Friendly readers,

I need to take off for a while, so I won't be publishing the weekly study of Sunday's Scriptures for Community Leaders for about a month.

I do this in order to deal with the press of other business and to "sharpen my saw." I look forward to time for prayer and reading that will, I hope, make the messages more useful to you.

(I apologize to the old friend who just subscribed on May 19!)

In the interim, here are links to some of my sources that you can use directly.

1) The Sunday liturgy website at Saint Louis University, where, for each Sunday, you can find commentaries by John Pilch, Reginald Fuller (both quite scholarly) and some other good homilists:

2) The late Father Roger Karban's graceful combinations of scholarship and challenging application:

3) The daily blog of Joris Heise, a sage, poet and retired seminary teacher of classical and Biblical languages. His Sunday commentaries end with a sonnet that reliably takes the reader more deeply into a sound interpretation of the day's readings:


4) The homilies of Fritz Bauerschmidt; he's a theology professor at Loyola University Maryland and a deacon serving the Archdiocese of Baltimore:

5) Back issues (the last 20) of my own weekly message:

6) Lector's Notes, my older offering to the church, aiming to help lector's know the historical and theological backgrounds of what they proclaim. Some Sundays' pages include a homily starter. Every page has links going back several years to the works of Karban, DAN Nelson and others:

In Christ,

Greg Warnusz

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