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Monthly Newsletter
August 2021
For those that feel comfortable, we will be meeting in person this month. For those that may not feel as comfortable, we will still have the meeting broadcast over Zoom.

This month's demo ...


Club Meeting – August 2021 – This month we welcome Kevin Bassett - Spindle Turning

August 19th @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm, Social time before meeting starts at 6:00

Our August Demo will be club member Kevin Bassett. 

DAW Demonstration – 8-19 21 – Spindle Turning – The FUNdamentals! By: Kevin Bassett 
In this demonstrating I will cover the basic tools used in spindle turning, how they are used to make a spindle turned item … like a gavel or a candlestick or ….. 
Spindle Gouges & Spindle Roughing Gouge Vs. Bowl Gouge 
Skew Chisels
Parting tool 
Sizing the spindle blank. Skew used to peel cut, Planning cut. Make a cylinder
Layout – designing the spindle, layout - use of calipers, dividers, working from a story board. 
Pommels, Beads, Coves, straights, fillets 
Use of parting tool and calipers for sizing. Use of skew for beads, alternate ways to cut beads, use of gouges for coves. Sneaky tricks for joining base to spindle.
About the demonstrator – 

Kevin Bassett is a Certified Arborist and long-time wood turner whose first attempt at turning was in 1975. A long time went by until a hair brained idea came along to purchase a wood lathe … from Sears. Turning and learning by trial and error began in 1992. Pens, candle sticks and other small items fueled a desire to turn bigger and better. Kevin was very fortunate to meet Bill Hancock, Roger Smith, Brian Evans, Randy Rice and Jimmy Arledge the principles of the OFA woodturning faction who met regularly at Jimmy’s shop in the early 2000’s. Exposed to these great turners and others Kevin became a member of DAW and AAW. In 2007 Kevin represented the DAW at the very first ‘Master’s at Work’ competition at Beavers Bend State Park in Oklahoma. A first-place result was achieved. Kevin’s work has been represented in Galleries in Texas, Arkansas, Arizona, and Colorado. Kevin has also been juried into numerous Art shows and exhibitions. As a demonstrator, Kevin has done demonstrations for the Fort Worth, Golden Triangle, Hunt County, East Texas, and Central Oklahoma wood turning clubs. Additionally, Kevin has demonstrated three times at SWAT and was an instructor at TWRC in 2019. Currently, Kevin serves on the DAW Board as Secretary. 

This is a hybrid meeting – in-person at Woodworld and on Zoom.

The Zoom meeting link will be sent to members and also be available here prior to the meeting/demo.

The Dallas Area Woodturners is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting hosted by Tod Raines

Topic: DAW August Club meeting
Time: Aug 19, 2021 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 814 5413 8584
Passcode: 892889
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Tod Raines





Thoughts from the President
Congratulations to Kevin Bassett, Dick Koch, Joan Sahl, Mike Sahl and Glen Beadreaux for their winning entries in the July Member Turning Showcase. Each won a gift card from WoodWorld. The August showcase is "Things for the kitchen or food" since the July demo was how to make a spoon. So perhaps, utensils, rolling pins, peppermills, salt boxes, cutting boards, plates, platters is wide open. Join in and share your turnings on the DAW website forum and share in the prizes.

This month's demo is by our own Kevin Bassett. He will be talking and showing the Basics of Spindle Turning. This month, and going forward, will be a hybrid style meeting. Meet in person at WoodWorld with the meeting starting at 6:30 PM and the demonstration starting at 7:00 PM. You can join from home via Zoom starting at 6:30 PM and watch from the comfort of your home.

The board asks that you be patient as we get the AV system upgraded and adjusted for this hybrid style of meeting. We have had one person step up and help but the more the merrier. If you have some interest in helping out the club then let us know. You don't need experience, you just need the desire to learn and help.

SWAT (South West Association of Turners) symposium for 2021 is August 27 - 29th in Waco, TX. There have been a few demonstrator and vendors cancel this year so be sure to check the website for upto the minute details. I hope that it is a success and it is a fun time for all. The Dallas club sponsors the Ranger room and we have a number of members volunteer (with a stipend) their time to help out in setup and operations of the room. We will also have some members of the Northeastern Oklahoma Wood Turners Association join us in the Ranger room to cross train on the AV operations. See more news about SWAT below.

Tod Raines
DAW President

Sawdust Sessions

DAW Sawdust Session - via Zoom
Monday August 23rd @ 6:30 PM via Zoom
Let’s chat and share. Bring your turnings for show & tell. Share tips and tricks for a wood shop. Show us your shop – shop tour. 
DAW Membership

We had a total of 141 dues paid in 2020; 153 families have paid their membership dues for 2021. The membership dues are part of what makes possible having things like having a great audio-visual system, new books, magazines & videos in the library, lathes & support tools for open shop and classes, and bringing in guest presenters and instructors. Also, your membership gives you discounts at our local woodworking stores (Rockler, Woodcraft, and Wood World); these discounts will not be available to you in
2021 until you have paid your 2021 dues to print your new membership card. Also, current membership is required to check any items out of our extensive woodturning library.

DAW Training and Classes

Open Shop this month will be on Saturday the 21st from 10:00 - 4:00.

DAW Member Class
~ Beads of Courage Bowl ~
Come turn a Beads of Courage bowl for a cancer or traumatic injury kid and learn segmented turning.

Instructor – Bob Fleming
Date: Saturday September 18th
Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: Wood World

One day class, wood sandpaper and lacquer  .
Necessary tools, bowl gouge, detail tool, regular or carbide scraper nice but not necessary. The club does have some to use if you do not have these.

Cost $35.00

To save your slot for this class please visit our website .  You must be logged in to view and purchase a ticket

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped with finishing some gnomes for SWAT at last months Open Shop. You were all a huge help. 
Member Submission 

“Road Kill” Menu for Dallas Area Woodturners by Kevin Bassett

One of the coolest things about wood turning is the ability to go straight from the tree/log and make something beautiful. It also can be done on a tight budget. Wood is becoming increasingly more expensive and sometimes hard to find the species desired. On the other hand, urban wood can be harvested and repurposed. I’d like to add a word of caution here as using chain saws along with lifting and moving large chunks of wood is hard work and can be very dangerous as well. However, the effort can result in fabulous turned work. The City of Dallas, has a map which shows the zones and dates for their bulk trash pick-up. Many landscape and tree cutters will take advantage of the Cities generosity and leave huge piles of limbs and tree trunks for pick up and disposal in this manner. A little scouting may result in some good finds for turners. Also, you may have one of your own trees which gets removed. If it’s wood, it’ll turn … on the other hand as Mr. John Jordan says” Life’s too short to turn Crappy wood. This article will discuss the wood from local trees and may help avoid Mr. Jordan’s observation.

Hackberry/ Celtis laevigata AKA Sugarberry, Southern Hackberry. Commonly thought of as a trash tree the lowly Hackberry wood can be called Palo blanco to artistic advantage. The wood is strong, white and has some zig-zag pattern in the grain, it spalts well.

Live Oak – A very dense wood with the heaviest weight per cubic foot of all trees in North America. Live Oak comes in at 76#/cubic foot when green. Turns well and doesn’t check as badly as some of the other Oaks. Live Oak is in the White Oak group along with Bur Oak and Post Oak. All of these can be turned to make beautiful turned objects. The white Oak groups is important as tight cooperage is made from White Oak wood. Barrels and vessels from these group won’t leak
water through the wood because a structure call tylosis plug the vessels in all wood but the
current season’s growth ring. White Oaks have lobed leaves and acorns will mature in one year.
White oak acorns are edible and make great mast for wildlife.

Texas Red Oak/Shumard Red Oak…Quercus buckleyii & Q. shumardii. AKA Spanish Oak, Red Oak If you cut a cross section of a twig Oaks can be determined as the twig will have a star shaped pith. These Oaks are more difficult to turn because the movement of the wood as it dries can be extreme. When turning it as green wood, thin and very even wall thicknesses are necessary to avoid checking. Considerable warping can be anticipated and used to good effect. A round bowl when you turn it will become quite oval as it dries. Be sure to eliminate the pith from the turning blanks and put a good coat of end grain sealer on them ASAP. I’m not real fond of
turning these two Oaks except when they have formed burls.

American Elm (Ulmus americana) - I have seen pieces from this tree and it’s cousin Slippery Elm that were very nice. However, I avoid the American Elm as it frequently will have bacterial slime flux which makes the wood difficult to finish.

Cedar Elm (Ulmus crossifolia and Winged Elm Ulmus alatus) are difficult to tell apart and the wood is also almost identical. One of my favorite woods here in our area. It has variable color from whitish to orange and a zig zag pattern in the wood grain common with all the elms. When a hollow presents itself, this is one of my favorites for creating pieces with natural voids.

Photinia, Red Tip and Chinese - Although it is rare to find these in large sizes, the wood is diffuse porous very dense, and it cuts well. I have seen some excellent small, lidded boxes made from Photinia.

Bradford Pear and other Pear varieties. An excellent fruitwood for turning as the differential movement is manageable. The diffuse porous wood cuts extremely well and finishes beautifully. Not a highly figured wood except in the crotch wood and near the base where you can find fiddle back pattern and the crotch feather. This is a real winner for Natural Edge bowls and the like.

Ash (Green Ash, Arizona Ash and White Ash) The wood from the ash is ring porous. The Arizona Ash will be plentiful this year as many of these were killed in last Winter’s freeze. The growth rings will be very well spaced as this is an exceptionally fast-growing tree. It is also one of the favorite
hosts for Red Headed Ash Borer. Therefore, the frass filled tunnels may detract from items
made from this wood. I have seen some excellent work done with ash particularly using dyes
and liming waxes. Done right this wood can put on a show.

Sweet Gum (Liquidamber styraciflua) Nothing really makes me want to go after this wood. It’s usually a plain Jane. A lot of Railroad ties are made from it. But… it will turn.

Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) is similar to the Sweet Gum, but the wood is very white. Keeping the white color can be a problem as many times it will oxidize to a plain unattractive grey. Also, with little figure or other outstanding traits.

Pecan ( Carya illinoinsis) An excellent wood to turn the bark is vary abrasive and frequent tool
sharpening can be expected. Makes great bowls and is plentiful. Black Walnut (Juglans nigra) A
native tree in our area but not commonly found. The light sapwood and the deep chocolate
heartwood make an interesting contrast. This wood is prized and has been used in American
furniture making since the colonists arrived. Sometime referred to as poor man’s Mahogany this
was used to replace more expensive exotic woods. Splitting a twig down the middle will reveal
chambered pith an easy way to be sure of the species.

Catalpa – An excellent turning wood with ring porous anatomy and a light brown color. Turns, sands and finishes well.

Mesquite – Hard to find in large sizes except from South Texas and Mexico. One of the truly great
turning woods. The differential shrinkage is almost nil. This property makes the Mesquite an
ideal wood for boxes and urns where the lid fit needs to be consistent. A slow growing tree so
the growth rings can be very compressed. The color ranges from brown to a delightful orangey
brown. Be careful with Mesquite because it is also known to produce ring shakes, sometimes
called wind shakes. These cracks can be very hazardous to turners. The wood turns and finishes
extremely well. It will also produce a burl because of mistletoe infection. See John Tisdales
“Planet Mesquite” on the web page. Truly a treasure it you’re lucky enough to find any. There
used to be a lot of Mesquite in the Carrolton, Farmers Branch and Los Colinas areas of D/FW.
Unfortunately, development and the addition of irrigated landscapes has killed thousands of
these over my 40 + years as an arborist here in the area.

Silver Maple – This tree was introduced into the area because of its quick growth. The wood can make beautiful work. A very light-colored wood, Silver Maple wood spalts readily and turns well.

Common Persimmon – This tree is the only member of the ebony family in North America. I highly prize
this wood although Red Headed Ash borer does as well. The warm yellow color is incredible and
the thick square bark plates makes for some of the best Natural Edge work. Somewhat rare, but
a native tree, I seldom pass the chance to acquire Persimmon.

Eastern Red Cedar – (Juniperous virginiana) Also known as Aromatic Cedar. This wood has many fine qualities with the red color one of the highlights. I feel it is difficult to finish well. I also find it disconcerting to hear it popping when I turn green wood from this tree. Not one of my favorites but it can …with a lot of work make spectacular pieces. Really better when used in straight work.The wood is a natural repellent for moths, therefore an ideal wood for lining closets and blanket chests. For me it is of limited use in wood turning.

This is by no means a complete listing of local woods for turning but may prove helpful to you when digging through the brush piles or when you see some heading for city pick up. Urban wood
turning can be very productive and make beautiful items, however taking the time to learn to
identify the local trees along with the effort and inherent dangers of harvesting “Road Kill”
makes repurposing of the Urban forest waste wood not for everyone. Please keep safety at the
top of your mind and wear all appropriate PPE when harvesting urban wood. Now, go make
something beautiful.

By: Kevin Bassett
ISA Certified Arborist and wood turner
Monthly Showcase

August Monthly Member Showcase theme is - Something for the Kitchen

A monthly theme to test out our turning skills, or to simply have fun trying something different. 

For August we chose Something for the Kitchen. Must be something that can be used in the kitchen, Use your creativity as a simple bowl probably will not be judged very highly.

We will have two showcases to choose from. Advanced and Open Showcases.

Advanced is obviously for the more advanced woodturners. 

Open is for any skill level. Everyone is able to participate.

Both categories will have prizes (to be determined) for the top 3 entries that will be voted on by the board during the next board meeting.

To participate simply turn something that fits the monthly theme and go to the forums on our website and post a photo of your turning in the showcase that you are wanting to participate in. One entry person per month.
Congratulations to Kevin Bassett for winning the Advanced category with a Natural Edge Vase of Red Oak Burl. $50 gift card.

Second place in the Advanced category goes to Dick Koch with his Three Kokeshi Dolls. $25 gift card,

Joan Saul won the Open category with her Viksdal Style Bowl. $50 gift card

Mike Saul tied for second place in the Open category with his Egg. $25 gift card.

Glen Boudreax tied for second place in the Open category with his Bowl of Tiger Maple. $25 gift card.

The more people we have participate the more prizes we are able to award.
DAW Library
Our library has nearly 1700 different books, magazines, and videos from more than 450 authors/demonstrators on a wide variety of topics. All the library items are posted on our website by source type, e.g., DAW demos, SWAT, commercial, books, & magazines and also by title, author, and some are by date (DAW demos, SWAT & AAW videos). Since we are again meeting at Wood World, the library checkout will return to normal; DAW member checkout of up to 5 items from the library during the club meeting and return these items at the following month’s club meeting. Since Kevin Bassett is doing a demo on spindle turning and beginning turning, I thought I would list a few of the books & DVDs in our library about this topic.
DVD ID Title Author Description
DAW0494 Basic Spindle Turning & Beyond Michael Hosaluk This video was produced by SWAT at the 2004 symposium.
DAW1150 Multi-Axis Spindle Turning Clay Foster This video was produced by DAW from our July 2007 club meeting demo by Clay Foster.
DAW2881 Multi-Axis Spindle Turning Barbara Dill This book was a recent acquisition for our library that was added in June this year.
DAW0887 Spindle Turning Judy Williams This video was produced by SWAT at the 2011 symposium.
DAW2612 Spindle Turning Jimmie Arledge This video was produced by DAW from our April 2018 club meeting demo by Jimmie Arledge. Jimmie discusses the various type of projects you can do from all kinds and sizes of woods, describes the 4 main tools used in spindle turning, demonstrates using the roughing gouge.
DAW1310 Turning Boxes and Spindles Step-by-Step David Register This book was published in 1994.
DAW1797 WNT All Day Demo: Spindle Cuts Stuart Batty This is volume 2 of a 4- DVD video produced by DAW in April 2007 where Stuart demonstrates various spindle cuts.
DAW2603 Woodturning Spindle Projects Alan Holtham This book is bull of practical advice and projects for the amateur woodturner. Alan covers all aspects tools and equipment required plus finishing techniques and wood selection in the first section. The second section covers 18 diverse projects including photographs of the finished item along with step-by-step instructions.
DAW1760 Elegant Finials Cindy Drozda This DVD by Cindy demonstrates how to turn her signature elegant finials.
DAW2623 30 Minute Woodturning: 25 Quick Projects to Make Mark Baker In this book, Mark covers 25 different projects, most of which are focused on spindle turning.
DAW1803 Anthony Harris Demonstration Day Anthony Harris In this 1st of 4 DVDs recorded by DAW, Anthony demonstrates the 5 basic spindle turning cuts.
DAW1666 Back to Basics w/ Jimmy Clewes Jimmy Clewes This DVD is aimed at beginners and anyone wanting to brush up on their turning skills. Projects include a cocobolo pen, bubinga candlestick, and a burr yew bowl.

These are just a few of the many books & videos in our library on beginning and spindle turning. There are many others on pens & pencils plus books or videos on going from a tree to a finished project.

SWAT 2021 

Each year the Southwest Association of Woodturners (SWAT) provides an opportunity for woodturners to get together in one place to fellowship with other turners, share ideas and techniques, expand their education, watch demonstrations and purchase top-rate tools and products from the many vendors. It will be held

August 27-29, 2021

Waco Convention Center

100 Washington Avenue, Waco, TX

Information on registration, events and demonstrations can be found here.

Please be advised online registration is closed, however tickets may still be bought at the door.

Hope to see you all there.

Thank you to everyone that volunteered to help in the Ranger Room. Please note your times and be there to help Ken with whatever he or the presenter may need.

Beads of Courage and Empty Bowls

DAW Member Class
~ Beads of Courage Bowl ~
Come turn a Beads of Courage bowl for a cancer or traumatic injury kid and learn segmented turning.

Instructor – Bob Fleming
Date: Saturday September 18th
Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: Wood World

One day class, wood sandpaper and lacquer  .
Necessary tools, bowl gouge, detail tool, regular or carbide scraper nice but not necessary. The club does have some to use if you do not have these.

Cost $35.00

To save your slot for this class please visit our website .  You must be logged in to view and purchase a ticket
Christmas Party 2021
We are already working on our 2021 Christmas Party. 

Keep an eye out here for updates as we get them.



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