Oct 10, 2020

Special Thank You and Farewell to
Dave and Carmel Fleck

Written by Don Swanson

It is with great sadness we announce the departure of Dave and Carmel Fleck from their residence in the Coronado Cays.  They intend to sell their house by the end of the year, and depart to the Orlando, Florida area. 
But lift up your hearts, because they will return!
Dave and Carmel met at Seattle University as freshman.  Dave majored in physics, while Carmel chose nursing.  They dated their sophomore, junior, and senior year.  One year after graduation, on June 20th, 1970 they exchanged their vows, and their commitment to each other.  A love, and union that still exists today, 50 years later.
Dave comes from a large family, four brothers and one sister.  Carmel comes from an equally large family, four sisters and one brother.  They both have a passion for all things Disney.  Carmel even worked as a nurse at Disneyland for a short period of time, while Dave was employed as an electrical engineer at Hughes Aircraft.  Carmel recalls how she has always admired Walt Disney, his creations, and all of his achievements.  He bestowed on everyone another world of entertainment.  And yes, their Disney collectibles are many.
They have traveled extensively throughout their life.  From 1973 to 1989 Dave worked in the family business, Fleck Company in Auburn, Washington, with his four brothers.  An enterprise that was a large plastic injection molding company.  His expertise in this field lead him to being recruited by other firms, the last as CEO of an injection molding facility in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.  His tenure there was between 1995 and 1999. This same company also had a facility in Ireland.  When moving to the Massachusetts’s area, Carmel retired from nursing so she could travel abroad with Dave. "Who would want to work a forty hour job, when the opportunity to travel to Europe became so readily apparent," said Carmel. 
Carmel was born in San Diego, lived in Culver City and Palos Verdes prior to going to Washington to study nursing.  Dave was born in Bismarck, North Dakota, lived there, as well as St. Paul, Minnesota prior to heading west to Portland, Oregon and Auburn, Washington.
In 1997, while living back east, they decided to buy a vacation home in Antigua Village in the Coronado Cays, which they did.  Dave retired in 1999 and they moved to Newport Beach.  Then in 2003 they sold that house, the condo and purchased their present home in Blue Anchor Village. Not satisfied with retirement, Dave bought Western Yacht Commissioning in Shelter Island in 2003.  He also became the Duffy Electric Boat dealer in San Diego.  After 12 years he sold both in 2015. "House on the bay, sailboat sitting in the water in your backyard, it is the ideal living for us," Dave was quick to quip. 
Dave and Carmel have been active members of Coronado Cays Yacht Club (CCYC) since 1997 and Dave was commodore in 2014.  Both Dave and Carmel enjoy sailing in yacht club races in their Beneteau 36, Fantasea.  They participate in many boat parades and decorate each year for the San Diego Parade of Lights, winning many awards for best decorated boat.  They also spend time on the water in their Duffy 22 electric boat.  Needless to say, a boat on the water is where they want to be. 
Dave and Carmel Fleck intend to sell their house, move to Florida, buy a Grand Banks type power boat, and travel on the water through the Inter-Coastal Waterways, referred to as the "Great Loop," for two years.  They then plan to return to the Coronado Cays marina, and live on the same vessel they traveled the loop for the summers.
The Great Loop journey will begin in Florida, traverse up along the east coast to New England and then taking the Erie Canal or the St. Lawrence Seaway, and enter the Great Lakes.  From the Great Lakes they will travel to Chicago, into the Mississippi River to St. Louis and then follow the Tennessee River heading down to the Gulf of Mexico.  An adventure of sightseeing, exotic foods, meeting new and old acquaintances, as well as enjoying the water communities along the loop. They did make it clear that the vessel will have two staterooms, one for them, and one for guests.  
FOCUS is dear to the hearts of both Dave and Carmel, and they have been members since 2003.  They will never leave FOCUS.  As a board member of the Fleck Family Foundation, they have donated $5,000 a year for many years.  Dave was treasurer for two years.  Carmel can always be seen attending FOCUS functions with camera in hand.  Dave's favorite recipient of FOCUS funds is the San Pasqual Academy.
"The mission of FOCUS, its lack of paid employees, all volunteers, and the methods, and procedure they have established, fits our definition of the ideal non-profit," they both agreed on.
Two years is a long time to not see any of our friends.  But we cannot deny this loving couple a journey they both planned, and are looking forward to pursuing.  Many of us are envious of their adventure.  Many of us will want to know all the details of their trip; every port they visit, every unexpected change of plan, and every wonderful experience they did not anticipate.  There will be many stories within the story itself...
All members of FOCUS extend their best wishes, a safe voyage, and anxiously await their stories when they return.  
Fair Winds and Following Seas

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