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Issue #17 - January 30, 2019
"January has been a long year."
Hi everyone. Want to win some money or a t-shirt? Of course you do. Fill out the survey linked below and your wish might just come true. But seriously, these surveys are really helpful for me. That's why I'm bribing you with prizes. The more I learn about what you need/want, the better I can make the newsletter. 
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Things that have been on my mind lately:
  • The recent tech and media layoffs, how people can use social media to find a job, and how social media networking can be exclusionary. Of course, I still would encourage people to use social media to network and find a job. But I'm always thinking about people who, for example, got laid off recently but will have trouble finding a job because they don't have as many followers.
  • Changing the name of this newsletter (after this conversation some of us have on Twitter about what they word 'junior' means). I would still want the newsletter to have content and job listings for people just starting out in tech. But as we all know, this isn't a newsletter just for juniors. I wonder if I'm alienating a huge part of my potential audience by calling it Juniors in Tech, both people who have lots of tech experience, and people who are less experienced, but just don't refer to themselves as junior. What do you think? Reply to this email and let me know.
Patreon Update
If you've seen all the yelling I've been doing on Twitter, than you probably already know that there are currently 13 patrons, and the first goal has already been reached!

The 1st goal was to add the newsletter resources to a searchable database on the website. So that you could easily find a scholarship or tutorial you need, without looking through all of the newsletters. I'll start working on that this week. 

And we're really, really close to the second goal, which is to improve the job board. 

Thank you to everyone who has pledged so far! I really appreciate it. 

And a special thank you to the first Silver sponsor, Yoav Givati, and the first Gold sponsor, Webflow!

By becoming a patron, you're helping to keep this resource available for everyone. Also, patrons get access to my patron only blog posts. They're kind of like a behind the scenes look at my process, and insight into what I'm thinking & feeling while making Juniors in Tech. The first post is public, and you can read it here
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Experience design and emerging tech: Q&A with Angelica Ortiz. 

This week we’ll get to know Angelica Ortiz, an experience designer and creative technologist who specializes in experiential spaces and emerging technology.

As an experience designer, Angelica solves problems on screens and in physical and virtual spaces, using a wide variety of technologies like VR, AR, and robotics. She currently works at 900lbs and has a podcast called Law Zero (with brand strategist Carole Trickey), which is about ethics and emerging tech.

I asked her about her podcast & ethical issues related to emerging tech. We also talked about what an experience designer does, the difference between UX and XD, and Angelica provides some advice on how to find a job in XD.

Read the Q&A with Angelica Ortiz
Things to read on the commute. 
A story of an online stalker takes a bizarre turn down the deepest of rabbit holes | Morgan Sung
This is the story behind the shirt that you can win in the raffle. Developer advocate Chloe Condon was just minding her business when someone decided to harass her online. But the further people looked into the perpetrator, the weirder things got. This one of the wildest things I've seen happen online lately. 

Why are young people pretending to love work? | Erin Griffith
Hustle culture. Rise and grind. Sleep when you're dead. 12 hour days plus spending nights and weekends on your side project. We live in a society that makes us feel like we should be constantly working or being productive, to the point where we feel bad about relaxing. But who really benefits from this culture (hint: not the average worker), and is it worth it?

The Tech Revolt | The California Sunday Magazine
A conversation with tech workers in Silicon Valley who are standing up for causes they believe in, even if it means going against companies they work for. "Whether it was protesting projects with ICE and the Chinese government or walking out to demand better treatment of women, political activism 
has entered tech with a force that the industry has never experienced."

As a designer, I refuse to call people users | Adam Lefton
Why this designer believes that calling people 'users' strips them of their humanity. 

Code quality is overrated | Ross Creighton
I happen to agree. I care less about code being pretty or high quality, as long as it works. 

5 indie made privacy first products | Anne-Laure Le Cunff
A few products that will help you (and your users) keep your privacy online, made by indie makers.  
Level Up
Learn, grow, & get promoted. 
FREE Skillshare Class on Design & A11y | Tatiana Mac
Hacking Design Styleguides for Accessibility is a free Skillshare course that will teach you about accessible design.

The most important non-programming skills for programmers | Ali Spittel
Being able to code is great, but what other skills do you need to be a good programmer? 

The best YouTube channels to learn UI/UX/Product Design | Raghav Iyengar
I highly recommend the first one on the list, The Futur. One of the best resources for learning about design and business.

Data Lit #1: Sentiment Analysis | Siraj Raval
The first of Siraj's new YouTube series on introductory data science. 

Is your iOS app accessible? | Nick Bonatsakis
Probably not. Here's how to fix that. 

4 things to always manually test for accessibility | Lindsey Kopacz
Things to test to make sure your project is accessible as it can be. 

How to communicate clearly about code (especially when it doesn't work) | Sophie DeBenedetto
"DONT say: "It doesn't work when you do it like that.""

19 Laws of UX | Jon Yablonski
"Laws of UX is a collection of the maxims and principles that designers can consider when building user interfaces."

Python for Security Professionals (Free Course) | Cybrary
Events & Opportunities
Conferences, scholarships, & other opportunities.
Sentry Open Source $10,000 Grant (US Residents)
Want to get paid to work on an open source project? Consider applying for this grant by March 1st

GitHub Student Developer Pack 
GitHub is giving away a bunch of free stuff to student devs. Like AWS credits, Digital Ocean credits, access to online courses, and more. 

Frontstack Conference (Call for speakers) | February 23rd, Lagos, Nigeria
First time speakers are welcome. This conference will be on writing modern CSS.

Flatiron Opportunity Bootcamp Scholarships 
Dev and data science scholarships for Flatiron courses around the US. 

UXPin Webinar on A11y and UX Design | January 31, Virtual
Free webinar on design and accessibility. 

Free Online 4 day GraphQL Bootcamp | February 11-14, Virtual
"In this 4 day bootcamp you'll learn why GraphQL exists, its syntax, and how you can incorporate it into your React, Angular, or Vue.js applications. At the end you'll understand why more and more companies are switching their REST APIs to GraphQL."

Catalyst Hack (Hackaton) | April 6-7, London
"Catalyst Hack is an all female and non-binary hackathon for anyone aged 18-24.The challenge is to design a concept for a gaming app that will inspire the next generation of girls in STEM."

Kickstarter Creators in Residence Program | NYC
If you have a cool project and have been thinking of launching a Kickstarter campaign, this program 3 month long program will give you tools to make your Kickstarter campaign a success. Deadline is February 8th

Triangirls | London
"The Triangirls now have monthly socials and events in London for women in product and design, with speakers from all walks of life with incredible stories to share in a casual, judgment-free environment."

Learn IT Girl Global Mentorship Program 
Learn IT, Girl! is a global mentorship program where a mentee who wants to learn a new programming language or technology is matched with an experienced mentor to do an open source project for three months. The program is free and run entirely by volunteers from all around the world. You can apply to be a mentee or mentor. Applications for Learn IT, Girl! 4th edition are open now! Check their website for past edition projects, eligibility criteria and application form. If you have any questions, send them an email to

Speak at a DC Tech Meetup | Washington, DC
Apply to speak at one of the many DC tech meetups. 
Keziyah's Picks
Apps, tools, and other things I like.
A goal setting app that helps you focus on 1 goal a day. 

Sex Tech Space
A newsletter on all things sex tech. 

The UX Compendium
"A cohesive set of Sketch templates and libraries to round out your design process beyond the UI." 
Gotta pay the rent. 
Stratasan - Web Developer  | Nashville, TN  
See this tweet - they are specifically looking for less experienced people. 

Chatterbug - Frontend Engineer | Berlin

Litmus - Backend Engineer (Junior, Mid) | Remote

Power Auctions LLC - Software Engineer (Junior, Mid) | Washington, DC

Robin - Backend Engineer | Boston, MA

N26 - Multiple Design and Junior Dev Roles | US, Europe

Including Junior Android Engineer, iOS Engineer, & some design roles. 

Innovative Language Learning - UI Designer | Remote

And don't forget to check out the remote jobs on the job board
Thank you
Thank you to all of the patrons, and to Yoav Givati for being a Silver level sponsor. 

And thanks to the Gold level sponsor: 
Support Juniors in Tech by becoming a patron
This week, I'm looking for a coworking space. 

Until next week,

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