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Sandra Bryne

Raytown Congregation

It’s your favorite Sandra Byrne! LOL!

What an incredible and blessed experience we (Open Arms Theater) had being able to share “At the Cross” with you! We can NOT thank you enough for your support, and for the ministry you brought us in return! Being able to be a part of theater ministry again has brought something back into my life I hadn’t realized I was missing! Being part of a theater family again……WOW!

We love being able to share our gifts with you, and we are beyond excited to continue to do so! Having the support of our friends at the Mission Center has been invaluable! Keep watching their website! We have much more coming up, and we are so excited to share it! We would also love to grow our Open Arms Theatre family! If you are interested, and you love theater ministry, we would love to have you! Keep watching the Central Mission Center Facebook page for audition announcements, and upcoming performances!

Love to you all!!!

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