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Almost there, juniors in tech!

Issue #11 - December 19th, 2018

Anyone else really ready for the break? Got any exciting plans? Or just regular, lay in bed and watch YouTube videos all day, plans?

My family doesn't really do holidays so I'm just gonna chill over the break, get some work done on my side projects, and maybe plan my next digital nomad trip. (I really need some time in a small beach town.)

. . . 

Soooooo many cool things in this week's newsletter. I've listed more junior jobs than ever. There are a few interesting conference speaking opportunities, as well as scholarships. Plus, a feature with a software engineer who tells us about how he learned to code on his own and got his first job. And, our first sponsor (yay!), a very cool AI programming challenge.

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Thank you all for recommending Juniors in Tech to your friends and colleagues. We now have over 600 subscribers! Just thinking about that makes me smile. 

 # I S S A S P O N S O R 
Play Halite, an AI Programming Challenge
Halite III is Two Sigma's third annual open source AI challenge, in which programmers of all experience levels write bots to compete in an original online multiplayer game. 

Halite III has a resource management orientation: players' bots build and control ships that navigate an ocean map collecting an energy resource. This open-ended, non-combative premise also allows for an adaptive player experience. Playing Halite III is a fun way to practice your programming skills.
I was a little intimidated by this game at first, but the interactive tutorial was helpful in getting started with the game. The tutorial demonstrates the game rules and all the basic steps, like how to move your ships around the map, build new ships, and collect halite.
Code your bot in the web-based code editor in Python, JavaScript, or Java, or develop locally and choose from more than 15 supported programming languages. Either way, your bot will play against thousands of other players from around the world. The Halite III challenge ends on January 22nd. It's free to play, so sign up today!
Play Halite Today
Feature: Q & A with Lennyroy Robles

How he crafted his own learn to code curriculum and found his first job in the industry. 
Read the Q & A

This week we'll get to know Lennyroy Robles, a software engineer at IV Interactive. 

Last year, Lennyroy was working as a case manager at a non-profit in Queens. It was the latest in a series of jobs that just weren't quite right for him. The work was difficult and "soul-crushing" (sounds familiar, hashtag non-profit life), and the commute from New Jersey certainly didn't help. 

Lennyroy knew he had to make a change. 

"Something snapped on my 28th birthday though, and with the encouragement of my friends and family, I decided to jump head first into learning code and change my career path yet again, hopefully for the last time."

So how did he do it? He considered going to a bootcamp, but decided to learn on his own using the many free and inexpensive resources available. In total, he spent just over $200 to make his career transition.

Keep reading to learn more about what courses he took, how the interview process went, and how he landed his first job. 

Read the Q & A with Lennyroy Robles
Things to read on the commute.

Shanise Barona Speaks Her Truth on the #CauseAScene Podcast.
Kim Crayton
(PODCAST) You may have heard that many local Girl Develop It chapters are ceasing operations after some staffers spoke out about racist incidents (more on that here). Shanise Barona talked to Kim Crayton about her experiences with racism at Girl Develop It. I think anyone who cares about diversity and inclusion should listen to this. It's one thing to talk about including people and hiring underrepresented folks, and it's a totally different thing to make sure they are actually included. 

Have You Ever Been Ghosted By an Employer?
Yechiel Kalmenson
This seems to be something that happens to many of us. You're applying for a job, maybe you've had a few phone screens, spent time on a take home challenge, went in for an onsite interview, or even got an offer. But a few days/weeks go by as you're waiting to hear back about next steps and...nothing. 

Artificial Intelligence is Biased. She's Working to Fix It.
Matter of Fact
(VIDEO) Soledad O'Brien interviewed Joy Buolamwini, MIT researcher and founder of the Algorithmic Justice League, on how she discovered that facial recognition software has a difficult time recognizing darker skinned and female faces, and what needs to be done about this. 

The Definitive Guide to Protecting Your Eyes for Developers
Sarthak Sharma
Here are some great tips on how to take care of your eyes, including helpful apps you can install, and the 20-20-20 rule. 
Learn stuff. Get promoted. 

UX Case Study: Shine Bank 80% Conversion Onboarding
Arnaud Babol
When a user downloads your app, how can you make sure they will complete the onboarding process? In this case study, learn how Shine achieved an 80% conversion rate from their onboarding. 

Know Your Worth: A Black Girl's Guide to Negotiating Your First Salary
Jaqueline C. Gibson
Tips on how to do salary/benefits research, identify what your needs are, and justify what you're asking for. 

User Tests for Bootstrapped Products
Clo, creator of Bloom
How to prepare for and conduct user interviews when working on your own project. - A TensorFlow Handbook
Xihan Li
Have you been meaning to get into deep learning? This will help you get started with TensorFlow, Google's popular deep learning library. "This handbook is a concise introduction to TensorFlow based on Eager Execution mode, trying to help developers get started with TensorFlow quickly with some basic machine learning and Python knowledge." Available in English and Chinese. 

Which UX Education Program is Right for Me?
Sarah Doody
"Here are some not so obvious questions to help you evaluate a UX bootcamp, degree, or other program you may be considering."
Conferences, scholarships, and other opportunities.

Women in Blockchain: Engineering Leadership Program
January 16th, New York City
Are you a female engineer who is interested in blockchain? Attend this workshop to learn more about working at blockchain companies. "Learn about the different types of problems you could work on at blockchain companies, new and old through 3 short lightning talks. Then, we'll break out into small groups where you'll have the chance to meet like-minded developers who have recently joined the space, hear what they are working on, and learn about opportunities at their companies. This event is for female *engineers* interested in entering the blockchain industry."

Reality Virtually Hackathon
January 17-21, MIT Media Lab
In addition to the hackathon, there will be an expo and workshops. "The Reality Virtually Hackathon brings together interdisciplinary minds to explore the application of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies for building new experiences. We encourage developers, designers, engineers, artists, coders, experts, sound designers, storytellers, students, creatives, and imaginative AR/VR enthusiasts to apply."

WECode 2019 - Scholarships Available
February 22-24, Harvard
"WECode (Women Engineers Code) is the largest student-run conference for women in computer science in the country." People of any gender may attend. You can apply for a scholarship here, and request housing here

O'Reilly AI and Data Conferences - Scholarships Available
Strata Data Conference: March 25-28, San Francisco. Scholarship deadline: January 24th.
Artificial Intelligence Conference: April 15-18, NYC. Scholarship deadline: February 14th. 
Recipients will get a conference pass and a $599 prepaid gift card to go towards travel expenses. 

iOS Con 2019 - Scholarships Available
March 21-22, London
"iOSCon 2019
 is the go-to conference to discover and learn all the latest developments in the iOS and Swift world. Join leading experts in the iOS & Swift realm, who will share the latest technologies, tools, ideas and practices developing and evolving within iOS, Swift and Mobile Technology." They are giving away ticket scholarships, and you can also volunteer for a free ticket. More info about that here

HUE Tech Summit for WOC - Apply to Speak
May 3rd, Philadelphia, PA
HUE Tech Summit is an event for women of color in tech. Speakers can get free registration for the event, as well as a travel stipend. The deadline to apply to speak is January 31st. 

Speak at Women Who Code Connect 2019
April 13th, San Francisco
The deadline to apply to speak is February 1st. You can do a lightning talk, a regular talk, or a workshop. Presentation topics don't have to be technical.
"Submissions by professional and first-time speakers are welcome. If you have an awesome idea, do not hesitate to submit it! We will be happy to give you the necessary feedback to make sure it matches audience expectations."
My top tools of the week. - Instantly Remove an Image Background
Thank the image recognition gods. I've needed something like this so many times in my life.

Uizard - Turn Hand Drawn Wireframes Into Digital Designs and Code
This is so cool. "Whether you prefer to draw interfaces on paper, whiteboards, or napkins, Uizard transforms your wireframes to Sketch files according to your very own style guide."
Gotta pay the rent.
Even if you don't meet all the requirements, apply anyway!


Product Designer - Cloudfare - Austin, TX or San Francisco, CA
An encouraging note from the job description: 
"We realize people don’t fit into neat boxes. If you’re a curious individual who commits to developing yourself, we’re ready to help you learn new skills. We can’t complete our mission without building a diverse team. Our philosophy is to hire the best people based their potential and then include them throughout their time at Cloudflare. If you check off most of these points, and are up for learning the rest, you should apply."

Dovetailed - UX Designer - Cambridge, UK (or remote)

REalyse - Junior UX/UI Designer - London


Treehouse - Junior Swift/iOS Teacher - Remote (United States)

Twilio - Software Engineering Apprentice - San Francisco
A great way to get started in the industry with a cool company. The apprenticeship starts in February and is a 6 month program. Deadline: December 31st - Junior Software Engineer, Full Stack - Vancouver, Canada

Makers Academy - Makers Apprentice - London
"Makers Academy is Europe’s leading Web Developer Bootcamp. Apprenticeships are our new project. Now, not only will you get paid even while you’re learning, you’ll get a guaranteed job and an officially recognised qualification at the end too.

We will be running 3 cohorts of 24 students in 2018 and a cohort every month in 2019 - there are lots of places available!"

8th Light - Software Engineer (Apprenticeship) - London
"Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship, the individual will join 8th Light's team of developers and designers as a Crafter."

CAVA - Full Stack Engineer (Junior) - Washington, DC

Advomatic - Backend Developer - Brooklyn, NY (or remote)

CompIQ - Frontend Engineer - NYC
Tweet of the week by @PavelASamsonov
This week I'm: 
  • saying a feature branch "won't take that long", only to realize that it in fact, will
Hope your sprints go as planned, 

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