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April 2021

This month's demo ...


Club Meeting – April 2021 – This month we welcome Joanne Sauvageau.

April 15th @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Note you must be a paid DAW member to get the Zoom meeting link info. Go here to sign up and pay.
April Demo will be Joanne Sauvageau.  She will be showing here post lathe embellishment using Stencils and coloring.  There will be no turning but this will be an interesting demo all the same.  Joanne is a character, funny, spirited and very talented.
Born in Cold Lake, Alberta. Dad was an Aero Space Engineer and spent most of his career stationed in CFB Bagotville, Quebec and CFB Borden, Ontario. Mom was the creative one. She was my biggest influence in art and craft and taught me that if you didn’t know how to do something…you just needed to learn! Can’t wasn’t a word in her vocabulary! Both were of an adventurous nature. Every time dad had holidays we were of on grand camping adventures! Dad would read to us about the history, geography and all other stories of the places we visited. My love (need) for travel began!
Right from the start I was “making things”! I built forts in the woods. I even built a “stage coach” that was pulled by a neighbor’s 2 Samoyed dogs. I was about 10 yrs old.
I was walking home with my dad from swimming at the pool when I suddenly collapsed. By the time he got me to the hospital, I was paralyzed. I would have nightmares for the next 30 years of that event and developed severe anxiety issues. You see, at the time the whole hospital was in lockdown with military personnel in full gear with guns. There had been bomb threats! I remember my dad panicking over me. It was the first time I was to be separated from my family. I was hospitalized for a long time. I survived but it left me with learning disabilities and many years of “strange illnesses. These would lead to depressions and anxiety problems. I had developed a phobia of hospitals. School was painful as a result. The only place I felt “safe” was in the forest. Most who know me think of me as strange or different. I prefer unique! If I was rich, they would simply say I was eccentric! My childhood issues and traumas developed the person I am today and I am proud of who I am. I’ve survived PTSD( after finally being diagnosed at age 30. I joined the Canadian Armed Forces as a Medic at 20.( I was the oldest of my platoon in bootcamp). That lasted 3years but I learned a lot about people! I went on to many other jobs. Resolution Specialist in Computer systems….
I have a special place in my heart for people afflicted with mental illness. I believe all can be accomplished and learned. Or at least “adapted” to the circumstances in our lives. Every day is precious to me. Even the bad days! I have a strong faith! Life hasn’t been easy but perhaps it never was meant to be!
I taught myself to turn wood in 2013. I loved it! I went to every AAW Symposium except 1. (My husband was having a kidney transplant) . The people I met are the reason I continue to learn this craft. For the first time in my life, I felt I belonged! I began showing up at trade shows and giving demonstrations anywhere they let me. I joined the local club and had my first public exhibit at a gallery shortly after.
I ‘ve been interviewed on the local radio twice. ( Explaining woodturning on radio in French is not an easy feat)
In 2017 I received a scholarship from the AAW for a 2-week class with Steve Loar and Dixie Biggs at Arrowmont! I loaded my lathe and camping gear in my trailer and was determined to meet as many woodturners across Canada and the US as I drove to the Symposium in Atlanta. My trip lasted 7 weeks!
There I got to spend time with some of my favorite people! I met fascinating people along the way and continue to keep in touch today. I learned new skills and demonstrated mine to anyone who had an interest! I shared my adventure on Facebook. I would love to do it again sometime! I must be part gypsy!
I have my studio on the lake today which I share with my husband Bill and my Golden Retriever Charlie.
The pandemic has cut my travels short but I continue to meet with folks thru Interactive Remote Demonstrations. When I’m not creating, you can find me sailing, gardening, fishing or kayaking on the lake.

Join the monthly club meeting using Zoom from your computer, tablet, laptop or even your mobile phone. A clickable link will be sent to club members via email.

Zoom is software that enables video meetings connected through the internet. This means you stay home in comfort and watch and interact with the demonstrator remotely. These are called “Interactive Remote Demonstrations”.  Download and print the following instruction: Instructions for connecting to a group meeting with Zoom

Thoughts from the President

It seems spring has arrived and the weather is warming up. We have done a little bit of yard work and I am sure more to do. It also may be time to find some wood to turn. Use the limb trimmings for small projects. 
We plan to keep the remote Zoom meetings for the next couple of months as there are still large numbers of COVID cases and still a lot of people that need to get vaccinated. We may be sending out a member survey to find out how you all feel about it.
SWAT (South West Association of Turners, will be an in-person event this August 27 - Waco, Texas. This is the second largest woodturning symposium in the world (speculation about the world) so it is not to be missed. There will be some restrictions on attendance levels that are currently in place. Morse info will become available soon.
We are planning a May DAW Member class. Log in to the website for more details. There should be more info in the newsletter below. 
Lastly, thank you for still being interested in the Dallas Area Woodturners club. It has been challenging but our membership is strong and we are financially strong as well. Please let us know what we can do for you. Let us know.
Oh and if you have some useful info to share with other members send that to us and we can include it in the next newsletter.
And also, ... you thought I was done ... don't forget about DAW Sawdust Session - 4th Monday of the month - Monday April 26th at 6:30 PM. An email reminder with the Zoom link will be sent out.
Tod Raines
DAW President
DAW Membership

We had a total of 141 dues paid in 2020. Nearly 110 families have paid their membership
dues for 2021. The membership dues are part of what makes possible having things like
having a great audio-visual system, new books, magazines & videos in the library,
lathes & support tools for open shop and classes, and bringing in guest presenters and
instructors. Also, your membership gives you discounts at our local woodworking stores
(Rockler, Woodcraft, and Wood World); these discounts will not be available to you in
2021 until you have paid your 2021 dues to print your new membership card. Also,
current membership is required to check any items out of our extensive woodturning

DAW Training and Classes
Open Shop this month will be our Lathe and Equipment Maintenance day for 2021
Do you want to learn how to maintain or tune your lathe?  Come join us Saturday starting at 10 am to about 2 or 2:30 pm.  We’ll discuss lathe and equipment care as well as do some hands on work on the 7 Jet 16-42 lathes in the shop.  We’ll learn how to:
  1. Inspect lathes and accessories
  2. Clean lathes and accessories
  3. Correct issues with lathes and accessories
  4. Adjust Lathe feet, belts and
  5. Make a list of things that need to be ordered for each lathe
I’ll have the tools, cleaning materials and some PPE (Personal Protective Eq).  You make want to bring a painters mask since we’ll be using solvents and abrasives (WD-40, steel wool and sandpaper) though.

April Member Class

Here is the upcoming class for May 15:
Day: May 15, 2021
Time: 10 am to 4 pm.
Instructors: Ron Howe and Bob Fleming
Description: Staining texturing burning and other embellishment techniques.  All martials will be provided: wood, sandpaper, dyes and lacquer.  Tools will be available to borrow as well.
Cost: $55
DAW Library
Our library has nearly 1700 different books, magazines, and videos from more than 450 authors/demonstrators on a wide variety of topics. All the library items are posted on our website by source type, e.g. DAW demos, SWAT, commercial, books, & magazines and also by title, author, and some are by date (DAW demos, SWAT & AAW videos). Since we are unable to meet at WoodWorld at this time, the library checkout has been changed. The librarians are making checkout of DAW library for DAW members (i.e. 2021 dues have been paid) using the following procedure:
  1. Lookup items from the library using the DAW website library items listings
  2. Send an email to the librarian (Mark Montgomery) using before Saturday morning, itemizing up to 6 items specifying the DAW ID, title and volume (if any), e.g. DAW1716 A Master's Course in Woodturning: Series 1, vol 1
  3. All requested items will be picked up from WoodWorld sometime Saturday morning and  the library lockbox will be checked for any returned library items.
  4. After the pickup, all requestors will be notified that their items are available for pickup from the librarian’s home near the Firewheel Mall in Garland.
Note, if you haven’t paid your dues, you must do that first before you can pickup your items. Also, if you already have items currently checked out, you must bring those with you to my home or have already dropped them off at WoodWorld.



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