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Keep on keepin' on, juniors in tech!

Issue #10 - December 12th, 2018

Hi everyone. Hope you're doing well. Or at least hanging in there until your holiday vacation starts. 

You know how I've been teasing a job board for like, 2 months? Well it's coming. Next week. Pinky promise. 

But for now, if you are an employee (not a hiring manager) and you have a referral link, you can get it posted in the newsletter. See details below. 

. . . 

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Post your referral link in Juniors in Tech
Last week, I decided test a new section for the newsletter. I did a short Q & A with Elana Tee. Her company, Renaissance, is hiring for a junior dev, and she wanted to post her referral link in the newsletter. I asked her to do the Q & A to give you all a sense of what it's like to work there, and to clarify some things about the job description (for example, there were "required" parts of the JD that weren't really required.)

It worked out pretty well. Some people reached out to Elana to find out more about the job, and her referral link was the most clicked link from last week's newsletter. 

So I figure we should make this an ongoing thing. Lots if you, I'm sure, work at companies that hire juniors from time to time, and you're given referral links as an incentive to find candidates. And lots of you, I'm sure, are looking for your first or next jobs in the industry. Might as well help each other out, right?

Juniors in Tech has high open rates (more than 50%) and high click rates (more than 20%) compared to most newsletters. Which means your referral link will be seen and clicked by many people. 

If you want to learn more about posting your referral link in the newsletter, visit this link

Things to read on the commute.

Technology Choices are Moral Choices
Michael Taggart
I think about this a lot. We all know that the tech companies that make our favorite products are 1) spying on us, 2) making money off our data, and 3) involved in some other pretty unethical things, like how Facebook is being used in the genocide in Myanmar. I don't want to use products from unethical companies, but it also seems like they're difficult to live without these days. So what do we do?

Coding is Not The Same as Engineering/You Can't Build an iPhone with Python
Bhavya Kashyap
When I first read the title I was like those are fighting words. But I can see where the author is coming from. 
"...Messaging is important. As an industry, we cannot continue to skew the conversation so heavily toward web/app development and high-level CS."

Learn stuff. Get promoted. 

Finding Your Mentor in 5 Simple Steps
Aaron Hurst
Everyone knows that mentorship is super important, but how do you start the process of finding one? Here are some tips.

"We Don't Negotiate Salaries" is a negotiation tactic
A Twitter thread by Filippo Valsorda
If a company tells you this, negotiate anyway. Don't let them get away with it, especially if you're from an underrepresented group, and/or a junior candidate. Read more to find out why.

Get your Resume/CV Reviewed by Senior Devs
A Twitter thread by Kim Arnett
If you're a junior dev, post your resume/CV/personal website in this thread and get feedback from senior devs. 

Practical Typography
Matthew Butterick
One of the best known online resources for learning typography, especially as a non-designer, or a designer who doesn't have in depth knowledge of typography. The book is available online but you can still support the author
Conferences, scholarships, and other opportunities.

Recurse Center $10,000 Fellowships
Recurse Center is a self directed programming retreat in NYC. Their fellowship program is for anyone who wants to work on an open source project during their next batch, starting in January. Apply as soon as possible, as the next cohort starts on January 7th.
"We’re accepting applications for $10,000 Fellowships for women, trans, and non-binary people who would like to work on a project or research at the Recurse Center this winter. The Fellowships will be funded directly by the Recurse Center. We will be reserving at least 50% of our funding for women, trans, and non-binary people of color." 

New Adventures Conference
January 23-25. Nottingham, UK
A conference on development and digital design. 

Deep Learning Summit
January 24-25. San Francisco
Use the code KDNUGGETS for 20% off. 

Interaction 19
February 3-8. Seattle, Washington
A conference on interaction design. 

Developer Week SF
February 20-24, 2019. San Francisco
A conference, expo, job fair, and hackathon for developers. 

Also, I still have 5 free tickets to the You Got This conference for juniors in London this January. Email me if you want one. 
My top things of the week. 

Refactoring UI
A book for developers about how to make their UIs look better. 

Letterlist - Discover the Best Newsletters
A list of newsletters on many different topics, including tech.

MakerMag - The First Magazine for Makers
Includes articles about making money as an indie maker, working remotely, and more. 
Gotta pay the rent.

Sticker Mule - Junior Site Reliability Engineer - Remote
I applied for this company once. When I got rejected they sent me a voucher for free stickers :)
Also, 28 days of vacation? Wow. 

Crazy Egg - Full Stack Product Engineer - Remote
You know what I always say: even if it doesn't seem like it's specifically a junior role, apply anyway.

XUMO - UX/UI Junior Designer - Los Angeles or Irvine, California
Contract to hire.
This week I'm: 
  • trying to establish a routine so I can be more productive
Hope the rest of your week goes well, 

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