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A quick one from us. Next week we run a series of intimate, candid and reflective sessions as part of ‘work in progress’, lots of you know this because you have signed up already, thank you all, we can't wait to have you join us!

We've also confirmed details for our final session; we are asking Vinnova’s Chief Executive, Darja Isaksson and Danish Design Centre’s Chief Executive Christian Bason: are missions the answer to everything? Maybe, maybe not. Join the call with Darja and Christian as we draw to a close the gathering and reflect on useful possible next steps. 

Apologies for a 1 hour change to the keynote session with Pia Andrews and Geoff Mulgan (and the related Zoom email spam) I blame daylight savings time. Hope you can still make it.

Lastly, yes we are recording all the sessions. We'll share via this mailing list when we get them up online.

Until next week

James and Jesper.

Session reminders

1. Keynote: Why institutional innovation? We need governments that are relevant and legitimate, but what could they actually look like? Sign up for the call with Pia Andrews and Sir Geoff Mulgan.

2. How to spend it: public spending as a public service. Governments spend trillions each year, that's serious market and even society shaping power. We ask: are they spending it well? Sign up for the call with Sascha Haselmayer, Dom Campbell, Jess Lee and Jakob Schjørring who get into the particulars of procurement.

3. Is innovation transformed by action research? Sign up for the call with Mumbi, Maggie, Lily, Kyla and Lindsay from the 'Transforming Cities from Within' facilitation team to see if it shows promise towards transforming how public sector practitioners confront complexity.

4. An education: for the very modern public servant. What does the curriculum of a modern public servant look like, and how does the best education for a government fit for today take shape? Sign up to the call with Martin Stewart-Weeks, Beth Noveck, Subho Banerjee, Sally Washington, Daniel Gerson and Sam Hannah-Rankin.

5. Creating a learning organisation. Most institutions feel disjointed or siloed, slow, sometimes ponderous, but what if instead they felt more like a free-flowing network of insight and action? Sign up to the call with Gina Lucarelli and Bas Leurs who have both been creating a 'learning organisation' with UNDP's Accelerator Labs.

6. Public innovation lab futures. The future of public innovation labs is unclear. Join Lindsay Cole, Mathias Bejean and Stéphane Vincent to discuss what the value and potential of labs are in an era that’s past ‘peak labs’.

7. Thriving social R&D ecosystems. What if we invested in social R&D as much as we did in technology? Sign up for the call with Chris Vanstone and Jason Pearman as they share their work to nurture and encourage burgeoning scenes of social R&D.

8. Innovating public policy. For innovations in policy and public design the future is already here, it’s just very unevenly distributed. Sign up for the call with Mikko Annala, Albert Bravo-Biosca and Thea Snow.

9. Are are missions the answer to everything? The question we're asking to help us make sense of institutional innovation and what to do next. Join the call with Darja Isaksson and Christian Bason.

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