Gardening Elbow

As we head back into our yards this spring we are often met with the reminder we aren’t “garden fit.” Our first time back in the yard is often followed with aches and pains telling us we haven’t kept ourselves in shape. While back pain is often a common complaint we might also be experiencing other pains that can linger into the gardening season.

One such culprit is elbow pain. As we pull weeds, prune bushes, and pressure wash our deck we can often find ourselves rubbing our elbows afterwards wondering what we did wrong. Many yard activities require us to grip our hands and push or pull. These motions utilize multiple muscles in our forearm that we otherwise rarely recruit. When repeated over and over it can cause our muscles and tendons to become irritated and lead to inflammation. Sometimes rest and stretching are enough to keep pain at bay but occasionally we need more assistance.

If this sounds familiar to you Flex is here to help. We utilize multiple techniques including stretching, strengthening, functional training, and soft tissue work to help decrease these symptoms. Give us a call today!

Your Pelvic Health

Have you ever wondered why our medical community is so very competent and knowledgeable when it comes to sports injuries, cardiac concerns, joint replacement, or diabetes; yet has little to say or few answers for pelvic health concerns? Why do we have an entire grocery store aisle dedicated to incontinence products? Why do we not have clear answers to questions regarding the safety of hormone replacement therapy? Are you comfortable telling your doctor that you leak? That you have pain or are dissatisfied with sex?

If you have asked, were you offered helpful solutions? Were you told that surgery or a medication was the only answer for you? Did you know that there are exercises other than Kegel’s to stop or prevent you from leaking permanently and work so much better with faster results?

The Pelvic Floor therapists here at Flex PT is all about optimizing your pelvic health. Have you wanted to know how to control your bladder? How to manage constipation? How to stop sex from hurting? We have answers for you!

Don't Fall

Falls and unsteady balance are often perceived as “accepted” consequences of aging but they can come with harsh impacts. According to the World Health Organization roughly 35% of those over 65 fall every year, which increases up to 42% for those over 70. These falls not only result in sore joints and bruises but can also result in broken bones and occasionally death. Fortunately these outcomes can be prevented. A recent study released in early 2019 found that balance and functional exercises reduce the rate of falls by 24%, and likely even more when combined with resistance exercises.

If you or someone you know are concerned about falling, take action by scheduling an appointment with one of our skilled therapists who can put you on the right track towards decreasing your fall risk.

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