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This month, the SRAS newsletter is celebrating strong women and St. Petersburg. To kick us off, here are four wonderful SRAS grads saluting you from in front of the Aurora, the historic ship that is now a museum in St. Petersburg. 

- November 2018 - 

What are you doing for spring break? Join SRAS abroad for an incredible week with Introduction to Russia or Introduction to Ukraine! You'll see the major sights of Kyiv and Lviv or Moscow and St. Petersburg, sample the traditional local foods, experience the cultures, and learn about modern life, politics, and economics. 

Looking for summer programs? Georgian Foodways, Continuing Education Abroad, and Cuba-Russia Connection now both have updated itineraries online. See for yourself why these programs were so popular this past summer! 

Make sure to see our line up of top student contributions to our Family of Sites below. We have articles about strong Eurasian women in our GeoHistory and PopKult sections, and in our book giveaway below! You'll also discover great advice on how to meet locals abroad with Students Abroad and, in Museums Abroad, some fascinating recommended places to visit the next time you are in St. Petersburg.

Monthly Book Giveaway From SRAS!

New Year and Christmas are already on their way! We'll be celebrating with monthly giveaways in our newsletter. This month, win a copy of Catherine the Great: Selected Letters here, with SRAS on Facebook.

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Summer Study Abroad

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In most locations:

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Russia on the Ground Eurasian Affairs TV News

What do Russians think about issues that matter? What's life like on the ground in Russia? What's going on Eurasia? How does Russian TV report on the main issues of the day? These free monthly resources from are meant to keep you informed.

Kyrgyz on Kyrgyz Female Role Models

This article translation comes from a Russian-language Kyrgyz website and celebrates strong women from Kyrgyz history. It gives insight into what sorts of role models some modern Kyrgyz are turning to as an equal rights movement picks up steam in Kyrgyzstan.

Communism in Modern Moscow: Vadim Kumin

Vadim Kumin was the mayoral candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF). He took 11.4 percent of the vote to come solidly in second place. This is a short introduction to his campaign as well as a full translation of his platform. 

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Tantsy Minus Rooftop Concert

What's a great way to meet several generations of locals while abroad? Head to a concert of classic 90's Russian rock. SRAS Challenge Grant Writer Lucine Poturyan tells you about this unique SRAS excursion! 

Udelnaya Flea Market in St. Petersburg, Russia

Can you combine your souvenir shopping with a healthy dose of language practice? Of course you can! SRAS Challenge Grant Writer James Taylor tells you how. 

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Eurasian Languages
Russian, Tajik, Kyrgyz, Polish, and more!

Learning Russian with SRAS in Batumi, Georgia

Lindsey Greytak, now a Home and Abroad Scholar based in Moscow, talks about her experience spending a summer in Batumi, Georgia learning Russian by the beach!

Extreme Russian Grammar

Michele A. Berdy of the Moscow Times takes you off-roading into the wild world of participle building.

Nashe Radio Polish Pop Hits Russkoe Radio Top Russian Movies

Find out what local language hits are playing on local radio stations in Poland and Russia and on Russian silver screens with these free monthly resources from

Munisa Rizayeva

One of Uzbekistan's top female pop artists appears to be going head to head with state censors. See what the "Uzbek Lady Gaga" is up to in this newly updated article!  

Nargiz Zakirova

Nargiz Zakirova is an Uzbek-American singer who sings mostly in Russian. She is known for her strong voice, striking appearance (with a shaved head and powerful body covered in tattoos), and her quiet work to advance women's issues in Russia.

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Kronstadt – Historic Area Near St. Petersburg

Much of Kotlin Island is being reconstructed as a major tourist center focused on Russia’s naval history. A cluster of new and renovated buildings, parks, and monuments represent not just a massive beautification effort, but also an attempt to make visitors feel a part of the history, examining and interacting freely with its artifacts, and walking through locations that, while feeling modern, also broadcast their histories at nearly every turn.

The Alexander Pushkin Museum and Memorial Apartment

This unique museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, makes, appropriately, a very strong use of narrative. The museum builds the story of Pushkin, his life and writing, all while maintaining a tight focus on the end of his story – a tragic death that, it seems, has never stopped being mourned.

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Books on Eurasia

New Releases!

Understanding Russia: The Challenges of Transformation

This timely book provides a balanced and comprehensive overview of the geographical, historical, political, cultural, and geostrategic factors that drive Russia today. Explaining Russia’s perspective, Marlene Laruelle and Jean Radvanyi offers a much-needed analysis that will help readers understand how the country deals with its domestic issues and how these influence Russian foreign policy.

Between Two Millstones, Book 1: Sketches of Exile, 1974–1978

100 years from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's birth, the first English translation of his memoir of the West is being published. Fast-paced, absorbing, it begins on February 12, 1974, when Solzhenitsyn found himself forcibly expelled to Frankfurt, West Germany, as a result of the publication in the West of The Gulag Archipelago. During this period, he found himself untethered and unable to work while he tried to acclimate to his new surroundings.

Learning to Become Turkmen: Literacy, Language, and Power, 1914-2014 (Central Eurasia in Context)

Learning to Become Turkmen examines the ways in which the iconography of everyday life—in dramatically different alphabets, multiple languages, and shifting education policies—reflects the evolution of Turkmen society in Central Asia over the past century. As Victoria Clement shows, the formal structures of the Russian imperial state did not affect Turkmen cultural formations nearly as much as Russian language and Cyrillic script. Their departure was also as transformative to Turkmen politics and society as their arrival.

Catherine the Great: Selected Letters

These letters, now in English Translation, offer a taste of Catherine's entire writing career, with biographies of Catherine's addressees, a thorough overview of her reign and an analysis of Catherine's literary skill as a letter-writer. Organized chronologically and thematically into six periods, each section also features an introduction to the domestic, personal, and foreign policy contexts out of which her letters emerge.

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