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¿Qué onda?, juniors in tech!

Issue #5 - November 7th, 2018

Hi everyone!

Who is at AfroTech this week? I'm jealous. But I'm also glad to not have to sit on 5+ hour flights to the west coast. 

Welcome to the 5th issue of Juniors in Tech. This week's feature is (hopefully) a bit of inspiration for those of you who haven't yet found your first job in the industry. 

If you're into working remotely, then you'll like this week's jobs section. Also, there's a new section, Keziyah's Picks, in which I'll pick a few interesting products that I either currently use, or would use. 

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Feature: Tae'lur Alexis
How she went from working in fast food to becoming a software engineer in less than a year. 
Read Her Story

This week, we’ll get to know Tae’lur Alexis, a software engineer at Mercutio. 

In January, Tae’lur was working as a server, and by July, she was on her way to Seattle to take her first job as a developer. 

I appreciate that she spoke honestly about her financial motivations for wanting a job in tech. Like Tae’lur, most of us enjoy what we do. But let’s be honest, financial security is a huge motivator for people, perhaps even more so than enjoying the job itself. 

Tae’lur successfully changed her career without a CS degree, and without attending a bootcamp. Instead, she chose to teach herself using online courses. I asked her about how she made her transition to tech, including what courses she took, and how she went about the job application process. 
Read the Q & A With Tae'lur Alexis
Things to read on the subway.

Burnout and the Developer
Sandy Smith
Lately I've been wondering if I'm getting burned out. It seems strange because I've only been working as a developer for less than a year. It's definitely happened in previous jobs that I've had. I used to think it was just extreme boredom, but now I realize that it was something more than that. This is a helpful post about how to recognize burnout, and what to do about it. 
I also found this Twitter thread by Stephanie Hurlburt helpful, in which she talks about how burnout kept her away from coding for 3 years. 

Is front-end development having an identity crisis?
Vernon Joyce
Frontend development is much more complex than it was years ago. In this post, Vernon Joyce talks about the problems this may cause, and offers suggestions for how to define "frontend developer", what skills a frontend dev should have (for example, should they know about databases?), and how to differentiate it from other roles (like "web developer"). 

Design Handoff Guide: What Makes a Good Designer-Developer Collaboration?
Katica Babarczi
Tips on how to "get the best out of the designer-developer collaboration". 
Learn stuff. Get promoted. 

Receipts Required: The Promotion that Almost Never Was
Andrea Moore
You can't always just expect your manager to recognize your hard work, or reward you for it. You have to keep track of what you've done and remind them of the value you bring to the team. In this post, Andrea Moore talks about her first promotion at Google, and how keeping receipts, and initiating the conversation, worked in her favor.

Getting into the Security Field
Tanya Janca
A brief overview of ways to get into security, including organizations to join and tips on finding a mentor.

The Web Accessibility Intro I Wish I Had
Max Antonucci
A detailed overview of accessibility in development, including things you can do to start make your projects more accessible today. 

Deep Learning: Can We Use Computer Vision to Predict the Composer of Classical Music?
Zach Caceres
Training a convolutional neural network to predict the composer of a piece using visualizations of the music. Includes code snippets. 

Emma Wedekind's Anonymous Frontend FAQ
Here, you can anonymously ask your burning frontend questions. Or, you can help others by answering them. 
Conferences, scholarships, and other opportunities.

Queerhustle LA
Los Angeles, November 10-11. A conference for queer entrepreneurs and creators.  It's for "LGBTQ+ people who identify as female and are working online or interested in starting an online business or creating a project."

Speak at & attend !!Con West
Santa Cruz, CA, February 2019. "!!Con (pronounced “bang bang con”) West is a two-day conference of ten-minute talks about the joy, excitement, and surprise of computing." If you would like to speak at the conference, you can submit a talk proposal by November 30th.

Google Podcasts Creator Program
There's still time to apply for this podcast accelerator for underrepresented people. You don't need podcasting experience to apply, as long as you have a good idea. The deadline is November 18th. 

TechYes! Meetup: Imposter Syndrome
TODAY, Wednesday, November 7th, NYC. 

React Ladies NYC Kickoff
NYC, Wednesday November 14th. Their first meetup will be a series of lightning talks.

2019 Civic Digital Fellowship Interest
If you are interested in this fellowship by Coding it Forward, and would like to know when applications go live, fill out the form in the link. "The Fellowship is partnered with six federal agencies—including the Census Bureau, Department of State, and Department of Veterans Affairs—where students use their coding, design, data science, or product management skills to build high-impact projects that serve the American people." Find out more about the fellowship here
My top products/apps/tools of the week. 

Here are a few tools that I think would be useful in a side project. 

noShit: free design resources for your projects
They have illustrations, fonts, mockups, UI kits, and more. Everything is free, even for commercial use. 

Microlink: extract structured data from any website
The data can then be used to make preview cards. 

Sidemail: unlimited email addresses for your side projects
Great for when you have a new side project, but don't want to spend another $5/month on a G-Suite account. 
Gotta pay the rent.

Remember: apply even if you don't have the exact amount of "required" experience, or the exact skills. 

Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails) | TaxJar | Remote | 2+ Years Experience

Several Dev Positions | Doist | Remote | 3+ Years Experience

Go to the jobs page and scroll down. Positions include: Web Developer, Frontend Engineer, and Backend Engineer (Python). 

JavaScript Engineer | Help Scout | Remote

Junior Designer | Few | 3+ Years Experience | Remote

Product Designer | Doist | Remote
This week I'm: 
  •  just trying to get through it :)
Hope the rest of your week is awesome, 

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