.

The one thing with Social Media, is that the message is fleeting. Therefore the more layered messages, the more your customers will remember your business. The other challenge is that you need to continually engage. If you have a Facebook page, make sure you use it and interact. If you know your business is being reviewed on Trip Advisor, engage with your customers by thanking them for their positive review or rectify the problem of a negative one!

All the Other Marketing Layers

With all the time we spend on our phones and computers and other electronic devices, it’s easy to forget that marketing can, and should, include other non-online methods.

  1. The Sale - Whenever you interact with your customer, you are marketing. What does that transaction look like? Are you consistently acting in line with your value proposition?

  2. Direct Communication - These could be newsletters, or emails that can be sent to your customers. What communication systems do you have? How do you capture your customer information so that you can continue to interact with them or followup?

  3. Publicity - Free publicity is hard to come by, but if you have a really good story to share that is interesting to people, traditional media might pick the story up to share with their customers.

  4. Promotions/Events - It’s been hard to do events this past year, but as things open back up, think about some creative ways you can be noticed. These could be small incentives to entice your customers, or even larger events.

  5. Traditional Advertising - Radio, print, or online ads can all be purchased. Remember to think about what media your customers might use and meet them there. When you’re buying advertising, just make sure you have a budget in mind and see if you can figure out if the cost translated into sales.

  6. Fusion - Joining together with other businesses, or other events to form strategic marketing partnerships is a great way to get more marketing. Is there a complimentary business you can work with to jointly promote each other? Get creative!

Marketing is about getting your message out to your customers. That message needs to mean something to your customers, so make sure you know what your value proposition is first! Once you have that, layer up those messages and use a variety of marketing methods. With the right ingredients, the right message, the right layers, you’re guaranteed to end up with a sweet layered marketing plan!

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