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Monthly Newsletter
February 2021

This month's demo ...


Club Meeting – February 2021 – Our updated demo will be from Sam Angelo a.k.a. the Wyoming woodturner.

February 25 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Sam will demonstrate making a lidded box with threaded lid.BIO:
Sam Angelo began woodturning in 1988 using a barrowed lathe.  Initially repairing furniture parts for his restoration business, his interest in woodturning lead to making lidded vessels, hollow forms and decorative display pieces.  Sam’s favorite projects incorporate hand-chased threads.  He continues to turn daily in his shop in Billings, Montana. He has produced 700 educational videos on woodturning for his YouTube channel: wyomingwoodturner.  His work can be seen at and on his ETSY shop. For comments and questions Sam can be reached at Or by phone at 307.431.5395.


Join the monthly club meeting using Zoom from your computer, tablet, laptop or even your mobile phone. A clickable link will be sent to club members via email.

Zoom is software that enables video meetings connected through the internet. This means you stay home in comfort and watch and interact with the demonstrator remotely. These are called “Interactive Remote Demonstrations”.  Download and print the following instruction: Instructions for connecting to a group meeting with Zoom

Thoughts from the President

Oh my it is cold. Makes me think about why I left Calgary and came to Texas - to get away from the cold winters. Well, we moved down here almost 24 years ago on a work transfer. We still live in the same house and I have taken over the garage as my workshop for the last 20 years. I thank my wife for allowing me to confiscate the garage. I have installed a mini-split AC unit with a heat pump however the heat pump is not fully adequate to heat the shop on its own. I supplement with a space heater. As a reminder, if you use a space heater in your shop be sure to turn it off and unplug it when you are not in the shop. We don't want any accidents.

I am looking forward to the demo this month. Craig Timmerman will be demonstrating "Turning a Torus Vase". I had the pleasure of meeting Craig and taking a class with him about 3 years ago. In fact we turned a torus vase in the class. It is a great little project.

I hope everyone enjoyed the "Sawdust Session" last month. What's that? You ask what is a Sawdust Session? Come and find out Monday Feb 22nd at 6:30 PM on Zoom. A link will be emailed to you or you can find it on the event page on the DAW website.(must be a paid member and be logged in to the website to see the Zoom meeting link)  Come and chat and share.

Speaking of the website, please take a look as there are some changes. We now have a forum. We want to use this as a place to share photos of your work or your workshop or any photos related to woodturning. You can start discussions about woodturning as well. To participate you will have to be logged in. There is a forum thread called February 2021 Show & Tell which we will use for show & tell during the monthly meeting. We can also show these at the Sawdust Session and go into more detail. So please share your photos of your turning.

Stay safe, healthy, happy and warm.

Tod Raines


Membership News

Meet the member: Jimmie Arledge by Kevin Bassett

I believe, I first met Jimmie in 2005. Jimmie had an old house which he used as a storage unit with a great shop he had built on Custer Rd in Richardson. A group of members made that shop a home away from home as there were about 6 lathes, bandsaws and just about any other wood working tool you can image. DAW hosted several classes there and it was a temple for wood turners. Regulars there referred to themselves as OFA. I’ll let your imaginations work on that one. I recently interviewed Jimmie and learned some things I didn’t know. He is truly a pioneer in the Woodturning community. Helping to establish the DAW, SWAT and the AAW. He is a past president of DAW, board member, demonstrator and mentor to dozens of woodturners, including myself. Jimmie has demonstrated for DAW, SWAT and AAW. He assisted Clay Foster at the Arrow Mount school. To fit in with Clay he found a hat which had a fake grey ponytail. Problem was, Clay cut his hair including the Ponytail before the class. Still it shows his great sense of humor. As a mentor, Jimmie always looked to be helpful and encouraged learning by discovery. He’d give you a tip here and there to improve your work. Not critical in anyway. Generous with his time and knowledge. 
Jimmie has one of the great private collections of woodturnings by many famous wood turning artists. Clay Foster, Jean Francois Escoulan, Frank Sudol, Michael Hosaluk, and David Elsworth just to name few. Jimmie was instrumental at getting some of these great woodturning artists to come to DAW to demonstrate and teach classes. I recent years Jimmie helped out the art department at Richland College where Jimmie become more multi-media. Doing sculptures in Bronze and exploring other materials beyond wood. After working at the college for several years Jimmie made his hangout at “Makers Space”. Unfortunately, COVID has virtually shut-down that venue. Unstoppable in his creative zeal, Jimmie has taken to carving and is leaving the machines behind. Wood turner, Artist, Mentor, Leader and friend.   Due to the effort and generosity of Jimmie the skill level and artistic achievement of the DAW membership has been greatly enhanced. I feel very fortunate to know Jimmie and have him as a friend and mentor.  I hope the current DAW membership will seek him out once live meetings resume; I expect he will be there as he has been since the early days of the club.


DAW Membership

We had a total of 141 dues paid in 2020. Nearly 110 families have paid their membership
dues for 2021. The membership dues are part of what makes possible having things like
having a great audio-visual system, new books, magazines & videos in the library,
lathes & support tools for open shop and classes, and bringing in guest presenters and
instructors. Also, your membership gives you discounts at our local woodworking stores
(Rockler, Woodcraft, and Wood World); these discounts will not be available to you in
2021 until you have paid your 2021 dues to print your new membership card. Also,
current membership is required to check any items out of our extensive woodturning



Members class coming up on 2/27/21 (2nd Class)

Course: From Tree to Finished Piece, understanding the Natural Edge
Instructor: Kevin Bassett
Level: Intermediate
Cost: $25 (Lunch not included)
Location:  Wood World
Date/Time: February 27, 10 am to 4pm (Clean up starts at 3:30 pm)
The class will cover most aspects of turning Green wood and utilizing the Live or Natural Bark Edge of the tree and/or the natural voids which the tree may present. Areas which will be explored include: grain orientations, (end grain and cross grain), selection of wood available locally, possibilities which exist for creating a bowl, a shallow dish or a hollow form, problems and issues which may occur.  An understanding of wood anatomy and the decay process and how these attributes can be exploited in an artistic manner will be also explored. Tooling options, technique and safety will be discussed. Safety masks/shields will be mandatory. Please be ready to follow safety protocols for COVID and turning safety. Face shields are necessary as wood, especially wood with voids, can be unpredictable. Bring your favorite tools, skill and imagination and a chunk of wood if you like.
Kevin Bassett
Kevin has been turning for over 25 years. He holds a BS degree in Plant Pathology from Colorado State University and is a Certified Arborist with over 40 years’ experience in the tree care industry mostly in North Texas. Kevin has been recognized as Arborist of the year twice by the Texas Chapter International Society of Arboriculture.
Kevin’s wood turnings have been displayed at Galleries in Arizona, Texas, Arkansas and Colorado.  Kevin won first place in the “Masters at Work “2007” competition, held at the Oklahoma Forest Heritage Center at Beavers Bend Resort Park in Oklahoma. As well as doing demonstrations for DAW, North Texas Woodturners, East Texas Woodturners, Central Oklahoma Woodturners, Golden Triangle Woodturners and Hunt County Wood Turners he is a two- time regional demonstrator at SWAT.  Some of Kevin’s work may viewed at


A great time was had and a lot was learned by the hearty individuals that braved the cold to take the first class. Below are some photos from that class.

DAW Library

Our library has nearly 1700 different books, magazines, and videos from more than 450  authors/demonstrators on a wide variety of topics. All the library items are posted on our website by source type, e.g. DAW demos, SWAT, commercial, books, & magazines and also by title, author, and some are by date (DAW demos, SWAT & AAW videos). Since we are unable to meet at WoodWorld at this time, the library checkout has been changed. The librarians are making checkout of DAW library for DAW members (i.e. 2021 dues have been paid) using the following procedure:
• Lookup items from the library using the DAW website library items listings
• Send an email to the librarian (Mark Montgomery)  using 
before Saturday morning, itemizing up to 6 items specifying the DAW ID, title and volume (if any), e.g. DAW1716 A Master's Course in Woodturning: Series 1, vol 1 All requested items will be picked up from WoodWorld sometime Saturday morning and  the library lockbox will be checked for any returned library items. After the pickup, all requestors will be notified that their items are available for pickup from the librarian’s home near the Firewheel Mall in Garland. Note, if you haven’t paid your dues, you must do that first before you can pickup your items. Also, if you already have items currently checked out, you must bring those with you to my home or have already dropped them
off at WoodWorld.



Woodturning tips

Shifting body weight is what makes the smooth, continuous cuts on either the exterior or interior of a wood bowl. Reduced hand and arm motions and increased leaning or shifting of body weight are what is needed for the most exceptional passes. Pay attention to how your body moves while you turn. Allow your body weight to play the critical role it must in your wood bowl turning.

Looking for members to post tips or trick

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Humor Corner

I cut it twice and it’s still too short.

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