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Issue #18 - February 06, 2019
Happy February.
Thank you so much for filling out the survey. They do really help me out. I know it was longer than the last survey, but now I know enough to try to make the newsletter more useful. 

The winner of last week's raffle was Imani Dap.


New section - Get Hired 

It seems like most of you are looking for a job. So there's a new section, Get Hired, which is all about that. Interviews, portfolios, networking, resumes, cover letters, take home challenges, and all that good stuff. Let me know what you think. 

What's on my mind this week

  • How emotionally draining the job search can be. My last job search ended in 2017, and I still find myself thinking of all the anxiety and frustration I dealt with back then. And it honestly still hurts. 
  • Mentorship. Specifically, why it's so darn intimidating. I mean, people talk about how we should be finding mentors, but you can't just go up to someone and say "hey, can you invest your time and energy into my career for free?" I also always found it awkward & intimidating to ask for help from someone when it seems like you have nothing to offer in return, as a person who is new to the industry. I had some thoughts about this that I expressed on Twitter. The replies are worth a read, especially if you'd want to know why someone would say no to mentorship, or if you're worried about not giving value to a mentor.
Things to read on the commute. 
A survival guide for being a woman on the internet | Chloe Condon
What should you do if you are harassed online? Tips on what to do, and how to be an ally. 

Why you should embrace your imposter syndrome | Kristin Wong
Some good arguments here. I mean, imposter syndrome does suck. But for me personally, at least it keeps me humble and motivates me to do the best I can. 

I cut Google out of my life. It screwed up everything | Kashmir Hill
You can stop using Google apps, but can you ever escape Google? Kashmir Hill spent weeks blocking & not using products or services from Big Five companies (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft). In this article, she documented the issues she ran into when trying to block Google. For example, she could no longer use Lyft or Uber. 

Biohackers encoded malware in a strand of DNA | Andy Greenberg
"A group of researchers from the University of Washington has shown for the first time that it’s possible to encode malicious software into physical strands of DNA, so that when a gene sequencer analyzes it the resulting data becomes a program that corrupts gene-sequencing software and takes control of the underlying computer."
Get Hired
Get a job in tech.
The essential guide to take home coding challenges | Jane Phillips
A few tips on how to handle a take home code challenge. My most important tip would be to forget about the "suggested" amount of time you should take, and to take as long as you need.

A recruiter shares the best way to follow up on a job application | Sarah Greesonbach
You need to follow up on your job applications. Recruiters get hundreds of applications. That's part of the reason why you never hear anything back. Following up is a great way to remind them to take a look at your resume. 

A 10 hour job search plan | Lily Zhang
How do you plan a day dedicated to job searching? Here's a plan for what you can do in 10 hours, that's more than just scrolling through job listings all day. I like that it includes time for coffee chats/informational interviews, which can be really helpful. 

The worst portfolio ever | Alex Cornell
Your portfolio is super important if you're looking for a job, so make sure it's good. This is written for UX designers, but I think other people in tech can learn from it too. 

What I look for a junior dev | Toby Osborn
"In those interviews I wasn’t looking for someone that had all the answers, I was looking for someone that I thought the team would enjoy working with and teaching."

The UX skills that will help you land your dream job | Anett Illés
InVision Lead Designer Pablo Stanley shares tips for junior designers

How to impress in a junior dev job interview | Natasha Postolovski
How to do well at different stages of the interview process. 

How to go from zero to employment in data science | Alexander Engelhardt
A quick overview of steps you need to take to get into data science

Techtonica's bootcamp curriculum is available for free 
It's so great that bootcamps are doing this. This is a full stack curriculum that includes lessons on data structures and algorithms, and career resources. 
Level Up
Learn, grow, & get promoted. 
React as a UI Runtime | Dan Abramov
I haven't read this yet, but it's on my list, and I heard it's a good read even if you don't use React. 

The State of UX in 2019 | UX Trends
"We have seen quite a lot this year. After curating and sharing 2,239 links with 264,016 designers around the world, we have isolated a few trends in what our industry is writing, talking, and thinking about. Here’s what to expect for UX in 2019."

How I became a public speaker in 1 year | Catt Small
A 10 part blog series on how Catt Small became a public speaker. Covers everything from getting confidence, to writing and submitting proposals. 

Mistakes I've made a junior dev (and how to avoid them) | Jack Finlay
A list of mistakes to avoid during the job search, on the job, and outside of work. 

Lessons learned in design school for software engineers | Iheanyi Ekechukwu
Lesson #4: Iteration is key for improvement. 

From junior to senior: the skills a backend dev should learn | The Martec
"We spoke to industry experts to seek insights on how you can climb the career ladder and get to that next level. For the purpose of simplicity, we’re going to divide this article into two broad skillsets you need — soft skills and hard skills. So, what do you need to learn, and how should you learn it?"
Events & Opportunities
Conferences, scholarships, & other opportunities.
Workshop: Walkthrough of a Coding Interview | February 7th, Virtual
This workshop is free for Tech Stack'd members, $10 for non-members. To join the group, DM Bria. "A senior engineer and experienced interviewer will show us how to approach technical interviews and will walk through 1 coding question and how to solve it!"

Microverse - a remote coding bootcamp with deferred tuition that is open to international students 
 I thought I'd mention this bootcamp because I haven't seen any other with these three characteristics at the same time: 1) it's open to international students, 2) it's remote, and 3) you don't have to pay tuition until you get a job. If you're not ready to apply for a bootcamp yet, check out their pre-course. 

Code With Veni Office Hours 
Veni Kunche is doing virtual office hours for women who are trying to break into tech. Ask her about landing your first tech job or learning to code. Office hours are updated every month. 

Code Jam to I/O for women (win a free ticket to I/O) | February 16th, Virtual
Participate in the code jam on February 16th and you could get a free ticket to Google I/O

Grace Hopper Student and Faculty Conference Scholarship | Oct 2-4, Orlando
See the link above for more info. 

Leveraging Tech for Job Search Success | February 19th, 6pm. NYC
"As a way to start the new year strong, Latinas in Tech NYC, Indeed's Job Squad and LatinX in Tech IRG will bring you a night packed with talks to help you on building and improving your resume, searching for jobs and preparing for interviews. Bring your resume and come ready to take a professional headshot from Indeed's photo booth!"

Hack for Inclusion | February 22-23. Cambridge, MA
"Hack for Inclusion will bring together some of the best and brightest minds from surrounding communities to build solutions that address some of today's biggest problems related to bias, diversity, and inclusion."

FREE - GDG Dev Fest Silicon Valley | February 23rd
"GDG Silicon Valley DevFest brings together world class experts in Android, Web and Cloud technologies for a packed day of sessions, workshops and showcases." Register by February 20th. 

Laracon Online | Virtual, March 6th
"There’s nothing like attending a Laracon, but unfortunately, not everyone can take part in Laracon US or EU in person.That’s why we’ve created Laracon Online. The easiest and most affordable way to get the Laracon experience."

Codely Bootcamp Scholarships | Barcelona
Codely is a coding bootcamp for underrepresented genders. They offer 2 programs, Full Stack Development and Big Data Engineering. "Codely provides partial scholarships on a competitive basis. If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, you will have access to the form after you submit your Codely application."

Lighthouse Labs Bootcamp Scholarships | Canada
Their programs include web development and iOS development. You will be able to apply for a scholarship after you submit your bootcamp application. 

HUGE discount on Collision Conf Tickets for women | Toronto, May 20-23
"Collision is the fastest-growing tech conference in North America. Now in its fifth year, Collision has grown to over 25,000 attendees and is in for a big change in 2019." If you sign up and refer two women, you can get your ticket for CAD $67.20. That's $605 off the original price. 

Niantic Beyond Reality Developer Contest 
"We invite you to reach beyond reality and apply for the Niantic Beyond Reality Developer Contest. Explore and create an impactful geospatial AR play experience with the Niantic Real World Platform, and compete for your share of a prize pool of more than one million USD." Apply by February 17th. 

Alley All In Fellowship Program for founders
This is a 3-month fellowship in Palo Alto, sponsored by Verizon and Alley, specifically for founders from historically disadvantaged backgrounds. Application date is Feb 15, and the program runs from March 1-May 31, in Palo Alto, CA.
Keziyah's Picks
Apps, tools, and other things I like.
Blacks Who Design
A directory of Black people in the design industry. 

A collection of stories from people who code.

Switching Social
"Ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives" to all your favorite apps. 

Animated 3D mockups for your app designs. 
Gotta pay the rent. 
Remember: don't take the requirements and years of experience too seriously. If you're trying to get your first or second job in the industry, and you're waiting for a job that says "0-1 years of experience" to apply, well, those are extremely rare. You'll be waiting a long time. I mean, use your best judgement, but when I was first starting out, I'd apply for anything that said 3 years or less. And you know what, sometimes I'd get callbacks. 
John Britton - Software Dev Apprentice Remote 
"This is not a typical job at a company. It's a paid full time apprenticeship opportunity working with John Britton in an individual capacity...This is an apprenticeship: zero professional experience is required. Candidates must, however, have demonstrated determination and an unwavering desire to learn. "

Skillcrush - JavaScript/React Subject Matter Expert | Remote
Part time, 3 month contract. 

Viget - Dev and Design Roles | United States

Quartz - Dev, Design, Data, AI, DevOps Roles | NYC

Bud - Product Designer | London

Lyst - Backend Dev | London

Daisie - Javascript Engineer | London

Geckoboard - Frontend Engineer | London

Thorn - Frontend, Full stack, Data Engineer, Data Scientist roles | SF or Remote

Handshake - iOS Engineer | SF

OVO Energy - UX Designer London 

NPR - Product Designer | Washington, DC
See this tweet if you want to get in touch with someone who works there. 

Jetty - Frontend Engineer | NYC

O'Reilly - Backend Engineer | US, Remote

npm - Web Software Engineer | US, Remote - Engineering Roles |  San Francisco 

This is a really cool job listings page. Just interact with it like you would with any other command line. A note from the job descriptions: "The listed roles are merely approximations. If you're a talented hacker but don't really fit the requirements then get in touch anyways."

Check out the remote job board too. I update it maybe once or twice a week. 

Thank You
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This week, I'm getting back into my workout routine. 

Until next week,

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