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THDR (Too High, Didn't Read); 
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  • SMK BRK is working on content that centers around cannabis, self-care + wellness.
  • Hollywood is getting a cannabis restaurant + a weed museum. We’re jealous.
  • Spend your weekend blastin’ The Lion King: The Gift. It’s a banger.
  • Learn the complete history of RAW rolling paper.
  • Don't Forget: 7/26: Treat yourself to a spa, chill + sesh night.
  • Don't Forget: 7/27: CBD Yoga Kick Back happening + SMK BRK is curating the music.
  • We want to smoke out a few beautiful resorts in Tulum, Mexico.
  • #SummerStrain for your next SMK BRK: Strawberry Cough

Are you ready for this heat, your highness?

Cuz, I’m not. 

As you’re reading this email, I’m currently engulfing in a 10-mile hike somewhere in Long Island in this hot ass weather. Congratulations, I’ve probably played myself. 

I mentioned last week, my main goal for the summer has been to take it easy + enjoy myself. I’ve made it a priority to actively do something for my mind, body + spirit daily. I’ve been practicing morning meditations, evening gratitude journaling + trying new things to keep me active in between. As a New Yorker, I’m used to walking long distances (anything under 30 blocks is walkable)… so I figured I’d give hiking a go. So far, I’m digging it. What I’m not digging tho… is hiking in the summer. 

I say all this to say… I’ve been really working on content for SMK BRK that centers around cannabis, self-care + wellness. I’ll be teasing snackable content on the socials in the next few weeks to prepare for the official site launch, so make sure you’re following.

Until then… stay cool. Enjoy your weekend!

— L.

  • INFORM. Hollywood is getting the first open-air cannabis restaurant + a weed museum. Lowell Farms has just been granted a license to open the nation’s first cannabis restaurant in West Hollywood. Lowell Cafe will be an open-air restaurant that promises cannabis cuisine + a smoking area. To not bother surrounding neighbors + businesses, Lowell promises to use an air filtration system like the one used in casinos for its smoking area. The restaurant will be alcohol-free + should be opening on September 1. Nearby in Hollywood, Weedmaps is opening a 30,000 square-foot pop-up Museum of Weed in August. The museum will feature interactive exhibits, art installations, historical artifacts + more, aiming to shed light on the tie between cannabis prohibition + racially disparate policies. The Weedmaps Museum of Weed will be open for a limited time + will feature a gift shop w. a variety of cannabis trinkets—but no cannabis or CBD products will be sold onsite. Looks like a quick Cali trip is in order for next month. More about the Lowell Cafe → or the Museum of Weed →
  • LISTEN. Beyoncé gifts the world with a new album: The Lion King: The Gift. Last week Beyoncé nonchalantly announced she had curated + produced an accompanying album to Disney’s The Lion King. You know.. no big deal. Well, The Lion King: The Gift is finally here + all we have to say is Bey delivered. The album features amazing collars from Jay Z, Blue Ivy Carter, Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell, and others. Referred to as a “love letter to Africa,” the album also features multiple African artists, such as Wizkid, Mr Eazi, Tekno, and Burna Boy. The faves so far: MOOD 4 EVA, BROWN SKIN GIRL + DON’T JEALOUS ME. The album is now available on all streaming platforms.
  • WATCH. The complete history of RAW rolling paper. When it comes to rolling paper, RAW reigns supreme. Periodt. I stumbled across this 2016 video of the founder & creator of RAW, Josh Kesselman, telling the story of how RAW came to be. There is truly something inspiring watching Josh’s passion + excitement as he discusses how much detail he put into making the world’s greatest rolling papers. Got 22-minutes? Roll up + get inspired →

Volume 12
Brooklyn-based Music + Entertainment journalist, the current weekend editor of REVOLT TV AND
host of House of Music podcast, Tatyana Jenene, curated a fun, oldies playlist filled w. classic funk that will have your high ass bustin’ a few moves.

 What's the vibe? Classic Funk + R&B to sing along to. 

Listen on Spotify →

Want in? Submit a #SmkBrkPlaylist →

This section is dedicated to brands, events + products we stand by. 

Le Haute Spa presents ’Spa & Shallah’
Friday, July 26, 2019 • 7PM - 12AM • Brooklyn, NY

La Haute Spa is a luxury, cannabis-infused spa event concierge that hosts + delivers elevated self-care beauty, spa + holistic wellness experiences directly to you. They are officially launching this month w. a business blessing celebration. There will be reiki healing, infused bites, CBD cocktails + more.

Tickets: $20 • Purchase your ticket →

Make the Habitual A Ritual: CBD Yoga Kick Back
Hosted by Highlites + Hemp Lab NYC
Saturday, July 27, 2019 • 3-7PM • Brooklyn, NY

Together with Hemp Lab NYC, Highlites is offering you a safe space to consume + foster connections with intention through yoga, sound meditation, food + music. It will be an afternoon of tearing down stigmas around cannabis, the empowerment of WOC + self-awareness. Plus, SMK BRK will be curating the sounds for this event. Every ticket comes with a ‘giddy bag’ + a special CBD rich pre-roll.

Early Bird Tickets: $25 / $30
Purchase your ticket →

We have a thing for Mexico.
Here are a few beautiful places + spaces we'd love to smoke out.

Jungle Keva

Casa Malca
Habitas Tulum

It’s supposed to be a heatwave across the Midwest, South and East Coast this weekend. It’s a great weekend for staying inside in the cool AC + catching up on your favorite shows or hanging out in cool places like movie theaters, pools, malls, or restaurants. Need a strain that’s perfect for staying in the house or getting out + getting social? I got you. This weekend’s #SummerStrain recommendation is Strawberry Cough.

Meet Strawberry Cough.  

Strawberry Cough is a mellow, yet energizing sativa that promotes focus + clear-headedness. This strain provides an energizing, uplifting, euphoric effects making it a perfect daytime strain. You’ll want to have a glass of ice water nearby while smoking this. Smoke from this strain is typically harsh, caution many to cough… hence the name. The initial taste is of ripe strawberries, without any hint of skunkiness or musk. The THC content in this strain isn’t all that high, making it a great option for new smokers +/or those with a low tolerance. Recommended for everyone. 

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