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Issue #31 - August 3rd, 2019
Hi everyone! Yep, I'm still here, and so is this newsletter. 

I've decided to put the newsletter on a new schedule. From now on it will be monthly, and you'll get a newsletter on/around the 1st of the month. (Optionally, I might choose to send out a 2nd newsletter on or around the 15th). 

If you'd like to know more about why, I wrote about that on this public Patreon post
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If you're interested in going to Write/Speak/Code, I have good news for you. Juniors in Tech subscribers can get 20% off tickets. To get the discount, use this link, or the discount code JUNIORSINTECH-20. They've also been generous enough to give us 5 free tickets. See the Events and Opportunities section to find out how to get one.

What's on my mind this week: 

Some of you may know that I've been talking a lot about Lambda School on Twitter. I know that there are students who love Lambda School and have had great success with it. But they definitely have some serious issues that need to be addressed.

If you're considering a bootcamp, please talk to several current students/alumni before signing up to give your money/future salary away. Don't just rely on reviews on Course Report or SwitchUp (these seem sketch anyway because they're almost always over 4.5 stars). Don't just rely on the school's marketing or what you see people saying online. 

I had a very positive perception of Lambda School before Sunday, when a student told me what was really going on. I've even linked to their programs in the newsletter (like their Africa pilot, and the Summer Hackers program). It always seemed like a good option for people with low incomes who want to break into tech. 

I was one of those people. I wanted to get a career that was interesting and challenging, and that would allow me to increase my income. So I learned to code and luckily found a tuition deferred bootcamp that gave me a good education and a chance at getting my first job in tech. 

It breaks my heart that there are people who are exactly where I was 3 years ago, who thought Lambda School would change their lives for the better, but instead ended up getting screwed over. 

That's why I wrote that thread. That's why current and former Lambda School students are speaking out. This isn't about hating on LS just to hate. And I'm certainly not getting paid by anyone (the "professional bootcamp exposer" in my Twitter bio is just a joke, although I could use the money) to do this. 

I just want people to have the same opportunities that I did. I want more people with low incomes and people who look like me to have the chance to get a job in tech. So when I hear that a bootcamp is making promises to people like me, and failing to deliver, I can't not say anything about it. 

All I want is for people to be informed, and for Lambda School to either make serious changes, or get out of the business of education. 
Get Hired
Get a job in tech.
Job application tips for Junior Devs | @monicalent
"After having my job opening for a junior developer go semi-viral, I wanted to share some tips for aspiring junior devs who are look into breaking into their first role. Both what you can do to improve your chances, and also what not to do."

Companies that hire remotely | @asg5704
A list of 900+ companies that hire remotely. 

3 smooth ways to exit a conversation during a networking event | Self Made Millennial
A quick, useful video that you may want to watch before your next networking event. This is part of a whole playlist on how to build a network.

How to network without losing your soul | Christian Beck
If you're like me and you hate networking because you're an introvert, it seems "fake", and you don't want to bother people, you'll want to read this. 

5 things I learned from 100 junior UX interviews | Saloni Joshi
"This article is meant to mentally prepare you, an incredibly talented junior UXer, for what’s out there from the perspective of someone who is still facing these hurdles everyday."
Level Up
Learn, grow, & get promoted. 
101 tips for being a great programmer (and human) | Emma Wedekind
#3 - be nice to your designers. They're your friends.

Why you should document your UX work | Sarah Doody
Sarah explains why documenting your work is critical, and how you can start doing it.
Events & Opportunities
Conferences, scholarships, & other opportunities.
Write/Speak/Code - FREE Tickets and 20% discount code | SF, August 16-18, 2019
If you're interested in conference speaking, contributing to open source, or tech blog writing, then this is the conference for you. The Write/Speak/Code conference is a "3-day, hands-on conference with workshops, personalized feedback sessions, panels, and talks" that will help you get started in blogging, speaking, or open source. This conference is for people of marginalized genders. 

They have given me 5 free tickets. If you want one, make sure you can definitely be there, and then just reply to this email. First come first served.

You can also use the discount code JUNIORSINTECH-20 to get 20% off tickets, or use this link.

"Write/Speak/Code is a 501c3 nonprofit on a mission to promote the visibility and leadership of technologists with marginalized genders through peer-led professional development. They host meetups in 6 cities and an annual 3-day conference designed to help you fully own your expertise through writing, speaking, and open source." - a conference for early career developers | NYC - September 7th, 2019
"Adulting.Dev is a one day conference for professionals developers who have recently started their careers and the managers and team leads who support them. The conference will cover topics across three themes - learning, living and leveling-up. This isn’t your typical tech conference - we're not talking about your technical skills, but everything else needed for a happy, healthy work life."

React Meetup Online by ThisDot | Virtual, August 8th, 2019
"Join us for React-specific talks every month in the comfort of your own home -- where ever you are in the world!" This month the guest speakers are Kent C. Dodds and Tae'lur Alexis.
NoCodeConf by Webflow | SF, November 12-13, 2019
"Hear from companies and thought leaders who are empowering teams to move faster, think more creatively, and ship sooner with no-code and low-code tools and workflows. Learn how the no-code movement is making web and software development more accessible, collaborative, and creative — by making it visual." You can also apply to speak. 

Google Conference and Travel Scholarships | Worldwide
Check this page frequently for conference scholarships for events around the world. In North America, you can currently apply for a ticket + travel scholarship for Afrotech. 

CTRL + SHIFT Code School Applications Open | Oklahoma City
"And as of this fall, OKC has a full-time, full-stack code school to empower survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Applications are open."

QueerJs Meetups | Worldwide
Meetups where everyone is welcome but queer technologists take the stage. Check out the upcoming meetups in Europe and San Francisco. 
Gotta pay the rent. 
And remember, it's their job to reject you, not yours. Apply anyway.
ThisDot - Developer Apprenticeship 

Twitter - Engineering Apprenticeship 

Junior Dev Role
I don't have a lot of info but see this tweet. "My team has an opening for a Jr role. That person will be responsible for developing our company website, learn Golang and work with Go on our core product! The position is not listed yet. DM if you are interested!"

DF Studio - Junior Dev
See this tweet. "Hey there, we’re ( searching for a developer who’s still starting out and wants to jump onto our team to learn and share with us."

Whitespace - Junior Designer | London, UK

National Express - Junior UX Designer | Birmingham, UK

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Thank you to all of the patrons, and to Yoav Givati for being a Silver level sponsor. 

And thanks to the Gold level sponsor: 
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This month, I'm eating lots of tacos. 

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