Summer 2019 Newsletter
Although January marks the start of the calendar year, for most households September is the actual new year. And for us at Mustard Tree year look forward to another year of serving the children and young people in schools and youth groups around the Morpeth area. As Nick pointed out at a recent trustee meeting the work of MTT spans the school year and our workers are often a known face a new place as children move up from first to the middle, or from the middle to high school.
At Lifepath the prayers of the children in year 4 are often the uncertainty of transition and being a constant in the change is one of the consequences of MTT’s work in the schools. Of course, this is also true of the young people supported by Emily and Val in Liquid and Wild and Free. By now the teachers and children will be settling in and starting to get into their work for the year. And also, after a few weeks planning the MTT workers are now into full swing. Full swing building relationships with teachers, children, and young people will continue through their school career, through year on year of assemblies and mentoring and youth groups. Please pray for these relationships as they build through the years. Pray that God will open up opportunities for the workers to speak the gospel into the lives of the children and staff wherever they appear. Whether in assemblies, classrooms, staff rooms, school offices, corridors, coffee shops, and church halls.
In the first few months as the board chair, I’ve taken the time to catch up with the MTT staff and listen to what they’re up to and ask them to dream. Time to reflect on where we are, and what we are doing, will be the foundation for us to look to the future. To dream and to plan, to identify what we’re doing well, and to plan for what we should do in the next few years.
Thank you for all your support of Mustard Tree Trust and the opportunities of the new school year before us.
God Bless John Cooper (Chairman)

Pop-Up Lifepath
On a wet and miserable Thursday in November, something new happened in Ponteland.
The first “Pop-Up” Lifepath was held for the Year 4 pupils in Richard Coates school and hosted by St Mary’s Church. We took the team of Brinkburn volunteers and a group from St Mary’s and created a lightly different event for the 60 children who attended.
We followed the same format, walking from the school to the Church, dressed in white habits and chanting, as you would expect from a Lifepath day. The day continued with Opening Worship, workshops, and an Aidan story to replace the drama and was rounded off with Closing worship, which included the Lifepath Cairn.
We were able to offer 6 workshops: Jesus Journey, Prayer Journey and Singing were done by all 60 children, with Gardening, Scriptorium and Cross Craft done by a selection of the pupils. The workshops were aided by our volunteers and supported by those from St Mary’s, we also had assistant Pilgrim guides from the Church as well as catering assistants!
Mrs Cape, the headteacher and one of MTT’s Trustees, sent an email saying “Can I just say a HUGE Thank you to you all for such an amazing day - from the greeting to the farewell with every bit in-between! I can't begin to explain how much we got out of it.”
Thank you again to all of our Volunteers and our Prayer supporters. We couldn’t have done it without you!
Love  Kirstine

First Schools Work by Kirstine

This term is a chance for me to see all the school again. The summer term gets full of Lifepath preparations, so I take the opportunity this term to contact every school I go to and ask to lead worship. That is 16 in total, 17 if you count the Abbeyfields Early Years unit as a separate one! I can’t always manage it – and so far I have been in, or have a date for 12 schools with the emails out to the other 5!
I have been talking on 2 topics so far, Harvest and the process of waiting, and “power”. The Power assemblies have focused on the fact that we can have power like a mobile phone battery – the phone being our lives, but that power will run out. We really need to connect to God, through our “Charger”, our prayers, and plug ourselves into the Mains power, reading our Bibles to access God’s power. It made me think of how much I rely on God during the week, and on all your prayers. I know people are praying for the work I do and nothing is done without me plugging into God’s power. So, THANK YOU for praying for us and the work we do – we can’t do it without you.
I have also had the privilege of working with Cam Hudson-Lively this term. Cam is on a Youth leader Training scheme with MINE in Byker and is working his placement in Morpeth Parish. He is with me on a Thursday and so helping me with the assemblies, Lifepath at Ponteland and the lunch club I am doing in Abbeyfields.
Nick and I visited St Mary’s and St James Churches in Morpeth last Sunday to let them know what MTT is doing. We were received with such love and warmth and want to thank them for their time.
If you would like to host us in your Church, please  contact me on

Wild and Free & Liquid
This term at Liquid we have been looking at Sabbath, Testimonies and mission. We have had a range of speakers and have been blessed by their insight and willingness to learn with us. 'Ninja' has been the game of choice this term. We have enjoyed hot chocolate and pizza and have been getting to know our new members. We have also been joined by MTT intern Cam who has been bringing some new energy and joined our rapidly expanding worship band along with two of our young people. this term we have been particularly focused on explaining our range of worship songs and we have been looking at how we can expand our youth involvement.
We have many things to give thanks for, our volunteers, young people and speakers. Our prayer request would be for more people to come and speak to the youth and for a deepening relationship between the young people. Thank you for your continued support. Do get in touch if you can support us in any way or would like to come and see what we do. 
Love Emily
A message from Nick our 3 Rivers Chaplain,
The Chaplaincy across the 3 Rivers continues to be increasing, exciting and challenging. Increasing, because the opportunities it provides just keep on coming. More and more special ‘corridor’ moments, an additional one to one requests and at this time of year, lots of opportunities to contribute to Remembrance, Advent and Christmas.
Exciting, because no two days are ever the same.  This keeps me on my toes and expectant of what God will bring my way.  I’ve also been excited to speak about my work on a number of occasions including recently at both St Mary’s and St. James in Morpeth.

Challenging, not so much to me personally but for those, I am serving through this role, especially the 34 young people with whom I meet for a one to one session each week.  Some of their challenges seem to be almost beyond painful and yet, they get on with life with gritted teeth and a determination I admire and pursue in readiness for my own difficult times.

God has given the MTT this amazing ministry with young people in schools, so let’s commit at this special time to renew our excitement and passion for it.
Seasons Greetings Nick (Chaplain)
A message for Lindsey our Administrator
Thank you for all that give there time, money and prayers to the work that we do. We do appreciate your loyalty and support. I feel so blessed to be part of this amazing team, and to experience the joy of the support from all those quiet donations and silent prayers.
Thank you for all that you do for us, the children and young people that we are in the privileged position to work with.
If I can be of any help please email me on  
Love Lindsey
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