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Issue #29 - May 22, 2019
Hope you're having a great week. Just a reminder: if you want you can follow Juniors in Tech on Twitter and on Instagram.
What's on my mind this week: 
  • Getting laid off made me learn some things. On Twitter, Tae'lur Alexis asked "What lesson have you learned so far in 2019?" Of course, I immediately thought of losing my job, and what that made me realize about the tech industry. For example, it taught me that you should always be prepared to lose your job tomorrow, even if you think it's safe. Also, that you shouldn't ever fully trust companies, even the so called "good" ones. And, why you, the employee, shouldn't buy into your employer's hype or storyline. Since March, I've written a bunch of threads about things that I realized since I lost my job, and you can read them here. 
  • Conferences need to do better for URM (underrepresented minority) speakers. There was some debate on Twitter about whether or not conference speakers should be paid, or at least compensated for travel costs, after one URM speaker had to crowdfund her conference costs after being invited to three events this year. There are many speakers who don't mind doing this sort of work for free for the community, while others tend to think that speaking is work, and work should be paid. I'm mostly worried about URM speakers who are affected by conferences that don't pay or compensate for travel. I think that if organizers want more diversity at their conferences, it should involve paying people to go. 
  • When will I get pushed out of the tech industry? My short time in tech hasn't been that bad. But I know that everywhere, people are getting burned out, being underpaid and otherwise discriminated against, and just generally having a difficult time in this industry. I know that as a Black woman it's very likely that pushed out within a few years. Maybe I'm just too anxious or pessimistic, but I've heard too many stories.
Things to read on the commute. 
Running hackathons to tackle the maternal mortality crisis | Courney Biggs
"To address the African-American maternal health crisis requires community-generated, black-led solutions, says Whitney Robinson."

The Lies and Lack of Self Respect That Lead to Burnout | Ron Soak
I've told myself these lies and I imagine that some of you have too. Working yourself into burnout isn't going to do you any favors. You time and energy are always more important than what your company needs. 
Get Hired
Get a job in tech.
The only three networking emails you need to know how to write | Sara McCord
"While you’re coming from a sincere place, it’s pretty audacious to ask for something from someone whom you’re blatantly admitting you barely know. But the fix is simpler than you’d think."

Thread: What you forgot to put in your design portfolio | Jared Spool
"There are important things that many designers miss, especially early career folks."

Questions I'm Asking in Interviews | Julia Evans
Bookmark this for your next interview! It's a really good list of questions about engineering, culture, management style, quality of life, and more.

Tips for Landing Your First Web Dev Job | Matt Sparks
"Over the years, I've held a number of development jobs and hired a number of developers. Here are some tips, from my personal experience, that might be helpful in your job search."

Thoughts about the Job Search Process from a Junior Designer | Kylah Elliott-Smith
Some of you might be able to relate to this. Kylah shared her thoughts about trying to land her first job as a UX designer.
Level Up
Learn, grow, & get promoted. 
Make Words Your Greatest UX Weapon | Becky Pierson
"I’ve walked out of many usability tests and realized that 4 out of 5 issues could be solved with copy edits, whether it’s misleading button text, a confusing headline or confusion during sign up. No matter the language or place, words and conversation are universal. They are our secret weapon and one of the most valuable tools in our toolbox."

I refuse to work on teams without a proper code review process, and you should too | Manuel Bieh
"Doing a good code review takes time. The best companies I've worked with had really "time consuming" review processes but it is time that is really well invested!"

5 Steps to Giving Honest Feedback that Won't Ruin Your Relationship | Matthew Jones
"In the best type of feedback, however, you felt respected, safe, and pushed slightly outside of your comfort zone. That’s because the most effective type of feedback is tailored to the individual—making him or her feel appreciated and pointing out where growth needs to occur."

Moving Past Tutorials: 8 Tips for Problem Solving | Ali Spittel
"Here's my advice for writing your own stand-alone code and getting better at problem-solving."
Events & Opportunities
Conferences, scholarships, & other opportunities.
Project Alloy Scholarship for Strange Loop 2019 | September 12-14, 2019; Saint Louis, MO
"To be eligible, you must belong to a group that is currently underrepresented in the tech industry. In order to maximize our funding, we only support travel for applicants traveling from within the US. We will accept applications until Sunday, May 26 2019 11:59pm PST, and will notify recipients by mid-June 2019." Grants include conference registration, and may include travel.

Codeland Scholarships | July 22nd, 2019; NYC
Apply for a scholarship to Codeland by May 28th.

Ironhack Bootcamp Scholarships: Web Dev, UX, or Data Analytics | Miami, FL
Get a scholarship to attend Ironhack for Web Development, UX/UI design, or Data Analytics this Fall. Full time and part time programs available. People from underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply. The deadline in May 31st.

Microverse Coded By Her Stipend | Online
"A pilot program providing supplemental living stipends for eligible women joining Microverse's full-time coding school." Microverse is an online bootcamp with a deferred tuition model that is available to students around the world.

Bridge School Advanced Software Dev Course | Toronto
Bridge School is a free 11 week part time course for people who have some coding experience but want to advance their skills. "You might be working as a junior developer, doing development on the side, or doing a job in tech that just doesn't quite match up with what you really want to be doing. Maybe you're getting back into the world of programming and want to learn modern best practices, or you're a bootcamp grad that's looking to go from their first job in tech to a great job in tech. If this sounds like you, Bridge might be a good fit!" Apply by May 28th.
Keziyah's Picks
Apps, tools, and other things I like.
Key Values
Find engineering teams that share your values. 

Epic Jobs
Tech jobs posted on Twitter.

UI Names
A random fake name generator. 
Gotta pay the rent. 

"[If] you’re interviewing and trying to get an FT role, it’s hard. Very hard. I hope you’re able to take care of yourself. It’s not you. It’s an intentionally skewed process to serve the company first and you last or not at all."

- @TatianaTMac

Moment - Engineering and Design Roles | Remote or Seattle, WA, USA

PKC - UI/UX Designers and summer UX internships | Huntington Beach, CA, USA

See this tweet

Interswitch Engineering - Various Roles (including Junior roles) | Lagos or Ibadan, Nigeria
See this tweet. Frontend, backend, mobile, QA, DB admin, and devops.

VotingWorks - Software Engineer | Remote

Remitly - Product DesignerSeattle, WA, USA

Timely - Product Designer | New Zealand, Remote
See this tweet

Ballistiq - Frontend Dev and Full Stack Dev | Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

mabl - UX Designer or Researcher | Boston, MA, USA

See this tweet

Junior Web Designer | Nashville, KY, USA

allplants - Product Designer | London, UK
See this tweet

Nevigo - Dev and Design Roles | Bochum, Germany
See this tweet about the product design role. 

Quicken Loans - Design Roles | Detroit, MI, USA

code - Dev and Design Roles | Manchester, UK

See this tweet for the UX role. 

Stripe - Engineering Roles | Remote

Character Lab - Junior Product Manager | Philadelphia, PA, US

CLEVER°FRANKE - Junior UX Designer | Utrecht, Netherlands
See this tweet

toast - Engineering and Design roles and internships | Dublin, Ireland or Boston, USA
See this tweet about the design roles.

Disney - UX and Visual design roles | SF and NYC, USA
See this tweet.

Softcom - Junior Frontend Developer | Lagos, Nigeria
See this tweet to find out where to send your CV. 
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This week, I accepted a job offer!

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