An Easter Message from our Executive Director

Spring is a time of renewal and of new beginnings. This year, there is a sense of hope as this season draws near. Although Kindway has graduated men and women in these recent years, it has been three years since we have been able to hold and attend in-person EMBARK graduations. We joyfully prepare to celebrate transformed lives with our EMBARK communities at Marion Correctional Institution, the Ohio Reformatory for Women, and Pickaway Correctional Institution.

As Easter approaches, the Christian world awaits the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is such a meaningful time of the year for Kindway because our ministry is a wonderful reflection of Jesus’ life and ministry. In His life, He served the broken and lost.

Jesus came to redeem mankind and identifies with the incarcerated, because in His life, He was taken prisoner, tried, convicted, and put to death… but the story does not end there. On the third day, He rose from the dead and was back among the living, preparing and equipping His followers to advance God’s mission to the rest of the world.

Kindway’s mission of investing in the lives of those impacted by incarceration is built on this model. The Church enters prison to form the Body of Christ and equips incarcerated men and women for success. Just as Christ accompanied His followers, Kindway walks with our incarcerated brothers and sisters from incarceration to freedom.

May the Lord continue to bless Kindway and all of our partners so that He may continue to be glorified through His Church on both sides of the razor wire.