Successful Marketing Tip #1

The challenge with marketing is that it’s not as simple as we think it should be. It’s not just about a few fancy Instagram photos, or some Facebook posts. You’ve got a website? Great! But what is it doing for you? You’ve been putting up flyers or pamphlets around town? Great! But are people really looking at them?

It’s important to look at Marketing as a plan, as a process, and as a strategy. Let’s dive in to the most important component of that plan, shall we?

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The Most Important First Step…

The most important part of your Marketing Plan is to know your Value Proposition. “My what?”, you might be asking?

Your “Value Proposition” is the message to your customers that tells them why they should buy your product or service. It’s the message that connects your customers with the emotional benefit they will get from your product or service.

If you can’t put into words why you’re special, it’s going to be a struggle for customers to know this too. You want your customers to know why your product or service is going to be beneficial for them.

So how do you get your Value Proposition? Start with a few basic questions:

  • Which customers are you serving?

  • What problem are you solving for them?

  • How does your product/service increase pleasure or decrease pain?

  • How do you make your customer’s lives better?

Or try this - just fill in the blanks…

My company helps _____(identify your customer)______________ , do ______(identify what you’ll help them do) ___________________, by doing ______(identify how you make that happen) _________________.

Once you’ve got your Value Proposition, your marketing plan, your branding, your advertising, and even your customer relationship management system, should all be consistent with it. This is the core of who your company is for your customer and therefore this messaging should be crafted in to everything you do.

Those photos on Instagram? How do they show your value to your customer? Those Facebook posts? How is the post supporting your value proposition? Consistently reinforcing your value to your customer and ensuring that your messaging is the same no matter what the marketing vehicle, will help your customer remember who you are and why you’re important to them.

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Carolyn - Coach for StartUp Revelstoke.

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