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Issue #28 - May 15, 2019
Hope you all are having a great week. 

Sorry for missing the last 2 weeks. I need to get my life together. 

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What's on my mind this week: 
  • If you're not given the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way at work, it's time to find a new job. I was thinking about some recent work experiences and tweeted this, about how it's not fun to work at a company where you're not contributing in a meaningful way. Not because you don't want to, but because there are simply no opportunities to, and management doesn't seem to care or prioritize giving you important work to do. That's really not a good position to be in. In my case, I was bored (and to me, few things are worse than being bored at work), felt useless and bad about my work because I knew that I wasn't really needed, and felt like I wasn't growing as as a developer. My feeling of being utterly useless was confirmed when I was one of just a couple people who were laid off. So yeah. If this sounds like your job, fix up that resume and portfolio because it's time to bounce. 
Things to read on the commute. 
Why Women Don't Apply for Jobs Unless They're 100% Qualified | Tara Sophia Mohr
The short answer is patriarchy. The long still patriarchy. Also, I know I sound like a broken record but you should always apply anyway"All...of these barriers, which together account for 78% of women’s reasons for not applying, have to do with believing that the job qualifications are real requirements, and seeing the hiring process as more by-the-book and true to the on paper guidelines than it really is. It makes perfect sense that women take written job qualifications more seriously than men, for several reasons."
Get Hired
Get a job in tech.
Thread: Career Advice for Technologists | Jessica Rose
About networking, Jessica says "Don't worry about exchanging business cards, just chat to people and listen to them about what they're doing and what they need."

Portfolios aren't what get you the UX Design Job | Tiffany Eaton
"Here are a few reasons why the portfolio isn’t the only thing recruiters are focusing on when looking for an ideal candidate and how they decide whether or not a candidate is worth investing in."

Thread: a list of remote dev opportunities | Adilson Sandoval
"I want to share a list of hand picked #remote opportunities I made, for junior #webdevelopers like me. I'm having a hard time finding a job, but I also want to help others in their job hunting, sharing the ones I apply."

Playlist: How to Kickstart Your Software Engineering Career | Mayuko
"A new series designed to help new folks coming into the tech industry for their first full time role (or as an intern!) step into their job confidently. We talk about the non-technical, more human, nuanced aspects of kickstarting your Software Engineering career on the right foot!"

If you see these keywords in a job description, run! | K. Wright
This is a pretty good list. "There are quite a few employers out there who use weird euphemisms that may go unnoticed when you’re in desperate need of a job/cash."

Mastering the Data Science Interview | Andrei Lyskov
"In this article, we’ll explore what to expect at each step of the interview process, along with some tips and ways to prepare."
Level Up
Learn, grow, & get promoted. 
The Introvert's Guide to Tech Conferences | @geekgalgroks
"When I meet new people, they are often surprised to learn I am an introvert. I just pretend to be a people person for work, conferences, and meetups. I have a set of ten simple rules and conversation templates that I use to help me navigate large networking events without getting burned out."

5 Essentials for Your User Persona Template | Tony Ho Tran
"Creating a user persona is not an excuse to avoid talking to actual users. The biggest mistake designers can make when crafting their user personas is making the entire thing up."

10 Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills as a Developer | Thibaud Jobert
"Being comfortable with communication means being open to others."

The Great Gatsby Bootcamp | Andrew Mead
A free 5 hour course on Gatsby. 
Events & Opportunities
Conferences, scholarships, & other opportunities.
Hack the Hood 6 Week Summer Bootcamp | Oakland, California
"Applications for our Summer 2019 Bootcamp are now open! In this 6-week program, you'll learn new skills to launch your #techcareer, improve your #community, while earning $600 + a laptop." For local residents between the ages of 16 and 20. Apply by June 21st.

Tech Advice Crowdcast with Jessica Rose | Virtual
On May 8th, Jessica had a Crowdcast for people seeking career advice. This is the link to the recording. "Have questions about how to break into the tech industry, move up in your career or get started with speaking at tech events? I'm offering this webinar to try and answer your questions about the tech industry."

Mock Interview Practice with J.C. Hiatt | Virtual
"HUGE NEWS! So excited to announce that @g2i_co is sponsoring my efforts in helping devs prep for interviews! And I'm doubling to *4* per month! Anyone is welcome to apply, but they would like to especially extend this to underrepresented groups!"
Keziyah's Picks
Google already runs my whole life so they might as well keep my lists too. This is how I keep track of all the links for the newsletter, as well as my grocery list, and other things I need to do. It's super convenient because there's a Chrome extension for saving links, and a mobile app. 
Gotta pay the rent. 
FireHydrant - Dev Roles | Remote friendly
"Did you do a homework assignment for a company and didn't get the job? We're hiring if you want to re-use that project! We're a Rails / Go shop and I'd happily just take a previous homework assignment as an application."

T&N - Frontend Developer | Phoenix, AZ 

Archipelago - UX Designer | Remote (worldwide)

TrendyMinds - Frontend Developer | Remote (EST) or Indianapolis, IN

FormAssembly - UX Designer | Remote (EST/Central US)

RedHat - SWEs, SREs | North America, Australia, India

"Are you interested in working with me? My fully remote team @RedHat is hiring SWEs and SREs in North America, Australia and India. I'm working in Golang on OpenShift and Kubernetes, and everything we do is open source!  DMs open." - UX Designer | Remote

Diverse Interactive - Junior Frontend Developer | Guildford, UK

This Dot - Developer Apprentice | Remote

This Dot - Junior Tech Writer | Remote
"What junior/mid dev wants to write about This.JavaScript State of Browsers and GraphQL Contributor Days? I have a paid opportunity to write a few articles. If you're interested, message me! :) Include previous writing in email, but 1st time writers welcome! :)"

Made by Many - Developer Intern | London, UK
See this tweet. "We're looking for an intern developer for the @madebymany internship! It's a great opportunity to get experience of the whole product development process, and would be great for students"

Junior Database Engineer | Atlanta, GA
"JOB POST: I am hiring for a junior database engineer. Atlanta, GA based. Pay is per project/commission. DM ME"
Thank You
Thank you to all of the patrons, and to Yoav Givati for being a Silver level sponsor. 

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This week, I'm crossing my fingers. 

Until next week,

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