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Issue #19 - February 13, 2019
[cheesy valentine's day/tech pun here]
Hope you all are having a great week.

A couple weeks ago I shared the results of the last Juniors in Tech survey on Twitter. You can check it out here

What's on my mind this week: 
Last week, I talked about how mentally & emotionally difficult it can be to find a job. This week I've also been thinking about what I would do differently if I were looking for my first tech job again. I think it comes down to 2 things: 1) being more organized, and 2) doing things other than just sitting at home and applying for jobs all day. So, I'm thinking of making an e-book that is a set of guidelines for how to conduct a job search, outside of just applying for jobs. There are great tools like Trello and Huntr that help with keeping track of job apps. But there's so much more a job seeker needs to be doing: going to events, networking on & offline, doing coffee chats/informational interviews, making sure their portfolio is set up, setting aside time to study, and of course, making time for self care. Stay tuned for more on this.
Podcast Interview
Please join me in cringing at the sound of my own voice. 

I did an interview with Jessica Rose on Pursuit Podcast about Juniors in Tech. I talked about why I started the newsletter, and the specific struggles that juniors face, especially when trying to find a job. You can listen here, and feel free to share!
Things to read on the commute. 
A few pieces of advice on work-life balance | Soyo Awosika-Olumo
A few tips on what you can do to develop a good work/life balance. (You might remember Soyo from a previous Juniors in Tech Q&A, when she talked about her newsletter, Society x Tech.)

My remote work setup | Laura R. Webb
How to set up a remote workspace, especially if you're on a budget. 

Why are you not designing your day to day experience? | Fabricio Teixiera
"It strikes me that so few designers I know actually take the time to think about their own user journey throughout the day." You know how to design an interface to make it easier to use. Why not apply the same logic to your everyday life?

6 productivity hacks I've told to GTFO | Brittany Berger
I'm not getting up at 4am, and I'll check my email as often as I want. It's ok if popular productivity hacks don't work for you. Productivity is personal, like Brittany says. Different things work for different people. 
Get Hired
Get a job in tech.
The UX Designer's Guide to Informational Interviews | Oz Chen
If you're looking for your first tech job, you need to be doing informational interviews. "Not only do informational interviews help you get your bearings when first starting out in UX, but they’re also a great way to practice critical user research + interview skills. Double win!"

Decoding the frontend interview process | Emma Wedekind
Lots of great tips on how to conquer each part of the interview process, from the phone screen to the final meeting & offer. 

Your portfolio probably sucks | Christina Wodtke
A recruiter might only spend 5 minutes looking at your portfolio. So make sure that they can find exactly what they're looking for. This is written for designers, but I think it has good advice for anyone in tech who is putting together their portfolio. 

10 rules for negotiating a job offer | Haseeb Qureshi
I don't care how good the offer is, you better negotiate. Here are some tips on how to navigate the process of getting and accepting an offer. 

Cold email etiquette - how to ask to pick someone's brain | Cassidy Williams
Coffee chats are good. Do them. But make sure you know how to ask for them the right way. (By the way, am I the only person who hates the phrase "pick your brain"? I always imagine someone with a sharp object picking at someone's actual brain. Idk.) 

How to not f- up your first interviews as a self taught dev | Francesco Agnoletto
Some advice from someone who has helped self taught devs get into tech.  
Level Up
Learn, grow, & get promoted. 
Oh, shit, git! 
We've all said "oh shit" at least once when dealing with git, right? Made a commit you didn't mean to make? Merged something you didn't mean to merge? Here's a handy resource for how to deal with situations like these. 

The best UX Case Studies of 2018 | Case Study Club
A collection of 15 of the best UX case studies from last year. 

6 skills ever junior dev needs to succeed | Zsolt Nagy
It's not just about knowing how to code. 

How to make your neural network model happy again | Alessia Marcolini
Alessia shares some practical tips for improving neural networks. 

Software Engineer Productivity: Workflow | Adrian Bledea Georgescu
Tips on how to be productive and avoid distractions when you're working. 

The subtle art that differentiates good designers from great ones | Quovantis
#4: Great designers think more and design less. 
Events & Opportunities
Conferences, scholarships, & other opportunities.
Codeland | NYC, July 22nd
The conference organized by CodeNewbie is back. There will be tech talks and workshops. "Whether you're a year into your first dev job or you're finally considering a coding bootcamp, come for the inspiring content and stay for the incredible community."

Javascript and Friends Conference (Apply to Speak) | Columbus, OH, August 2nd
"The JavaScript and Friends Conference (JS&Friends) is a not-for-profit conference, organized by a team of volunteers. We are all active or aspiring software professionals, and we are excited to bring together a diverse group of JavaScript enthusiasts and friends to learn and network." They seem to be open to new speakers. 

Edie Windsor Coding Bootcamp Scholarship 
A scholarship for LGBTQ women, non-binary, and trans people who want to start careers in tech. 

Women Techmakers Global Event Series | March, Worldwide
Click the link to see if there's a local event in your city. 

Hackbright Academy Phenomenal Women Scholarship
"Good news! Hackbright is awarding two $8000 scholarships to two phenomenal women for the Full-Time Software Engineering Program."
Keziyah's Picks
Apps, tools, and other things I like.
Git History 
Quickly browse the history of any Github file. 

A kanban board for your job applications. 

Cant Unsee
A simple but fun game to test your UI design skills. 
Gotta pay the rent. 
You what I always say, if you don't meet all of the requirements, you should apply anyway.
Outreachy - Dev, design, data science internships | Remote (Worldwide)
"Outreachy provides three-month internships to work in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Interns are paid a stipend of $5,500 and have a $500 travel stipend available to them. Outreachy internship projects may include programming, user experience, documentation, illustration and graphical design, or data science."

Showtime Analytics - Frontend Dev  Dublin 

GitLab - Backend Engineer | Remote

Formstack - Junior Software Dev | US

Aha! - Rails Engineer | Remote (North America)

Sketch - Mac Dev, Frontend Dev, Backend Dev, Web Designer | Remote 

Promise - Engineering Roles | Washington DC or Oakland, CA 

Ruum - Frontend Dev | Germany (?)

InVision - Jr Communication Designer | Remote

RavenOps - UI and Visual Designer | SF or Remote (West Coast US)

Onramp x Pandora - Android Engineering Apprenticeship | Oakland or Atlanta

Feathr - Frontend Dev | Gainesville, Florida

System Concepts - UX Researchers, UX & Web Accessibility Consultants | London

See this tweet.

Gumroad - Part time Ruby/JS Engineers | Remote
Also, check out the remote roles on the job board
Thank You
Thank you to all of the patrons, and to Yoav Givati for being a Silver level sponsor. 

And thanks to the Gold level sponsor: 
Support Juniors in Tech by becoming a patron
This week, I'm taking some time off. 

Until next week,

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