What do April Showers bring?

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           We all know that April showers bring May’s flowers; however, how about we pivot our perspective on the gloomiest and wettest days of Spring 2022. We can all appreciate that the days are longer, the temperatures are warmer, the grass is greener, and we can spy the heads of our perennial lilies, peonies, and tulips peeking through our flowerbeds.
            First, I wanted to wish everyone a belated Happy Easter, Happy Passover and Ramadan. Compared to the last two years, we can be thankful that our families are converging, with caution, to celebrate the spring holidays together. It’s feels terrific, doesn’t it?
            April has also been a historic month, as Ketanji Brown Jackson has become the first Black woman to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court. As an attorney, I revere the institution of the Supreme Court, and it's amazing to witness that the court is finally reflecting our America. The Supreme Court was established in 1789, by Article 3 of the U.S. Constitution, and out of the one hundred sixteen justices, only six women and four people of color have had seats on the bench. Whether you disagree with their rulings, we can all agree that a cross-section of opinions, races, sexes and beliefs should be represented in the highest court in the land. Welcome Justice Brown Jackson.
            Sports also take the forefront, even in the rains of April. On Opening Day, we get to hear “Play Ball!” (Let’s go Yankees!), as anxious MLB players and fans return to the ballparks to enjoy America’s favorite pastime. And phenom Tiger Woods resumed his hunt on the PGA Tour at the Masters in August, Georgia after his catastrophic car accident last year. Despite his personal quirks and struggles, Tiger is proof that perseverance, hard work and talent can work miracles.
            As for me, April brings the release of Hooker Avenue, the sequel to the award-winning thriller, The Midnight Call. Not only will I celebrate the book’s release, but I’ll be talking about Hooker Avenue with journalists, podcasters, and most important, my readers, during my book and blog tour over next few months. It will be nice to meet some of you face to face, finally. If you skim the Acknowledgments in the back pages of the novel, you’ll realize it took a team to help me research and publish this book. I’m grateful for all of the love and assistance along the way, especially from my readers like you. I’d love to hear from you, so please keep in touch through my website,
            April can also be “the cruelest month,” and I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the heartbreak and terror being suffered by the Ukrainian. My prayers go out to them and if you would like to help, contact: Unicef and International Committee for The Red Cross Let’s pray that peace happens soon.
            Besides the dreaded Tax Day (April 15), April also contains Laughter Day (April 14), Garlic Day (April 19), Earth Day (April 22), World Book Day (April 23) and Independent Bookstore Day (April 30), Adopt a Shelter Pet Day (April 30) and my favorite, Bugs Bunny Day (April 30). “What’s up Doc?” 
            Here in the Hudson Valley, we will enjoy a Tulip Festival at Mohonk (4/25-5/8), Daffodils at Innisfree Garden (4/30-5/4), Peonies at Locust Grove and Roses at the Vanderbilt Mansion.
            As you can see, April presents lots to celebrate. So, remember when it’s raining, “it’s only raining violets,” and celebrate all the amazing aspect of Spring!  
            Take care and I hope to see you on my book tour, Jodé

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                                       The Reviews are in:

“So many skeletons are banging on the closet doors to be set free, in this heady mix of sizzle, punch, and danger.  And, even more intriguing, it’s all based on a true crime.”--Steve Berry, International and New York Times bestselling author of THE OMEGA FACTOR

“Jode Millman’s HOOKER AVENUE is a terrific follow-up to her first novel. With her intimate knowledge of the law and her meticulous eye for detail, Millman creates an immersive and unexpected story. If you love police procedurals, you'll devour this book!" -- Karen Dionne, USA Today and #1 International Bestselling Author of THE MARSH KINGS DAUGHTER

 "Dark, dangerous and deviously suspenseful, HOOKER AVENUE kept me turning pages late into the night. I adored the fascinating cast of characters and the rich Hudson Valley setting. A truly terrific book!"-- Alison Gaylin, USA Today Bestselling, and Edgar Award-winning author of THE COLLECTIVE

“Seemingly disparate storylines converge and surprise in Millman’s second Jessie Martin novel. This outstanding exploration of the legal system and those it leaves behind is also jam-packed with enough suspense and to keep you turning pages well into the night.”--Edwin Hill, author of THE SECRETS WE KEEP

 “HOOKER AVENUE is a satisfying and twisty tale of estranged female friends, one a lawyer and one a cop, who are forced to collaborate when a serial killer menaces their community. Jodé Millman atmospherically weaves a tale of two cities: today’s down-on-its-luck Poughkeepsie filled with bottom-rung prostitutes and their clients, and the grand boulevards and mansions of its former Dutch and French settlers.  Crime fiction at its best!”--Deborah Goodrich Royce, author of RUBY FALLS
“There’s a lot of action in HOOKER AVENUE, and Millman does a fabulous job of keeping the pace going while educating the reader on police procedures, what’s ethical, borderline, and crossing into unethical territory. I highly recommend Hooker Avenue to anyone interested in a spellbinding and thrilling read.”--Linda Thompson, host of The Author Show podcast.

 “Great sequel! Another fast-paced and entertaining procedural by Millman who is adept at creating beautifully flawed characters you want to root for despite their failings. Reading about the continuing journeys of Jesse, Hal, and Ebony was like visiting old friends. Can't wait for the next book in the series!”--Jerri Williams, Retired FBI Agent, Author and Host of the “FBI Retired Case Review” Podcast
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Honestly, I have been so busy getting HOOKER AVENUE ready for publication, that I haven’t had a chance to read a good book. However, I have been able to sneak in a few great Audiobooks these past months.

The Viscount Who loved Me- Julia Quinn*
Sea of Tranquility - Emily St. John Mandel*
Dark Tides - Phillipa Gregory
Dream Town- David Baldacci*
The Collective – Alison Gaylin

*Check out my reviews at
There is something relaxing about binging a great show on the flat screen. Here's are a few that have kept me busy as the winter thawed:

Wanted (Netflix)
The Americans (Amazon Prime)
Outlander (Starz) - I can't live with Jamie and Claire!
Bridgerton (Netflix) Or Anthony and Kate!
Julia (HBOMax)
Murder in Provence (BritBox)
Kicking off my book tour this morning at WPDH & WOLF!
              Robyn & Boris                                                             Jess & CJ

Oh Pooh! What do we do now?
On January 1st of each year, a new crop of artistic works, such as movies, books, poems and music, enters the Public Domain. This means that anyone can use the material contained within the public domain work without having to obtain permission of the copyright owner or pay a royalty, because the copyright has expired.
In 2022, works created in 1926 entered the public domain, with Ernest Hemingway, Agatha Christie and Felix Salton taking a hit. Included within this auspicious group is one of the most valuable franchises of all time-WINNIE THE POOH!
It is reported by Statisca that in 2021, Pooh ranked Number 3 in the top-grossing media franchises, after Pokemon ($100M) and Hello Kitty ($84.5M), and he’s tied with another Disney icon Mickey Mouse ($80.3M). But under the law, Disney only possesses rights to any new material which it contributed to the work known as “derivative rights.” Those rights are secondary to the original Pooh material created by A. A. Milne.
As writers and artists, we are now free to retell the tale of Pooh and his friends using the original plot, dialogue and characters, or we can create our own new works or creative expressions. Let Pooh spark our creative juices. However, do tread lightly when using Pooh, Eeyore or Piglet on the mass production of pajamas, lunchboxes and backpacks, because Disney may be watching!

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