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Tuesday May 12th, 2020
100% sustainable
arrow ATLASON/studio is making it public that we are 100% focused on helping our clients create sustainable products.

Our world is fragile. Let’s make it more beautiful and livable together.
Did you know...
Self declared interest in sustainable products is on the rise!
arrow 47% of internet users worldwide had ditched products and services from a brand that violated their personal values.
arrow 65% say they want to buy purpose-driven brands that advocate sustainability
arrow 81% of consumers feel strongly that companies should help improve the environment by implementing programs to this effect.
arrow 73% of global consumers say they would definitely or probably change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment. 
arrow 90% of CEOs say that sustainability is fundamental for success. 
arrow 66% of consumers would spend more on a product if it came from a sustainable brand.
Let’s discuss how to give the people what they want!
Sustainability Impact Audit
Providing a practical roadmap for change.
arrow A road-map outlining immediate actionable changes for a given area of your business or brand. Requiring minimal client input, Atlason conducts a rigorous review of current practices and provides a set of actionable recommendations for more sustainable sourcing, manufacture and distribution of product / packaging.
arrow Key Deliverables

Based on your ambition, this audit can apply to either a specific part of your business or the whole organization. Investigating your supply chain, capabilities and manufacturing eco-system - inclusive of limitations - and conducting analysis of current materials, we produce a set of documents reporting the following:

1. Rudimentary definition and rationale of an impactful solution or solution set.

2. The broad cost of its execution

3. Execution timeframe and key milestones.

4. Critically, the commercial and consumer benefit.

5. What the first 100 days of undertaking a given solution would entail and achieve.
Let’s discuss strategies to get on the path to sustainable product design.
Now on view...
Online videos and reading for education and entertainment
Are Reusable Containes The Future?
A short video from Now This on the potential of resueable packaging, including a brief introduction to Loop Industries.
Tracking Responsible Consumption
A live tracking database for The United Nations 17 Sustainability Development Goals, which includes a snapshot of how we are charting towards the goal of responsible consumption and production.
Visit our library of movies, books & documents on sustainable design.
Our Story...
The path we are on
Atlason is a strategic design and innovation studio based in New York City. Since its founding in 2004 by Icelandic-born, New York City-based designer Hlynur V. Atlason, Atlason has delivered products and goods that are both beautiful and hold up under environmental scrutiny.

Inspired by William McDonaugh’s “Cradle to Cradle,” which confronted the hidden costs of cheap design, Atlason puts sustainability at the center of its design practice. From integrating post-consumer polymer into packaging for Timex to timeless hard wood seating, Atlason’s fully-functional process produces furniture, consumer products and packaging that live at the nexus of world class design and sustainability.

ATLASON/studio commits 100% to helping our clients transition to sustainable practices. We measure success through a triple bottom line - for profit, people and planet.
arrow Send a note to Jahnvi and inquire about sustainable design.
594 Broadway 2nd Floor
New York City, NY 10012
Tel: 212 966 4040
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