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SRAS students at a dacha excursion outside of Moscow., experiencing real Russian culture firsthand! 

October 2018 - Back to School

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News From SRAS
  • Deadlines for SRAS Spring Programs start October 15th. Apply today!
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  • Spring Break - Save the date! SRAS will hosting two spring break travel programs. Travel Russian cities and experience a new culture! Details will be announced in this newsletter next month. 

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Spring Study Abroad

Application deadlines: Start Oct 15
In most locations:

In Warsaw:

In Bishkek:

In Kyiv:

In Russia:

Russia on the Ground Eurasian Affairs TV News - Elections and Religion

What do Russians think about issues that matter? What's life like on the ground in Russia? What's going on Eurasia? How does Russian TV report on the main issues of the day? These free monthly resources from are meant to keep you informed.

Eurasian Affairs

Eurasian Affairs has taken the place of an older resource on GeoHistory, Russian Foreign Affairs with a more expansive resource looking at those issues affecting relations between Eurasian states, the US, and/or Russia.

The Communists of Russia: Platform and History

Founded in 2009 and officially registered in Russia as a political party since 2012, the Communists of Russia (KR) are distinct from and considerably more radical than their left-wing rival, the better-known Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

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St. Petersburg: Student Budgets and Logistics

This resource has been fully updated by SRAS students to help future SRAS students plan their budget abroad. This is part of the SRAS budget wiki project for all our locations.

Study Abroad Program Review: Cuba-Russia Connection

Lucine Poturyan attended SRAS’ Cuba-Russia Connection program to study cultural diplomacy in Havana and St. Petersburg. Here is her first person account of the program! 

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Eurasian Languages
Application deadlines: Start Oct 15

Russian Autumn Fun

Michele A. Berdy of the Moscow Times take into how one prepares for autumn weather - and autumn fun - with some great Russian vocabulary. 

The Persian Language and What Makes It Fascinating

This is a brief YouTube video on this history and status of Persian. You can study Tajik, a Persian language, with SRAS this summer with Tajik Intensive

Nashe Radio Polish Pop Hits Russkoe Radio Top Russian Movies

Find out what local language hits are playing on local radio stations in Poland and Russia and on Russian silver screens with these free monthly resources from

Притяжение (Attraction)

Russia's highest grossing movie of 2017 was this visually spectacular sci-fi / romance, that also offered social commentary on how Russian society views and treats immigrants. Watch it and read an English-language synopsis and analysis on PopKult! 

Ivan Urgant

Ivan Urgant is one of Russia's most recognizable TV personalities. He has hosted music programs, a cooking show, game shows, holiday specials, and Russia's most successful late night talk show. He also acts in movies and is increasingly seen in advertisements. 

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The Nabokov House Museum

Was Nabokov a Western or Russian writer? Philologists on both sides have claimed him. Now, SRAS Home and Abroad Scholar Lucy Harnish takes you inside Nabokov's house museum in St. Petersburg to present to you its contribution to the debate - a very solid "Nabokov was Russian and belongs to St. Petersburg..."

Sergei Lukyanenko: A Psychologist in Russian Science Fiction

Sergei Lukyanenko's Night Watch series has reached cult status in Russia and in its English translation. His success has come, in part, from his bringing his training as a psychologist to his storytelling. 

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Books on Eurasia

New Releases!

The Power of Language and Rhetoric in Russian Political History

This book examines the rhetorical force of certain key words in the discourses of Russian state, political thought, and literature. It shows how terms for cultured conduct (kul'turnost'), political affection (love-liubov', joy-radost' etc.), personhood (lichnost'), truth (pravda) and geographical integrity (tsel'nost') assumed almost sacral meaning. It considers how these terms took on a life of their own, imposing the designs of the Russian state and defining the hopes of educated society in the process.

The Joyous Science

This is a comprehensive introduction to contemporary Russian poet Maxim Amelin. Amelin, a loving collector of neologisms and a devoted student of Revolutionary word-smithing (à la Mayakovsky), Amelin keeps his poetry in suspension through a tension of opposites. Amelin is a unique force in contemporary Russian poetry.

Alexandra Kollontai: Writings from the Struggle

Alexandra Kollontai was a key leader of the Russian Socialist movement and her writings on women’s liberation and Marxism have been essential reading for generations of activists. This book is a collection of newly translated writings by Kollontai from her time in exile in Germany and her years leading the Women’s Bureau in post-revolutionary Russia.

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