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Issue #12 - December 26th, 2018
Oh hi, I didn't see you there. 
Shout out to any devs who are on call. Or anyone who is working through the holiday in general. If you celebrate any winter holidays, I hope they were great. If you don't, hopefully you at least have some free time. 

Welcome to the last issue of Juniors in Tech. 

I mean, of the year. Don't worry, it will be back next week. 

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Things to read on the commute. 
Machine Learning Deciphers the World's Oldest Texts | CBC Radio
Cuneiform is the oldest written language in the world.  Émilie Pagé-Perron, a UCLA researcher and PhD candidate at the University of Toronto, is using AI to decipher cuneiform texts that are thousands of years old.  

This Phrase in a Job Description is a Red Flag | Itamar Turner-Trauring
What does 'must be willing to work under pressure' in a job description really mean? According to Itamar Turner-Trauring, it means you should consider applying for other jobs.
Level Up
Learn, grow, & get promoted. 
Source: Cat Noone
Preparing for a Tech Talk: Motivation | Dan Abramov
In 2019, I want to see more juniors speaking at tech conferences. Yes, that includes you. In this piece, Dan Abramov talks about how he comes up with interesting topics for his conference talks. 

What an Entry Level Engineer in SF Makes in a Year | Andrew Chen
The only way to know if you're getting paid enough is to know what other people are getting paid. This is a glimpse of what an entry level software engineer makes at a big tech company in the Bay Area. 

Web Developer Roadmap | Kamran Ahmed
I wish I had seen this when I was learning to code. Here's a cool visual roadmap for anyone learning frontend development, backend development, or devops. It gives you an idea of what you should be learning, and in what order. 

Designing for Accessibility and Inclusion | Cat Noone
"There's no good design that isn't accessible." In this piece, Cat Noone (pictured above) talks about accessible design and Stark, an Adobe XD/Sketch plugin that helps make your designs more accessible.  

Getting into the Security Field | Tanya Janca
Some high level tips for those starting a career in security, including how to find a mentor communities to join. 
Events & Opportunities
Conferences, scholarships, & other opportunities.
Source: Vue.js Conf
Speak at React.js Girls Conf | London, UK - May 3
The deadline to apply is February 28th. "A conference for every React developer where women take the stage." The organizers said on Twitter that they would be willing to help with visas, and speakers may get travel assistance.  

Vue.js Conf | Tampa, Florida, USA - March 25-27
Use the coupon code VUECONFLOVESU by January 1st for $100 off. Attendees can sign up to do a lightning talk. 

Speak at JS Conf | Berlin, June 1-2
The deadline to apply to speak is December 30th. You can speak about anything related to JavaScript, and beyond. 

Speak at Lesbians Who Tech | San Francisco, February 28-March 2
There is no deadline listed. See the link above to apply. 

Speak at CES Asia | Shanghai, June 11-13
The deadline to apply to speak is February 5th. Selected speakers will get a complimentary pass and VIP access. 

Women in Analytics Conference Scholarship | Columbus, OH - March 21-22
Deadline to apply is January 14th. Those selected will get a free ticket to the conference and $400 towards travel. 

LocoMocoSec Scholarship | Lihue, HI - April 15-19
Deadline to apply is January 1st. "We invite applications from everyone, there is no age limit or minimum experience requirement.  LocoMocoSec aims to be an inclusive and welcoming event for everyone no matter what identity, disability or ethnicity."

React Amsterdam Conference Scholarship | Amsterdam, April 12
Deadline to apply is January 31st. Those selected will get a free ticket to the conference and, possibly travel. They are looking for underrepresented folks. "This includes, but is not limited to: women, people of color, LGBT+ folks, people with disabilities." 

We Build Black Tech Interview Training Program | NYC, February
"We Build Black has a new partnership with a high profile tech company to train engineers to pass their engineering interview...The program will be for 1 hour, 1 day a week, for 6 weeks, during after-work hours, starting in February 2019 in NYC." Apply ASAP
Keziyah's Picks
Apps, tools, and other things I like.
Source: Motion
Ouch! - Free Vector Illustrations for Your Project
I love seeing illustrations in UIs. I'd like to add them to my projects, but I'm not an illustrator. Thankfully, Ouch! provides free illustrations that can be used in projects. 

Motion - Create Stunning Gifs from Photos. 
Look at what machine learning can do. This is so cool. It takes a picture and turns it into a gif with geometric animations, like the one seen above. 
Gotta pay the rent. 
REsurety - Web Applications Engineer. Boston, MA

LaunchDarkly - Software Engineer. Oakland, CA

Bluemodus - Frontend UX/UI Developer. Remote

Drover - Product Designer. London, UK

The New York Times - Newsroom UX Software Engineer. NYC

Corios - Junior Data Analyst. Portland, OR
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FIll Out The Quick Survey to Win $25
This week, I'm making plans for an awesome 2019. 

Until next week,

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