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in Forest Row

Regular Events

The Act of Consecration of Man is celebrated on Thursdays and Fridays at 9am and Sundays at 10am
The last Act of Consecration of Man on a Friday will be on 9th July. The first one after the summer will be on 3rd September


Study Groups and Discussion Groups

10.30am Discussion group
4pm Poetry cafe via Zoom (fortnightly)
10.30 am
: Discussion group
8pm Gospel study


Other Events

Saturday, 3rd July, 6pm
Evening Service for those who have died
Sunday, 4th July
9.15am Little Ones’ Gathering




Saturday, 10th July 9am Die Menschenweihehandlung (Act of Consecration of Man in German)
2-5pm Open Gardens Event 

Three sessions on the Lord’s Prayer with contributions, exercises and discussion: 1st, 15th and 29th August


The church is now open in the mornings Tuesday-Saturday 10am-12pm. Thank you to our receptionists for enabling this!

Please wait to return to church if you have tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 10 days or have new symptoms. 

It is mandatory to wear a face-covering in the church and surrounding rooms, unless you are exempted. We are aware that they cause some of our members discomfort and misgivings. Thank you to those who have started wearing them out of consideration for others. 

Please note that we need to avoid ‘mingling’ in the foyer and entrance lobby. This means that you cannot speak with anyone from outside your household. Unfortunately, it is also not permitted to congregate outside the church. We hope that you will understand that we need to remind you about these restrictions, which we hope will not be necessary for long. 

We are now sharing out communion in every service. Please leave space between each other when you stand at the front, and let the row before you sit down before you stand up to come forward. 

You can view our risk assessment here

Some of Roberta Taylor’s sculptures are on display in the Community Room. They will remain there until Sunday, 11th July, after which we hope that they will have found homes with members of the congregation. You are welcome to leave a note by a sculpture indicating that you might have a home for it. If more than one person does this for any one sculpture, we will have to discover a process of deciding how to allocate them or perhaps sharing. Many have now been reserved but a few are still available, come in and have a look and there are some photos throughout the update.

Unfortunately, we have had to postpone the opening of the tea and coffee time after the services until 25th of July due to the continued Government guidelines. Likewise, the St. John's Festival, congregational and members’ meetings have been postponed. More details below. 

With best wishes,
Selina and Tom

The St John’s Epistle 

Two moods allow the human soul to turn to the divine: in meditation or contemplation, we behold something beyond ourselves and allow it to resound in our soul; in prayer, we turn to a ‘you’, and enter into relationship with it. 

The mood of meditation arises when we contemplate what is. We might turn our inner gaze to the sun, whose rays bring light and warmth that sustain the life of the world. If we were to turn to the same subject in prayer, we might start by addressing the sun: O sun, your rays bring light and warmth...

The St John’s Epistle moves between these two moods. It begins in a prayerful mood as we thank the Father-God, the sustaining, all powerful Ground of the World, whose blessings rain down on us. 

Next, our gaze turns to the light. We contemplate the light as the place where the Father-God is at work, creating and ripening. The fact that this is not just the outer light becomes clear when we hear that the fruit of the light is Christ, the being of the Sun who has united himself with the earth.
We address him in prayer, acknowledging his deed, whose effects heal us today. 

Now our gaze is directed to John, whose name sounds out in its archetypal form: I - O - A  -ness. We see him bearing the mantle of prophecy, his aura filled with the substance of the Father. His preaching and teaching are summed up in a phrase that stirs our souls: the Word of Flame.
Hearing this, we can do nothing else than pray that his word should ignite within us, kindling our longing for Christ. Then the image of John appears to us again: this time not as he was in the past, but as our present companion, longing for the light with us, knowing the light with us and for us, and revealing light’s radiant grace to us. Finally, we pray that we might receive the one who gives us the light, who himself created the light, in the fullness of love. 

- Tom Ravetz
Evening Service this Saturday 6pm

Join us for a service with gospel readings and sermon where we especially remember loved ones who have died. 

Saturday 3rd of July 6pm

Open Gardens Day Saturday 10th of July

Discover and enjoy gardens in Forest Row from our community members
Come to church anytime from 2pm for your map of gardens
£5 donation suggested
Little One's Gathering this Sunday at 9.15am
A 15 minute devotional start to Sunday, with music, song, prayer and puppet story, all suitable for ages 1-6 years.
Led by Selina

Confirmations 2022

Do you know of a young person aged 13 (to be in Class 8 in September) who would like to join a group of people their age to discover life questions together, discuss deep themes, as well as play games and take an overnight trip together?

Weekly Confirmation class will ttart in October 2021 and culminate in the Sacrament of Confirmation in April/May 2022.

Please contact Selina if you know there is someone who might like to meet to know about it and possibly join the group;
01825 790452

Free Thursday Art History talks at 12- midday
are available to attend online or in person,
at the church in Hammersmith.

Each session will be a new content and will not be a direct follow on from the week before but we will hold to our ongoing theme of the evolving of consciousness as it can be found in art over the ages of time. I am sure you will understand and also accept that in any one hour I will only have the possibility to include a few leading thoughts and pictures. (I hope though it will enthuse you to do or to continue your own research)
July :
(1st  - Ancient Greece)
8th - Ravenna- mosaics
15th - Chartres Cathedral.
22nd - No session- summer pause
29th - No session- summer pause
August :
5th. - Early Renaissance incl. Giotto, Duccio, Cimabue.
12th - Fra Angelico and Benozzo Gozzoli.
19th. - Piero Della Francesca, Tomaso Masaccio.
26th. - Renaissance incl. Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael Santi.
 2nd. - Leonardo da Vinci - lecture by Andrew Wolpert
9th. -  Landscape and Sky-scape painting - Constable, Casper David Friedrich, Turner.
16th.-  Impressionists and Expressionists  - combined session with Deborah Ravetz.
23rd. - Modern art - Deborah Ravetz
30th. - Ninette Sombart - final session - a Christ inspired art in colour, form, depth,  a blessing for our time and the next.
( The sessions will be recorded and available from the 8th July forward.)   

Peter van Breda

Join Zoom Meeting at 11.50am ready for 12 begin:

Meeting ID: 883 2856 7566
Passcode: 797461
Poetry Cafe - Tuesday 6th July 4pm
Next Week's Theme - John Donne and Metaphysical Poetry

„I throw myself down in my chamber, and I call in and invite God and his angels thither, and when they are there, I neglect God and his angels, for the noise of a fly, for the rattling of a coach, for the whining of a door.“

—  John Donne No. 80, preached at the funeral of Sir William Cokayne, December 12, 1626 LXXX Sermons (1640)

To take part in the Poetry Cafe, follow this link if you already use Zoom or would like to install it. Otherwise, you can join by dialling a national rate number: 0203 481 5237 and entering the following numbers when asked:
Meeting ID: 885 8806 8572 Passcode: 769554

The meeting space will open at 3.50pm.

Below you will find the link to the next edition of the Logos Podcast:
This podcast is with Oliver Steinrueck (Oberlenker in the Christian Community) 

Oliver Steinrueck reflects on the subtitle of the Michaelmas Conference 'LOGOS Consecrating Humanity', religious life in North America and how the task of an 'Oberlenker' in The Christian Community resembles the functioning of a heart.

The Logos Podcast Initiative present a series of podcasts in preparation for the Michael Conference October 7-11 2022 in Dortmund (Germany) which marks our 100th Year anniversary since the founding of our movement.

Lift needed

If you drive through or near to Woldingham on your way to church and you would be willing to give someone a lift, please let one of the priests know. 

Gospel readings

Sunday, July 4    ...    Luke 7:19-33
Sunday, July 11    ...    John 3:22-36
Sunday, July 18    ...    Matthew 14:1-12
Sunday, July 25    …    Mark 8:27-38
Sunday, August 1    …    Matthew 7:1-14
Sunday, August 8    …    Luke 15:11-32
Sunday, August 15    …    Luke 9:1-17
Sunday, August 22    …    Luke 18:35-43
Sunday, August 29    …    Mark 7:31-37
Sunday, September 5    …    Luke 10:1-20
Sunday, September 12    …    Luke 17:5-24
Sunday, September 19    …    Matthew 6:19-34
Sunday, September 26        Luke 7:11-17
This sculpture by the late Roberta Taylor has still not found a home to go to. Please get in touch with us if you, or someone you know of, would like it.
This Sculpture is also available 
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