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November 15, 2019
GNCC wins the 2019 Ross Tarlton

The 52nd year of the Ross Tarlton competition between the GNCC and the Ontario Curling Association was held at the Mississauga Golf & Country Club November 7 - 9. 

The Ross Tarlton is a men’s competition with 32 teams using a total points formula.  The Ross Tarlton is a friendly competition that is meant to bring friends together from both sides of the border for fellowship and builds on the strength of our close relationships both socially and competitively.  
The competition was originated by and named after Ross Tarlton from Ontario with the help of Ted Childs from Norfolk, CT both of whom had the vision for this cross-border competition.  While Ontario has the historical lead in wins the GNCC has won four of the last six meetings including the 2019 Ross Tarlton. 
This year’s result was 421 stones for the GNCC and 408 for the OCA.  The Mississauga G&CC did a wonderful job hosting our 65 GNCC curlers.  The 2020 Ross Tarlton will be conducted at the Utica Curling Club.
We're looking for experienced instructors!
Are you an experienced instructor?  Are you willing to travel to other clubs in your area that need training help?  

If so, please consider contacting GNCC Training Coordinator Matt Scheiner, who is creating a list of willing and able instructors to help out nearby clubs.  When a club contacts us looking for help, we'll try to put them in contact with instructors who can travel to their club and help with whatever instructional need they are seeking.  It might be delivery analysis, or perhaps sweeping, or maybe even strategy.  Who knows, but the point is to have a centralized list of people willing to help other clubs.  We ask that you do not charge for these services, however we do ask the host club to offer to cover any travel expenses so that there is no cost to you.

If you are interested in putting your name on the travelling instructors list, please contact GNCC Training Coordinator Matt Scheiner, at

Thanks and good curling!
We Want Your Bonspiel Results
Adric Olsen, our new GNCC Statistician, is getting up to speed on the intricacies of posting bonspiel results to the GNCC website. Unfortunately we have a gap in results from February 2018 to today. Send your bonspiel results to so we can fill in the gap and then keep up to date moving forward.
To list your bonspiel on the GNCC Calendar send your info to

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