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Hi <<Your name>>,
This week I published 2 new posts on www.waitingforcode.com . Instead of the usual 3rd article, I prepared an e-book about 10 important points that I would like to know before starting to learn Python. You will find more details at the end of my e-mail.
But let's start by the post. I started this week by adding the 2nd post to Data on AWS. Since the serverless movement becomes more and more popular, I decided to share my experience with AWS Lambda functions applied to the data processing. IMO, they won't replace Apache Spark, especially now when Kubernetes was integrated as a new scheduler (experimental though), but it's worth knowing this interesting service that is a perfect fit for AWS-based event-driven processing. If you want to know more, the post is here ⇒ https://www.waitingforcode.com/data-aws/aws-lambda-does-it%20fit-data-processing/read
Friday I added the second post. If you remember, in October and November 2018 I was publishing a lot about graphs. Now, in my backlog I have still some topics to cover in this category. One of them was about motifs finding. I decided to illustrate this feature with the help of GraphFrames examples ⇒ https://www.waitingforcode.com/apache-spark-graphframes/motifs-finding-graphframes/read
And maybe the nicest thing today, the e-book about the 10 points that I would like to know before starting to learn Python for real. Of course, the list is subjective and if you are not agree or think that some points are missing, do not hesitate to write me back ! 
Get your copy of "10 useful points to know about Python before starting to code"
Thank you. If I can do anything for you, simply reply to this message .
Have a nice week.
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