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Issue #4 - October 31st, 2018

Besides ghosts, you know what's really scary? The current state of affairs in the world. Americans, did you vote yet?

Anyway, happy Halloween if you celebrate it. If not, happy Wednesday. 

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Feature: Faye Hayes of

On founding a startup after finishing a coding bootcamp. 

This week, we’ll get to know Faye Hayes, CTO and co-founder of PlayLoops, Dev Bootcamp grad, and my co-worker at Backstage Capital. I asked her about what it’s like to co-found a startup right after graduating from a programming bootcamp. 

I really wanted to talk to Faye about this because I’ve been wanting to start a company of my own. If I’m being honest, I got into tech with the intention of eventually having my own startup. But because of imposter syndrome (thinking I don’t yet know enough to start a company), and needing money to survive, I just settled on working for someone else for a few years before starting my own thing.

I bet there are a lot of juniors out there who think they need to get experience before working on their own startup. Faye shows us that this isn’t necessarily the case. You may not have tons of experience, but you have the skills, so you can build something great.

I should really take my own advice. Anyway, keep reading to learn more about Faye and her work with PlayLoops.

Read the Q & A With Faye Hayes

7 Principles of Designing Good AI Products

A great piece with practical tips on designing for AI. 

Survival Tips for Women in Tech
A must read for any woman in tech. Includes important tips like #3: "HR is not your friend" and #23: "Stay far away from non-technical work if you want to stay technical."

How to Get into AI: An interview with deep learning researcher Andrew Trask
This has some good advice on how to use technical blogging to your advantage when starting out in AI.  

Twitter thread: The best books for learning frontend development
Including the well known YDKJS series, and Frontend Masters' Frontend Handbook

React Conf Sessions
All of the sessions from React Conf are available online. 

Frontend Mentor: coding challenges for frontend projects. 
This looks like a great way to practice your frontend skills. Frontend Mentor gives you starter code and a design, and your challenge is to build a solution. 

You Got This! A conference for juniors in tech. 
London, January 2019. This is a conference about everything, besides technical skills, that juniors in tech need to succeed. Tickets are very affordable compared to most conferences, and scholarships are available. 

She Builds Black: Navigating the Work Space
Brooklyn, NY, November 2nd. This free event by She Builds Black is "an open discussion about obstacles, career paths, and work/life balance."

GDC Scholarships for underrepresented genders in game development - Pixelles
See the link above for more information about a scholarship for the Game Developer's Conference in March, by Pixelles. Here's a Twitter thread with advice about applying for the scholarship. 

GDC Scholarships for women in game development - King
Here's another scholarship program for GDC, for women who are students. 

Raytheon Women's Cyber Security Scholarship
"Up to two scholarships will be awarded to two women participating in the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition"

The Science Ambassador Scholarship
This is a full tuition scholarship for women in STEM, funded by Cards Against Humanity. You don't need to be a US citizen to apply. 

Internships, etc. 

It's not too late to apply for the Winter Scholars program. Remember, you don't need previous machine learning experience to apply. OpenAI also has internships and fellowships available.


Zearn - Full Stack Software Engineer - NYC
The post doesn't say how much experience you need, but an inside source tells me that they do interview and hire juniors/bootcamp grads. 
This week I'm: 
  • working on a redesign for, and putting together the job board
  • doing research on proposed Florida constitutional amendments so I can go vote
Hope the rest of your week is spooky, but in a good way, 

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